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Math Education In America: Make It Fun

Math Education In America: Educators And Entrepreneurs Have Ideas To Make It Fun
Huffington Post
By Stephanie Simon In the American drive to boost science and math education, it's science that has all the kid-friendly sizzle: Robots and roller coasters, foaming chemical reactions, marshmallow air cannons. "America has a cultural problem with math.

Microsoft Gets Large India Order for Its Cloud Suite for Education
The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), a part of the country's Ministry of Human Resource Development, plans to deploy the cloud service to more than 10000 technical colleges and institutes across the country, eventually covering more ...

Numbers game: America's struggle to make math fun
In the American drive to boost science and math education, it's science that has all the kid-friendly sizzle: Robots and roller coasters, foaming chemical reactions, marshmallow air cannons. Math has... well, numbers. "America has a cultural problem ...

'Monkey Bill' Becomes Law, Imperils Science In Tennessee
Huffington Post
First there was the Butler Act of 1925, a law that prohibited the teaching of evolution in classrooms in Tennessee. The Scopes "Monkey" Trial, in which the ACLU challenged the bill, put Tennessee educational policy in the national spotlight.

Religious school fires teacher for getting pregnant out of wedlock, being bad ...
New York Daily News
A Texas teacher is taking legal action after she was fired from a Christian middle school for being pregnant and unmarried. Cathy Samford, 29, who was a volleyball coach and science teacher at Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall, Tex., ...

New York Daily News

Learning.com Meets the Middle School STEM Challenge
MarketWatch (press release)
Economic Forecasters Increasingly Identify STEM Education as a Key to Unlocking American Productivity and Competitiveness. Learning.com Makes STEM Accessible for Schools and Engaging for All Students PORTLAND, OR, Apr 12, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) ...

City schools will have to shed more than 100 international teachers
Baltimore Sun (blog)
More than 100 international teachers in the Baltimore city school system will most likely lose their jobs and work visas, after a recent labor market test conducted by the district showed that there were hundreds of foreign instructors teaching in ...

Texas Teacher Fired for Unwed Pregnancy Offered to Get Married
ABC News
A teacher and coach at a private Christian school in Texas fired for an unwed pregnancy wants to set the record straight about who she is for those who question her fitness as a "Christian role model." "I'm not just some teacher that went out to a bar ...

ABC News

Tennessee governor allows teaching creationism
Fond du Lac Reporter
They linked the measure to the 1925 Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tenn., in which a schoolteacher was tried for breaking a state law then on the books that banned the teaching of evolution. "It was presented as giving more flexibility to teachers to discuss ...

Spain health, education reforms to pass this month-Rajoy
WARSAW, April 12 (Reuters) - Spain's government will pass health and education reforms later this month, in the country's latest measures to cut spending and meet difficult deficit reduction targets, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said in Warsaw on ...

California High School Teacher Arrested for Alleged Sex With Student
ABC News (blog)
“As we all know, there have been incidents throughout the state of teachers taking advantage of the student-teacher relationship,” said Fresno Unified Superintendant Michael Hanson said in a news release. “Unfortunately, we have learned of an alleged ...

ABC News (blog)

Ontario elementary teachers union snubs provincial talks — again
Toronto Star
Kristin Rushowy Education Reporter Ontario's elementary teachers union says it won't take part in provincial talks — unless the province addresses its concerns. Sam Hammond, president of the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario said in statement ...

How to Make Good Teachers Better
Houston Chronicle
By now it's an established fact: better teachers make better students. The question that continues to challenge teacher and administrator alike, though, is how to make teachers better. Professors at South College in Knoxville, Tennessee appear to have ...

York teaching assistants consider offer as threat of strike looms
Toronto Star
Louise Brown Education Reporter Thousands of York University students in the middle of final exams could face picket lines as early as Thursday afternoon if teaching assistants and contract faculty vote to walk off the job over contract talks.

Ontario education minister warns teachers, school boards about local bargaining
Globe and Mail
Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten has launched a pre-emptive strike against the province's teachers aimed at discouraging their unions from engaging in contract talks with individual school boards. In a letter sent to the chairs of all 72 school ...

Globe and Mail

What teachers know vs. what education policymakers do — Ravitch
Washington Post (blog)
By Diane Ravitch We heard a lot last month about the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher. It showed that teachers across the nation are demoralized and that their job satisfaction has dropped precipitously since 2009. The proportion thinking of ...

Gov. Malloy Visits Norwalk on Education Reform Tour
Dannel Malloy's Education Reform Tour made its 11th stop during its circuit Tuesday night in Norwalk. Malloy, accompanied by Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, addressed a half-full house, with about 350 teachers and parents scattered throughout West Rocks Middle ...

Shaken by shooting, Chinese still seek US colleges
Fox News
Chinese families hold US education in high regard and are trying to give their children an edge in China's fiercely competitive job market. They are ambivalent about China's education system, which relies on rote learning and has many problems such as ...

Law allows creationism to be taught in Tenn. public schools
Washington Post
A bill that allows Tennessee public school teachers to teach alternatives to mainstream scientific theories such as evolution will become law this month after the governor refused to sign or veto the measure, The Washington Post's Valerie Strauss ...

Teachers decry changes to pension, retirement health care plans
The Detroit News
To make up for those lost years in his teaching career, Goff bought 10 years of credit in the public school employee pension system with plans of retiring in summer 2014 at age 54. But Goff said he might have to work another six years at the Meridian ...

