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Streaming Ebooks - A New Distribution Model for Schools

Streaming Ebooks: A New Distribution Model for Schools | Digital Book World: " . . . Solution: A streaming model for schools - Some new digital publishing companies have begun to listen. One such company is StarWalk Kids Media, founded by author Seymour Simon and former Sesame Street Creative Director Liz Nealon. Through their research—they frequently visit schools and attend education conferences—Simon and Nealon recognized this unmet need in the K-12 education sector. They were looking for a way to use digital media to bring life to backlist children’s books. The two conceived of a business that offers ebook content to schools via the internet for a monthly subscription price. After talking to librarians and teachers, “it was clear to us that a multiple, simultaneous streaming model was the way to go,” says Nealon. StarWalk defines “simultaneous streaming” as unlimited, anytime access to their entire booklist via any device, streamed via the internet to as many users as are covered within the subscription parameters. Subscriptions are usually based on a school site or district. . ."

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