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For Romney to beat Obama on education could be tricky

For Romney, beating Obama on education could be tricky
Los Angeles Times
Along with touting his own education record as governor of Massachusetts, the presumptive Republican nominee attacked Obama for, among other things, being a tool of the teachers unions. Not everyone is willing to give Romney credit, but there's no ...

Why Romney, Obama are education twins
Washington Post
He appoints a splendid group of education policy advisers, smart people with great ideas. Then he learns that he has to give a speech explaining how he differs from President Obama on schools when those same advisers have spent their careers making ... 

Teachers' unions threaten strike action
The Independent
The Government is facing the threat of co-ordinated strikes by the two biggest teachers' unions in the autumn after being accused of plunging education into a state of “crisis.” The National Union ofTeachers and the NASUWT announced a "historic ...

Teachers threaten strike action in autumn
The National Union of Teachers and the NASUWT announced a ''historic agreement'', in response to the serious concerns teachers have about the way the Government is ''undermining'' the education system. The two unions, which represent 85 per cent of...


Teachers threaten fresh wave of strikes
BBC News
By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent The two biggest teachers' unions are threatening co-ordinated strikes in the autumn in England and Wales over jobs, pensions, workload and pay. The National Union of Teachers and the NASUWT announced a ...

BBC News

Michael Gove v the teacher unions
The Guardian
The teaching unions are the opponents Michael Gove most relishes. The educationsecretary likes to present them as an obstacle to reform – "those in trade unions who put adults' interests before children's …" – in the words of a recent speech.

The Guardian

Teaching unions unite to fight cuts
Financial Times
By Chris Cook, Education Correspondent The UK's two biggest teaching unions have set aside a historic rivalry to engage in a co-ordinated campaign to fight back against what they call an “unprecedented and sustained attack by the government on the ...

Unions condemn 'relentless assault' on teachers
ITV News
The unions today wrote to Education Secretary Michael Gove to seek urgent discussions about the "enormous threats" to teacher morale and the educationsystem itself. The head of the NASUWT teachers' union Chris Keates has condemned what she called the ...

ITV News

Teaching unions threaten autumn strikes
BBC News
The two biggest teachers' unions are threatening co-ordinated strikes in the autumn in England and Wales over jobs, pensions, workload and pay. The National Union ofTeachers and the NASUWT told a media conference that the profession was "in crisis".

BBC News

TN math teachers are in demand
The Tennessean
“It's always harder to find certain types of teachers, such as math, special education, foreign language, etc., but so far, we've been able to find good candidates,” he said. “For the past several years, we've hosted our own teacher recruitment fair in ...

ASUSS is a Fraud, Says NUT
By Francis Okeke, 28 May 2012 Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools (ASUSS) is a fraudulent institution conceived by some self seeking individuals to mislead some teachers and the general public, the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has said.

Watching dissidents is a booming business in China
San Jose Mercury News
By day, Yao is kept in a room, not allowed to work and watched by fit, young gym teachers and other school staff. At dinner time or later, he is sent back to the apartment that he shares with his wife and 3-year-old daughter.

Ontario professors say online learning no substitute for on-campus learning
Toronto Star
Kristin Rushowy Education Reporter Online learning is no comparison to the on-campus experience, warn concerned Ontario professors in a province-wide survey obtained by the Star. “Online learning as is right now is a useful option for distance learning ...

Teaching unions join forces to 'defend education'
Public Finance
By Vivienne Russell | 28 May 2012 The two largest teaching unions in England and Wales have made a 'historic agreement' to work together to protect teachers' pay and conditions and defendeducation. The National Union of Teachers and the National ...

Ghanaian Teachers Deserve Better
This will demand absolute commitment to the course and attitude towards teachers as exemplified by this reported negotiation between the Head teacher of Nandom Senior High School and the Regional Education Directorate. This head teacher had gone to ...

Learning from the barber from Iraq
Washington Post
Henry Allen, who won the Pulitzer Prize for criticism in 2000, was a Post editor and reporter for 39 years. This guy was new. Dark skin, stubble, a wary economy of gesture, an accent. I've been going to this barber shop for years.

Teacher shortages impact basic education needs
Independent Online
By Shanti Aboobaker Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga said 6 641 schools across the country had fewer than six teachers, and more than 20 000 teachers were forced to practise “multi-grade teaching”, in some instances teaching as many as four ...

Give teachers a pay raise for the right reasons
Charleston Post Courier
It deprives teachers of the opportunity to be rewarded for exceptional work — and for schools to identify teachers whose work is not adequate. It is encouraging that the Senate has recognized thatteacher pay is in need of reform.

ESTRICH: The next education president
North County Times
Mitt Romney is right about one thing: Too many American children do receive what he last week called a "Third World education." A disproportionate number of them are children of color. It is indeed "the civil rights issue of our era.

Teachers oppose letting parents opt kids from classes
The Manitoba Teachers' Society says parents should not be allowed to pull their children out of classes in the provincial curriculum, including sex education classes. A resolution that was passed at the society's general meeting over the weekend ...


CBSE toppers euphoric, credit parents and teachers
New Delhi: The usually staid and quiet school administrative offices on Monday reverberated with squeals of delight and laughter and congratulatory remarks as the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced its Class 12 examinations results.


Inside Higher Ed: Romney reveals higher education plans
Times Higher Education
By Libby A. Nelson for Inside Higher Ed Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican presidential nominee, pledged last week that, if elected, he would reshape or do away with two major Obama administration higher education policy initiatives: the overhaul of ...

