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Mexican Teachers Go Beserk

Mexican Teachers Union opposes education reform with violence--

The Economist: " . . . In recent days teachers have gone berserk in the south-western state of Guerrero, setting fires and attacking the offices of political parties with home-made weapons . . . The protests come as Mexico’s new government tries to push through a big education reform. It makes what, in most countries, would be considered fairly modest proposals: that teachers should no longer be allowed to sell their jobs or pass them on to their children, for instance. But Mexico’s teachers have the largest union in Latin America, and one of its most boisterous. Enrique Peña Nieto, who became Mexico's president on December 1st, passed a law opening the way to education reform in February, but until implementing legislation is passed it doesn’t count for much. Even then, making sure the law is obeyed will be difficult. . . .For the new government, the uprising is bad news. For Mexico’s children, already lumbered with the least effective schools in the OECD, it is worse still." (read more at Economist link above)

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