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LAUSD ordered to use student achievement in judging teachers

LAUSD ordered to use student achievement in judging teachers
Los Angeles Times
But he gives the district wide latitude on how to measure learning. ... their teacher evaluations to include them, but California's powerful teachers unions ... and their parents don't care because they have no investment in their own education, ...

Letters: Less pay for teachers
Los Angeles Times
Re "Teachers, L.A. district reach pact," June 9. ... As a teacher, I think it's important for the public to know that we receive an annual salary based ... in particular seek to improve education, they reduce the number of days in the school year and, ...

Ka-boom! Teachers destroy barrier to a strike
Chicago Tribune
The spirit of Chicago public school teachers taking a strike vote. ... Rahm Emanuel, his schools chief Jean-Claude Brizard and various public education reform advocates .... 2-The many anti-teacher provisions of last year's education reform bill.

The Teacher You've Never Met: Inside an Online High School Class
Meet one teacher who's navigating the uncharted territory of online learning. ... Good, 46, is one of 11 full-time teachers in Colorado's three-year-old 21st Century ... founder of the EvergreenEducation Group, a consulting firm in Durango, Colo ...

Average cost of four-year university up 15%
The U.S. Department of Education's annual look at college affordability also found... Forty percent of states cut higher education spending last year, the most ...

Cengage Learning Named Learning Impact 2012 Gold Award ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Cengage Learning MindLinks received the designation in the new and R&D ... most significant challenges facing the global education and training industries. ... and engaging content that can be organized to meet teacher and student needs," ... Learning ...

Average price of 4-year university up 15 percent
The Associated Press
By CHRISTINE ARMARIO, AP Education Writer – 1 hour ago ... The U.S. Department ofEducation's annual look at college affordability also found significant ...

LA teachers union lauds decision on evaluations
San Jose Mercury News
LOS ANGELES—Teachers union officials praised a decision that says the Los ... law for not including measures of student achievement in teacher evaluations. ... of LAUSD families sponsored by a Sacramento-based education reform group, ...

Michigan Teaching Fellowship Brings High Caliber Science and ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"We know that teacher effectiveness plays a vital role in student learning ... national need ineducation than to get strong math and science teachers into our ...

Emanuel defends his school tactics
Chicago Tribune
Following a vote by the Chicago Teachers Union that showed overwhelming support among teachers for a strike, Mayor Rahm Emanuel defended his ...

Chicago Tribune

Montreal teacher suspended for showing video of Lin killing
A Montreal high school teacher has been suspended after he showed his class a video depicting the graphic killing of a man police believe is Concordia ...


Gemm Learning Offers Reading Assistant Software
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Gemm Learning now offers Reading Assistant software to supplement its programs for struggling readers. Reading Assistant's advanced speech recognition ...

Chicago Teachers Union Demands 30 Percent Pay Raise
By Lindsey Burke
If the district meets union demands and rewards teachers with the requested salary increase,education employees will receive compensation north of $92000 per year. According to ... If implemented, the 30 percent raise will mean that in nine months, a single teacher in the Chicago Public School system will take home nearly double what the average family in the city earns in a year. According ... Tags: Chicago, Education, education reform, rahm emmanuel,teacher unions, teachers ...
The Foundry: Conservative Policy...

Area science teacher wins award
Coshocton Tribune
"Science education is critical for students to understand the world and also think ... Each year, the award alternates between teachers teaching kindergarten ...

LAUSD must factor student performance into teacher evaluations...
Los Angeles Daily News
... including test scores, be considered when teachers and principals are given job. ... parents supported by EdVoice, a Sacramento-based education reform group. ... Stull Act requiring that evidence of student learning must be used in teacher ...

Cepeda: Unions learning that teachers' loyalty has its limits
The Columbian
Education group backs Republican McKenna for governor ... Let me take a crack at that one: Because not every tradesman or teacher wants to be ... of teachers who see getting rid of unions as a way to strengthen teaching as a profession.

Immorality of a Teachers Strike
ChicagoNow (blog)
Such a rapid pace of learning needs to be gently guided by teachers so their ... Students whose education process gets interrupted will be less likely to get a ...

"We Are the Ninety-(Fill in the Blank) Percent"
Huffington Post
There's an obvious disconnect between teachers' perceptions of Jean-Claude ... In the last few months, he's lost his chief education officer, his chief-of-staff, and his ... Chicago Schools CEO:Teacher "Changed My Life" < Teaching Channel ...

LA school board approves shorter school year, employee pay cuts
Los Angeles Times
The Los Angeles Board of Education on Tuesday approved a labor deal that could ... shorten the school year by up to a week and reduce teacher salaries as much as 5%. ... Members of theteachers union, United Teachers Los Angeles, also must ... about ...