Times Higher Education

NUT sues Ogun over salaries' deductions
By DAUD OLATUNJI ABEOKUTA – The Nigeria Union of Teachers, Ogun State Chapter, said it had got the leave from the National Industrial Court, NIC, to join the Accountant-General of the state in the suit against the state Teaching Service Commission and ...

South Africa: Limpopo Education explains "Selowe primary school" saga
7thSpace Interactive (press release)
According to the report, the school, which has no textbooks, stationery, chairs, desks or toilets, has about 165 learners who are being taught by 14 teachers who are not being compensated. The school was reportedly established after some parents ...

Quick Notes: Hindu Education, Pagan Alliance Festival, A - Patheos
By Jason Pitzl-Waters
To a certain extent, no matter how much infrastructure we end up building, we'll always embrace a hybrid of home-based grass-roots teaching alongside more formal attempts at religious education and collective worship. For more on ...
The Wild Hunt

NYC Educator: Sorely in Need of a Teacher
By NYC Educator
Unless he believes it's a good thing to have teachers fired for no reason, to make no progress in supposedly all-important test scores, or to be embroiled in scandal over their falsification, it's tough to see what makes Rhee a hero. ... As things stand right now, he's actively contributing toward crashing public education to the ground. Bookmark and Share. Posted by NYC Educator at 5:51 AM. Sorely in Need of a Teacher. Heroic captain "Sully" Sullengberger has written a new book, ...
NYC Educator

Instapundit » Blog Archive » HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE ...
By Glenn Reynolds
May 28, 2012. HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Today's Grade-Inflated, Lake Wobegon World; Letter Grade of A Now Most Common College Grade. Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 7:07 am. Tweet ...

Teaching schools a business approach - The Nation
When these sources are not sufficient, schools must consider starting businesses and becoming more involved with companies to be able to continue providing education and a better future for these needy ones. Social organisers from other countries recently made a site ... ZOSS has a problem with its teachers' salaries as it has to hire 23 educators for its 600 students, an expense of around 900000 kyats (more than Bt33,000) a month. "The school funds a music concert once a year.
NationMultimedia.com - National

“Australians lack education about Islam” — Winds Of Jihad By ...
By sheikyermami
The Latest From Winds Of Jihad: “Australians lack education about Islam” Dr Thilo Sarazzin: no 'respeck' for the soldiers of allah! Egypt: Mubro's win by promising hope'nchange and lots of government handouts The Yoots of Carcassonne ...
Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami

Schools Matter: The States: More Bully Politics of Education Reform
By P. L. Thomas
From South Carolina to New Jersey to Wisconsin—and all across the U.S.—universal public education is under assault by the bully politics of education reform. In my home state of South Carolina, Governor Haley and Superintendent Zais, ...
Schools Matter

Portland, Oregon: Students, teachers march into downtown to ...
Once in the square, students, parents and teachers provided personal testimonies of how further cuts would have a negative impact on public education and other students sang songs and read poems. Don Gavitte, a history teacher at Grant ...
Infoshop Top Stories

Grimes: Growing CA's education welfare system
By Stephen Frank
California government education is not about education, it is about money for special interests (wants ideology taught, regardless of facts) and unions (they just want money from teachers and control of school boards and budgets. “AB 1500 ...
California Political News and Views

Kids with Cell Phones: Record Your Socialist Teachers! | Right Wing ...
By Doug Giles
God bless cell phones. With them we can chat with our friends; we can watch the grossest zit since the dawn of time being popped via YouTube; and our kiddos can record their bat crap crazy teachersattempting to mitigate their First Amendment rights! This week audio surfaced of a North Carolinateacher, Tanya Dixon-Neely (black), berating 13-year-old Hunter Rogers (honky) for criticizing president Obama (hate crime). Neely said Rogers could be arrested for slandering Obama.
Right Wing News

Education Fireworks at PJ Media « Stately McDaniel Manor
By Mike McDaniel
If you have a few minutes, you might want to stop by PJ Media where the good folks there have been kind enough to publish one of my rants on education. Regular readers of the Tuesday educationcolumn will notice some similarity to an ...
Stately McDaniel Manor

Legal versus Medical Education and some blatant 'crowdsourcing'
By Dingo_Pug
Therefore, my purpose here is to blatently 'crowdsource' this information. I have a few questions (ok, a lot of questions) posted below for folks who have experiences with medical education (preferably first-hand, but second-hand is ok too).

Media Literacy Education News from NAMLE
By Ethical Markets
... 2013 in Los Angeles! The theme: Intersections: Teaching and Learning Across. ... ScreenEducation Magazine Call for Papers Screen Education magazine is looking for industry practitioners,teachers, academics and experienced feature writers with a proven background in film/television/media. We also wish to hear from ... [learn more]. - Jaclyn Kahn. Focus and Historyteacher at Winston Preparatory School, a private school for students (grades 6-12) with LearningDisabilities ...
EthicalMarkets.com | Supporting...

Physical Education Is Good for Kids' Grades, Study Finds - Yahoo ...
"Physical education has been pared down from three lessons a week to one or two," ... speaks during a campaign rally at the Paul R. Knapp Animal learning ...

VIDEO: Education should be a part of JEEP, says local scientist ...
Universal education, modern skills training, emboldened creativity, and justifiable rewards are ...

A short description of education in England - Study Abroad - Blogs
In the United Kingdom, public education is finished when the child is ... If the average student has less life experience then, depending on the teacher, the course ...

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