"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford


Distance Education - Harvard Extension School - Harvard University
Online classes via Harvard distance education combine flexibility and academic rigor. Choose from online graduate courses, IT courses, sustainability courses, ...

How Games Can Influence Learning | MindShift
By Tina Barseghian
What do games have anything to do with learning? We spoke to nationally recognized researchers,teachers, game-based schools and companies that develop educational games and asked how they see games fitting into the education ...

Codecademy: Learning to code just became fun, easy and slightly ...
By Courtney Boyd Myers
Codeacademy bills itself as "the easiest way to learn how to code".
The Next Web

Guitar Teaching App Instinct Rocks Your Browser (Video - AllThingsD
By Drake Martinet
The whole thing is very visual, with deftly simple animations of fingers, strings and fretboard, all designed to take a potential player through the motions of learning a new riff. The kicker is that Instinct is one of very few teaching tools that can ...

Crosstalk: Why ... - Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education
By Josh Keller
OpenClass Reviewed: Pearson Education announced last week that it would join with Google to start OpenClass, a free learning-management system. But how well does it work? A tester at the University of Wisconsin, Rovy Branon, says .... To provide the type of competitive educationinstitutions strive for, campuses are undergoing rapid growth within the digital realm—affectinglearning, teaching, and scholarship. Stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends on new and evolving ...
Wired Campus

The Evolution of Higher Education - NYTimes.com: "There’s a big disconnect right now between how university presidents see the landscape and how everyone else sees it. A large majority of the American public thinks universities are doing a fair or poor job. But a huge majority of college presidents think they’re doing a good or excellent job. I think many of them are so concerned with stewardship that they lose sight of the data." Educational innovations, like iTunes U and M.I.T.’s OpenCourseWare. What are those going to mean to universities? A.What Chuck Vest did at M.I.T. with OpenCourseWare, putting every course online, free, showed that the value of a degree from M.I.T. was not contained in the lectures and the exams and homework. It’s contained in the experience of passing through the network of M.I.T. scholars. So why hang on to what should be shared widely? OpenCourseWare was an important signpost that hammered home the point that the content of a university course was being rapidly commoditized by technology. If you can easily access a lecture in quantum mechanics from the best lecturer on quantum mechanics, how many other quantum mechanics lectures do you need?

LEAD Commission
Answering a challenge from the Federal Communications Commission and the U.S. Department of Education, experts from across the education and technology space formed the Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission. The Commission will develop a blueprint detailing the opportunity for using technology as a catalyst to transform and improve American education. The LEAD Commission will incorporate input from a cross-section of teachers, parents, local government officials, school officials, students and education technology industry leaders and expects to release its findings and a blueprint for action in late 2012.

Coursera raises $16M for free online education for the masses | VentureBeat: "Two Stanford University professors and a dream to educate the world, that’s what started Coursera. The service offers university-level courses to anyone with an Internet for free and just raised $16 million from venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. “Imagine a future where the top universities are educating thousands of people,” said co-founder Andrew Ng in an interview with VentureBeat."

Khan Academy



Learning on Speed - Joshua Gans - Harvard Business Review
By Joshua Gans
That is the promise of online or digital learning: allowing teachers' time to become divisible rather than a block. There are people out there, for the most part far removed from traditional education, who are experimenting and working out how to ...





Open Education » Blog Archive » DIY education, the new normal?

By Mathieu Plourde - Open educational resources, electronic textbooks, and social media for teaching and learning at the University of Delaware and beyond. Open Education




What Works Clearinghouse/U.S. Department of Education/Institute of Education Sciences

American Council on Education (Lifelong Learning) http://www.acenet.edu/Content/NavigationMenu/ProgramsServices/CLLL/index.htm

PBS Learning Media

School Library Journal

The Higher Education Bubble
The Higher Education Bubble

Learning Analytics

PBS LearningMedia Expands Robust Digital Tools for Educators ...
MarketWatch (press release)
As the demand for high-quality, classroom-ready digital media rises, PBS and public ... to explore new ideas and new worlds through television and online content. ... PBS' premier children's TV programming and its website, pbskids.org, are ... of the ...

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