"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

Helping kids beat the college-loan trap

Michelle Singletary: Book will help kids beat the college-loan trap - Personal Finance - MiamiHerald.com: " . . . Just a little more than 50 percent of those who enter college leave with a bachelor’s degree, notes Jeffrey J. Selingo, editor at large for The Chronicle of Higher Education. Selingo has written a compelling book looking at the state of higher education: College (Un)bound: The Future of Higher Education and What it Means for Students (Amazon Publishing/New Harvest, $26). “American higher education is broken,” Selingo writes. “Like another American icon — the auto industry in Detroit — the higher-education industry is beset by hubris, opposition to change and resistance to accountability.” Part of the reason higher education is in trouble can be traced to the “Lost Decade,” as Selingo calls it. He defines this time as the period from 1999 to 2009 when colleges were “chasing high-achieving students, showering them with scholarships to snatch them from competitors and going deep into debt to build lavish residence halls, recreational facilities and other amenities that contribute nothing to the actual learning of students.”. . . "

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