"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

In Online Learning, Vive L'Evolution

In Online Learning, Vive L'Evolution
Campus Technology
In Online Learning, Vive L'Evolution. Despite the hoopla surrounding the launch of MOOCs andedX, smaller institutions and for-profits have been steadily improving online learning for years. Post University shares its strategy for online success ...

University Senate task force exploring online education
CU Columbia Spectator
We are working on pilot programs of courses and we are seeing which other offered courses can be adapted to online learning,” Assaf Zeevi, the Business School's vice dean of research and a member of the task force, said. ... Columbia will offers its ...

Chromebooks allow students to navigate online learning
Milpitas Post
More than 1,000 students are in control of their learning environment and pacing this year, navigating Milpitas Unified School District's kindergarten- through 12th-grade educational system with the recent deployment of a modern teaching tool: Chromebooks.

Wiley Beefs Up Higher Ed Biz: Partners With Knewton, Buys Online Degree ...
Seeking Alpha
A) the 200-year-old publishing giant best known for its scientific, technical and medical texts and journals geared towards academic and scholarly audiences, appears to be on a mission to beef up its higher education business with a dose of technology ...

The digital revolution: E-texts gain powerful endorsement
Digital platforms can combine traditional coursework with adaptive learning tools and ancillary materials. And by adding in social networking, students can form online study groups and have one-on-one sessions with teachers outside the traditional ...

Learning The Ropes Of Internet Video With Michael Tringe and CreatorUp
Los Angeles-based CreatorUp (www.creatorup.com) wants to help aspiring online video producers with an online web education series. We spoke with ... The teachers are people who have done really well in the digital space, and give you instant feedback.


Learn27 launches its social e-learning software for business
Learn27 is an e-learning startup for the enterprise. Instead of targeting students and consumers like the majority of education technology, or “ed-tech,” companies (Coursera, Course Hero, Udemy, and so on), it's targeting businesses that already spend ...


Urbandale school district 'brings learning to life for everyone'
The process will include attending professional training, developing an online quality learningsystem for staff, and continually managing and measuring classroom implementation. The second goal is to develop a long-term strategic plan that begins with ...

The Learning Revolution
UB Post
The Learning Revolution. Anka Mulder, president of the OpenCourseWare Consortium, says traditional universities should embrace, rather than fear, the move towards online learning. Anka Mulder is the president of Open Course Ware, a consortium of higher ...

Online schools face backlash as states question results
And in Florida, state education officials are investigating a virtual school after it was accused of hiring uncertified teachers; in the past two weeks two local school boards in the state have rejected proposals for virtual schools. Story: Saving ...

Math teachers, others will train on Khan online platform Thursday and Friday
The Idaho Statesman
By Statesman staff. About 250 educators, parents and others will spend the next two days learninghow to use the online Khan Academy effectively in Idaho classrooms. ... KhanAcademy.org is considered a world leader in online education. As of Wednesday ...

Knowledge Omnivore: Taking learning more seriously than school
Baltimore Post-Examiner
It's almost like traditional academia is so stuck in it's stupid conventions and gatekeeping (read: jargon), they don't see that real education doesn't depend on their artificial scarcity model (I'm looking at you, journalism). Life imitates art – or ...

Baltimore Post-Examiner

New Experiments in the edX Higher Ed Petri Dish
The Nonprofit Quarterly
Don't take this essay as a full-throated, knee-jerk defense of the Chicago Teachers Union, but it was amazing how much virulent hostility the union engendered by virtue of standing against the proposals of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. ... in the ...

Knowledge Adventure rebrands as JumpStart and creates online kids learning ...
“At JumpStart, we remain committed to delivering on the promise of offering adventure-based learning and next-generation immersive gameplay in a safe, trusted environment while inspiring imaginative thinking,” said Lord. ... innovative educational...


Small towns fuel online education boom
Daily News & Analysis
Her school-going sister, too, regularly uses online tools to understand concepts in physics and math. Experts say ... Edukart, which operates in the higher education space of e-learning, has tapped about 7,000 people since its inception November last year.

Laptops made at MIT in city to enable digital learning
Indian Express
“Considering the fact that most initiatives aiming at achieving computer literacy in children fail due to inadequate infrastructure and incompetent teachers, this laptop functions like an education programme that has a designed hardware, software and ...

Step Aside, Gutenberg
Bacon's Rebellion
“Higher education is at a crossroads not seen since the introduction of the printing press.” So begins an op-ed written by L. Rafael Reif in the Wall Street Journal today. “Just as edX, Coursera, Udacity and other online-learning platforms are ...

Bacon's Rebellion

Virtual Academy Students Love to Learn
About 50 students at the El Dorado Unified High School District are learning their lessons on-linerather than a typical classroom. It's the Virtual Academy at Shenandoah. Here's how it ... The 50 students in virtual academy not only get the same ...

International schools group makes learning interactive.
Re:locate Magazine
Teachers believe that the Global Classroom has given learning at the school a new dimension, allowing children to articulate and debate their ideas. Said Lucy Scott, “Global Classroom is just a glimpse of the future of learning and education in Abu ...

The DP sits down with Law School professor Ed Rock
The Daily Pennsylvanian
Rock, who will have a major say in the University's involvement with Coursera moving forward, sat down with The Daily Pennsylvanian to discuss his position and the future of online learning at Penn. Daily Pennsylvanian: You are the ... The internet is ...

'It's Their World:' Teaching Kids to Be Safe, Digital Citizens
MetroFocus (blog)
In the past three years, the nonprofit's Digital Citizenship lesson plans, a curriculum that teaches kids how to safely navigate the online world, has been used by more than 35,000 schools across the country. NYC Schools Commissioner Dennis Walcott ...

