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The Student Loan Bubble

The Dow Floats Ever Higher On A Sea Of Economic Bubbles - Forbes: " . . . . The student loan bubble - The student loan bubble—a mere $1 trillion—is yet another bubble waiting to burst. The majority of the student loans are backed by the federal government, which means the public bears most of the risk associated with student loans.As Ben Gersten writes in MoneyMorning:
“Those loans are looking riskier by the day. That’s because college tuition becomes more expensive every year, median income levels continue to fall, and hiring of young graduates is weak, especially for those with little experience.

“No longer does a bachelor’s degree guarantee a secure job, enough income to buy a house or the opportunity to advance in a career. These days, a degree is often associated with debt, unemployment and the need to get yet another degree in order to get a good job.

“Even while the costs of higher education continue to rise and more students rely on loans to pay for school, unemployment levels for new grads remain near all-time highs. In fact, half of Americans under 25 with a college degree are either unemployed or working in a job for which they’re overqualified. . . . “
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