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Chicago Public Schools, Unable to read beyond sixth-grade level

When educational "success" is failure --

Ring the bell at Chicago Public Schools - chicagotribune.com: " . . . Eighteen years ago, Mayor Richard Daley took control of the schools. That fall, the Tribune reported on Karen and Sharon Franklin, 1991 CPS graduates who had been told all their lives that they were "smart." They went to Piccolo and Herzl Schools on the West Side and later Orr High School, a rough-and-tumble place that annually posts low test scores but is improving. In high school, they took classes in mathematics, English and other core courses, as well as cooking and sewing. Homework was simple and rarely assigned, they said, but they did it religiously. They went to class, earned A's and B's, and as a result, received too many academic certificates to display. They were on the honor roll. And so it was with great "shock," Sharon said, and "horror," Karen said, that two years after walking proudly across the stage in 1991 to receive their high school diplomas, the sisters applied to Malcolm X College and flunked the entrance exam. They were unable to read beyond a sixth-grade level. . . ."

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