Maxwell: Look into free educational resources
Iowa State Daily
One idea that I find significant for us, as students in particular, is the availability of online free education resources, which an audience member brought up by asking Nye his thoughts on their importance. Personally, I have ... Khan Academy also has ...

Using digital devices to educate children
Hindu Business Line
The moment he comes online, the device would send the administrator the history of content access,” he says. Ram Gollamudi, who is the founder-CEO, knew well that the task ... “It is convenience for students and comfort for teachers in getting quick ...

Hindu Business Line

Study finds that virtual schools in Texas show poor performance
More than 17,000 public school students enrolled in online courses during the 2010-11 school year, according to the study, called “Virtual Schools in Texas: Good for Kids or Merely Good for Profit?” In the fall 2011 ... According to the study, “Full ...

Educational Foundation, Local Businesses Bring Hands-on Science to Classrooms
The Three Rivers Education Partnership (TREPP) sent Old Quarry teachers Megan Ehn and Laura Rickerson back to school to learn how the JASON Project could enhance their science curriculum. Although TREPP has offered ... It provides a multi-media ...

Nashua school district applies for $27M grant
The Union Leader
It is designed to encourage states to improve education through adopting standards and assessments, building data systems that measure student growth, successfully recruit, develop and retain teachers, and turn around the nation's lowest-achieving ...

Area schools turning to internet for student education
That's why school leaders say they're adjusting to a new way of teaching so the online classes are effective, not just a way for students to do a google search for the answer. "That is a concern, and the way we get around it is, the teachers modify ...

Manatee School Board briefed on new tools to improve schhol grades
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
MANATEE COUNTY - An online teacher evaluation system, programs to interpret test scores and video examples of model teaching on YouTube are among the tools the Manatee County SchoolDistrict is developing to help teachers adjust to tougher new national ...

New tech a success at Aquin
Freeport Journal-Standard
When the decision was made for Aquin Catholic Schools to go digital, it was going to be a challenge to keep up with technology, capture the interest in students and staff, and keep the standards of learning high. Digital ... Since then, bugs have been ...

Elsevier expands DirectCourse's web-based learning Curricula - 04 Oct 2012
CPAC courses were created for consumers who are self-directing and are delivered and administered by Elsevier's industry-leading learning management system, Elsevier Performance Manager: Core Development. This makes it easy for administrators and ...

New exams test school budgets
Morganton News Herald
In an August memo to school officials, the N.C. Department of Instruction said, “It is critical thatteachers and parents understand that the Measures of Student Learning are to gather growth data about each teacher, not each child in each content area ...

Southern California High School Opens $20MM Facility On Cal Poly Pomona ...
T.H.E. Journal
iPoly's new two-story facility, designed to support the school's project-based, real-world applicationlearning approach, features interactive whiteboards in all classrooms as well as a computer lab and video production center. The green-friendly ...

Monitoring or Meddling: Parents Learn to Set Limits on Themselves
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Hovercraft: These parents track their kids' homework and grades online almost daily, texting them at school if an assignment is late or grilling them about how they plan to carve out study time in advanced of an upcoming test. Kids I interviewed in ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

False Premise In Luna Laws
The Spokesman Review (blog)
... spend hours in the class observing to see if learning is taking place; and, 2) ask the students—-they always can name the teachers who teach and they respect, and the one's who babysit and they don't respect. The state department of education ...

The Spokesman Review (blog)

Teachers' responses to survey released
The News Journal
The online survey sought to gauge the opinion of the state's public school educators about the use of professional learning communities. The program requires teachers to meet 90 minutes each week as part of a joint planning time. A data coach program ...

Encourage lawmakers to take action on preschool funding gaps
Bridge Michigan
Over the past two weeks, Bridge, the Center for Michigan's online magazine, has been running a series on early childhood learning programs — something virtually all experts and educators call the essential step to later success. The big (but ...

Reading Shakespeare on an iPad
New America Media
My high school recently adopted a new pilot program, where incoming freshmen are handed their own iPad, containing textbooks, online materials, and interactive educational games. The reasoning is simple: backpacks become lighter and the school saves ...

Barnes & Noble and Microsoft Complete Strategic Partnership in New Subsidiary ...
The Herald | HeraldOnline.com
“As demand for digital content continues to increase, we are focused on bringing ground-breaking reading and learning content and technologies to more people in more formats than ever before, including the imminent launch of our exceptional NOOK ...

Microsoft Reveals the Most Innovative Schools in the US
MarketWatch (press release)
"These U.S. schools and districts are inspiring examples of how school leaders can push boundaries and drive real change by captivating students' interest in learning through creative teaching with technology," said Byron V. Garrett, U.S. Innovative ...

Online Learning News – October 3, 2012 - Virtual School Meanderings
By mkbnl
Online Learning News A biweekly update from Contact North | Contact Nord, Ontario's Distance Education & Training Network. Visit the new and ... Tags: Canada, Contact North, cyber school, education, high school, newsletter, virtual school ...
Virtual School Meanderings

Wiley Beefs Up Higher Ed Biz: Partners With Knewton, Buys Online ...
By Rip Empson
With boundless others working diligently to disrupt both traditional and digital textbooks, and withonline and open education resources and MOOCs doing their part to devalue the role of content in courses and learning — putting it more on ...

Princeton extends learning through online Coursera classes
Adelman is among seven professors debuting classes on the educational website Coursera as the University explores online technology to enhance learning at ...

Digital Learning Conference 2012 — Albuquerque Public Schools
Online Learning Pioneers at APS. Teaching and Learning transformed. APS News · 5 Mid-Schools Taking Part in STEM Project at Sandia Mountain Natural ...

Institute for Online Learning | Maryville University
The Institute for Online Learning houses Maryville University's online degree programs and provides flexible options for taking individual classes on a ...

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