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the importance of civics ...
Washington Post
To counteract this trend, former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor has become a staunch advocate of civic education. In 2009, she launched iCivics, a Web-based educationproject, to provide free interactive lesson plans and games for learning ...

Gov. Chris Christie must deliver facts on higher education upgrade
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)
Chris Christie owes New Jersey real answers on his higher educationreorganization plan. New Jersey's higher education chief didn't illuminate much for the Senate Budget Committee this week. What we got was a game of political dodgeball.

The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)

BC teachers say government limiting labour board
The BC Teacher's Federation says the provincial government has told the provincial Labour Relations Board that it can't rule on the teachers' application to oust the mediator appointed in their contract dispute. The BCTF has accused mediator Charles ...

California teachers union opposes quicker dismissal process
Los Angeles Times
The letters said the legislation would “not address the cascading failures of leadership in the Los Angeles Unified School District” and “would make education an incredibly insecure profession.” Dean Vogel, president of the California Teachers Assn., ...

Former Montclair Kimberley Academy teacher admits to child porn possession
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com
By Jason Grant/The Star-Ledger A former seventh-grade teacher and swim coach at the Montclair Kimberley Academy admitted in federal court Wednesday to possessing and distributing images and videos of graphic and, at times, sadistic child pornography, ...

The Star-Ledger - NJ.com

McGraw-Hill Report Demonstrates Power of Adaptive Learning Technology to ...
MarketWatch (press release)
NEW YORK, April 12, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- A new report released today by the McGraw-Hill Education characterizes adaptive learning technology as the lynchpin in personalizing education in today's K-12 and higher education classrooms.

Find a way to enact education reform
Dannel P. Malloy can rescue his education reform bill, which as modified by the legislature'sEducation Committee is a shell of his original bold proposal, will rest on his ability to find some common ground with the state's two powerful teacher unions ...

Freakonomics » Differential Pricing in Higher Education
By Daniel Hamermesh
The plan generated an outcry among people bothered by the pricing of education and was “indefinitely postpone[d].” But higher education requires resources; and if taxpayers refuse to pay taxes but insist on services, this seems like a perfectly ...

International Teachers Likely To Lose Jobs, Visas « CBS Baltimore
By Kelly
Baltimore schools will have to fire more than 100 international teachers because they areteaching subjects that could be taught by qualified and certified American teachers.
CBS Baltimore

Texas Christian school fires unwed pregnant teacher | The Raw Story
By David Edwards
Cathy Samford, who is now 39 weeks pregnant, told ABC News that she was “totally shocked” when Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall, Texas fired her from her job as a science teacherand volleyball coach after they discovered she was pregnant late last year. “I'm not just someteacher that went ... Everything that we stand for says that we want our teachers, who we consider to be in the ministry, to model what a Christian man or woman should be.” With the help of her attorney, ...
The Raw Story

Today's Lady News: Texas Teacher Fired For Unwed Pregnancy ...
By Jessica Wakeman
Cathy Samford, a teacher and coach at a private Christian school in Rockwell, Texas, was fired for getting pregnant out of wedlock. Samford, who is 29, tells ABC News she is in a committed relationship and planning to get married this summer ...
The Frisky

2012 education budget and its implications (Analysis)
By ojiego
With President Goodluck Jonathan yet to assent to the 2012 budget, concerned educationstakeholders have called for the upward revision of the budget to meet the 26 per cent recommended by UNESCO, as the amount voted for education ... staff; dearth of infrastructure; inadequate classrooms and offices; inadequate laboratories for teaching and research; shortage of books and journals; indiscipline; inconsistent and ill-conceived policies; corruption at high and low places; cultism; ...
Vanguard News

MPA Student Complements Classroom Learning with Hydrofracking ...
By Alyssa Dubov
The hydrofracking research that Josh does at his internship with Earthjustice has allowed him to utilize the memo writing skills that he is learning as an student in the MPA-ESP program. Earlier in the semester, we spoke with MPA in ...
State of the Planet

Education Dept. Adopts New Graduation-Rate Measures to Include ...
By Jennifer Gonzalez
The Education Department on Wednesday released an “action plan” to capture a more complete picture of the number of students who graduate and persist at community colleges. For the first time, part-time students will be counted in national ...
The Ticker

The liberal arts portion of a journalism education « Teaching Online ...
By Mindy McAdams
Teaching Online Journalism. The liberal arts portion of a journalism education. April 12, 2012. Model Curricula for Journalism Education is a 150-page document produced by UNESCO and published in 2007. Its contents are based on work ...
Teaching Online Journalism

Ethiopia: A “learning lab” for national mHealth strategy ...
By Neil Versel
Their key information and communication needs are referrals, data exchange, supply chain management, training and education and consultation,” says the report (emphasis in the original). The East African nation has placed more than ...

Bynoe flays teachers for unprofessionalism, : Kaieteur News
By KNews
Bynoe then blasted the body which hires, fires and disciplines teachers, the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) for what he called “cake shop” approaches that are not in keeping with [the TSC] constitution mandate. He said that the TSC, which is ... full potential” and individual attention. “The present student- teacher ratio does not cater for a child-centered approach tolearning, thus many of our learners are not receiving individualized attention that is necessary for effective learning”.
Kaieteur News

California Teacher Loses Battle To Display 'God Banners' « CBS ...
By Lisa
Westview High School math teacher Bradley Johnson kept large banners in his classroom with slogans such as “In God We Trust,” ”One Nation Under God,” and “God Bless America.” He took them down in 2007 after the Poway Unified School ...
CBS Sacramento

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