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Is the US Spending Enough on Education?

The problem is NOT money -- (other than, perhaps, the way the money is allocated) --

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Is the US Spending Enough on Education?: "US Total Population and Children Population  . . . children as a percentage of the population plummeting from 1964 - where they peaked at over 36% to today where they are just 24% of the population. The number of children in '64 was about 69.7 million, today up to 76.7 million, a growth of 7 million while the overall population grew 123.7 million . . . Number of Children and Per Child Spending On Education in Constant 2009-10 Dollars -- I cannot understand how this spending, so absurdly high, is continually pointed out as too little to spend on education! In constant dollars we are spending 7 times the amount on education as the 1950's - the generation of students that put the man on the moon, invented computers, the list goes on and on. At 1/7th the cost!" (more at the link above)

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