Career Education must show it deserves to keep accreditation
Chicago Tribune
8:25 a.m. CDT, June 13, 2012. Career Education Corp. said an accrediting agency issued a show-cause notice following the education provider's discovery of ...

Can Apps Transform Learning into Games?
To date, some of the most successful apps replicate learning [...] ... What My 11 Year Old's Stanford Course Taught Me About Online Education · Joshua ... I tried out this one and to say that the fact that it is teaching mathematics is subtle is an ...

Teachers union vote
Chicago Tribune
As a retired yet active member of the Chicago Teachers Union, I am so proud to be a part of their judgment and efforts for teachers as well as students.

Local teacher weighs in for Obama campaign
Craig Daily Press
Arnett: Teaching critical thinking and problem-solving skills is vital in light of new ... leader, were invited to weigh in on education during a conference call Tuesday with ... more firemen, more policemen, more teachers,” ABCnews.com reported.

Toolwire to Showcase 'Experiential Learning' at Innovative Learning ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Toolwire is a learning solutions provider specialising in products and services for ExperientialLearning. Toolwire empowers Higher Education and corporate ...

iNACOL Announces June 21 "Teacher Talk" Webinar: "Beyond LMS ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"Across the field, we've discovered many great teachers who are interested in ... Vice President of Education at Performance Learning Systems, and Barbara ...

Teacher loses license over allegations of inappropriate ...
Mount Vernon News
A former Mount Vernon elementary teacher lost his teaching license Tuesday to the Ohio Department of Education after allegations he was engaged in ...

Immigrant Transformed her Life Fighting for Education
Fox News
Mexican immigrant Celia Ayala has devoted 37 years of her life to education, for which ... She did not speak English, but she devoted herself to learning it, taking no ... I took a job as a teacher'sassistant in an elementary school," said Ayala, ...

normblog: Disciplines of learning
By Norm
There's a column by Simon Armitage here headed 'Poetry should be subversive'. I started reading the piece thinking 'No, it shouldn't', because I don't believe there's anything (in the way of political direction or character) that poetry should be, ...

Emanuel: Teachers' Strike Authorization 'Huge,' But Focus Is On ...
By Todd Feurer
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the Chicago Teachers Union vote to authorize a strike is a "huge number," but he says he wants to focus on improving schools, and what an independent arbitrator might do to avoid a strike.
CBS Chicago

Fewer Men Attracted To Teaching « CBS Philly
By amyparmenter
Not only low salaries, but it's been suggested that the status of teachers is low today and “teacher bashing is a national pastime.” Although girls are encouraged to enter male-dominated fields such as engineering and math, boys are given less ...
CBS Philly

Alain Damiba: Teaching Teachers to Prevent Malnutrition
By Alain Damiba
Education Reform · Teachers · Bullying · Ed-Lection 2012 .... They are responsible for making sure their students know their numbers, the alphabet, how to share, tell time, play well with others -- all in preparation for a lifetime of classroom learning. ... On top of teaching her students the alphabet, numbers and simple writing skills, this Early Childhood Development teacher has been trained to monitor the growth and development of each of her 40 students to help combat malnutrition.
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

Hypocrisy in the Profession of Education « My Island View
By tomwhitby
It has always been apparent to me that if one is to be an effective teacher, one must continually learn. Of course ... I attended a retirement party recently for some retiring colleagues, and I engaged in several conversations with a number of teachers who were attending the party about various education topics. ... That is why I find it so unbelievable to come across educators, so willingly abandoning any position of defense for education through learning or more precisely, not learning.
My Island View

Oakland parents and teachers announce plans to sit-in to stop ...
By Ramona
As 5 elementary schools are set for closure at the end of this school year, displacing around 900 children to schools 10 miles away with no transport provided, parents and teachers announce plans to sit-in to save their schools. The five public elementary schools set ... Oakland has been a hot bed of radical political organising, and the fight for education is part of this. In response to the planned closures, ... Teacher Conditions=Student Conditions. Refuse to Pay the Unjust State Debt!

Daily Kos: As Chicago teachers vote to strike, Massachusetts ...
By rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)
... blunt than he probably would have been had he realized video of his speech would become public. Stand was able to split the Illinois Education Association, a National EducationAssociation affiliate, from the Chicago Teachers Union, an American Federation of Teachersaffiliate. ... Tags do not compound: that is, "education reform" is a completely different tag from "education". A tag like "reform" alone is probably not meaningful. Consider if one or more of these tags fits your diary: ...
Michigan teaching fellowship brings high-caliber science and math ...
“We know that teacher effectiveness plays a vital role in student learning ... national need ineducation than to get strong math and science teachers into our ...

Education - 3playMedia
Online video is changing the landscape of education. ... and students have come to depend on online video as a powerful tool for teaching and learning.

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