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Top US universities put their reputations online

BBC News - Top US universities put their reputations online: "Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have formed a $60m (£38m) alliance to launch edX, a platform to deliver courses online - with the modest ambition of "revolutionising education around the world". Sounding like a piece of secret military hardware, edX will provide online interactive courses which can be studied by anyone, anywhere, with no admission requirements and, at least at present, without charge. With roots in Silicon Valley, Stanford academics have set up another online platform, Coursera, which will provide courses from Stanford and Princeton and other leading US institutions."

Bloomberg vows to call all parents to disclose teacher evaluations
New York Post
Stung by Albany's decision to limit the disclosure of teacher evaluations, Mayor Bloomberg counterattacked today by announcing an extraordinary effort to call ...

New York Post

Louisiana Illegally Fired 7500 Teachers, Judge Says
New York Times
The judge described the state education superintendent, just two weeks after ... before firing a tenured teacher, and that fired employees are entitled to hearings.

Bloomberg Pushes Back on Albany's Teacher Deal
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Bloomberg pledged to actively distribute teachers' evaluations to New York City ... Andrew Cuomo's move to limit the public release of teacher evaluations, ...

Bloomberg blasts Cuomo's teacher evaluation bill; says city will call ...
New York Daily News
Education. SITE BLOGS WEB Search powered by Yahoo! Search Field ... release evaluations without teachers' names, Bloomberg fumes that parents will be left ...Cuomo's compromise bill on the controversial release of teacher evaluations, ...

New York Daily News

They just don't get it
New York Daily News
It cannot be stated forcefully enough: New York's parents now have access to teacher performance ratings only because press organizations, including the Daily ...

New York Daily News

Albany Acts to Shield Teacher Data
Wall Street Journal
The debate over disclosure of teacher evaluations consumed the Capitol this year after New York City released job-performance data on about 18000 teachers ...

Albany to Limit the Disclosure of Teacher Evaluations
New York Times
ALBANY — Siding with teachers' unions over the administration of Mayor Michael ... by January or they will lose their share of an increase in state education aid. ... the torches and the pitchforks and we're coming after the teaching profession.

Albany Deal: Teacher Evaluations Will Be Public Only to Parents
New York Times
The deal is a victory for the United Federation of Teachers and Gov. ... The mayor, in line with theeducation reform movement, has argued that schools ... The Learning Network Teaching andlearning, with The New York Times as a resource.

N.J. lawmakers see compromise on teacher bills
Philadelphia Inquirer
Currently, teachers can get tenure after three years on the job. ... a range of education groups, including teachers' unions and an organization made up of school ...

Emanuel allies press attack in teachers union battle
Chicago Tribune
The ads are sponsored by an affiliate of Democrats for Education Reform, ... He has pushed for a longer school day and linking pay for teachers to student performance. ...should be expected to have the same level of teaching and teaching effort. ... I ...

Chicago Tribune

Teacher evaluation bill makes the cut
Poughkeepsie Journal
Andrew Cuomo's bill that would limit access to teacher evaluations to parents. The bill would make evaluation scores available to the public on a state Education ...

Teacher evaluation bill passes
Times Herald-Record
ALBANY — Teacher evaluations will be kept secret from most taxpayers after state ... Andrew Cuomo's bill Thursday, giving a major victory to teachers unions, who ... Supporters defended the bill as part of improving education, which Cuomo ...

State legislature passes Gov. Cuomo's teacher evalution disclosure ...
North Country Public Radio
Senate Republicans, on the final day of the session, agreed to take up Cuomo's bill, which will make public all teacher evaluations, without names attached.

North Country Public Radio

Education Incorporated and pitfalls that it brings
Staunton News Leader
Americans have historically understood that education isn't a money-making ... In the ancient western world, young men were sent to centers of learning, such as ...

David Cameron in the dark about Michael Gove's O-levels plan ...
David Cameron was not aware of Education Secretary Michael Gove's controversial ....Michael Gove is making a joke in poor taste at the expense of pupils and teachers. ...Find the right project management course with The Learning People ...


Academics join protest against axing of GCSEs in favour of O-levels
Education experts have joined the criticism of government plans to return to the ... it up, GCSE or O-level, there needs to be more focus on the learning aspects of a ...Gove is making a joke in poor taste at the expense of pupils and teachers.” ...


Teacher tenure bill clears NJ Senate
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com
... with the New Jersey Education Association, the state's largest teachers union. ...the state's century-old teacher tenure law and instead base job protection on ....Anyone who wants to go into teaching should have their head examined. ... the best...

The Star-Ledger - NJ.com

Nick Clegg has vowed to block Michael Gove's plan
BBC News
The deputy prime minister has vowed to block the education secretary's plans, which were ... But the Lib Dems say it will create a "two-tier" education system.

BBC News

Cuomo Teacher Eval Bill Sails Through Senate
New York Daily News (blog)
Senate Education Committee Chairman John Flanagan (R-Suffolk County) called ... available in mid-August from being released with the teachers' indentities.

A passionate teacher with good chemistry
EE Times
Serving as a graduate teaching assistant, however, she realized that a ... math and science teachers traveling to Washington to be recognized for their efforts through ...teacher in this small Upper Midwestern city are the essence of education.

EE Times

Michael Gove's GCSE plans are a cap on aspiration
The Guardian (blog)
We need an education system that prepares all young people for the ... and segregation, but by improving teacher quality and giving young people a ... These changes will not serve to improve learning for all children in all .... It shouldn't just be...

The Guardian (blog)

Board of Education final vote tally favors charter school backers
Sacramento Bee
Teachers unions supported three candidates for the board in an effort to challenge them. Charter proponents fought back with three candidates of their own.

Barack Obama's Education Plan: Overview And Analysis
Obama founded U.S. Department of Education's first office of Early Learning, ... andteachers: In an effort to enhance student academic achievement and teacher ...


Teacher evaluation bill passes legislative scrutiny
ALBANY - Teacher evaluations will be kept secret from most taxpayers after state ... in order to improve teachers and not necessarily to rid ourselves of teachers.

Pols cave to unions
New York Post
Teachers' names will be shielded in evaluations released to the public under the bill Gov ... With the lawmakers all up for re-election this year and a round of teacher ... to full disclosure when it comes to information about their child's education, ...

New York Post

Valve announces Steam for Schools, helps teachers create - Engadget
By Alexis Santos
Students and teachers alike can use the tools to create puzzles, but distribution is handled by teachers alone. (That's right, kids -- no level sharing unless the teach says so.) An accompanying website serves as a gathering place for teachers to ...

The Zinn Education Project: Who Stole Helen Keller?
By The Zinn Education Project
Loading... Charter Schools · Standardized Testing · Teacher's Union · Michelle Rhee · More .... The Zinn Education Project. Teaching A People's History. GET UPDATES FROM The Zinn EducationProject. Like ... Yet today, she is remembered chiefly as a child who overcame the obstacles of being deaf and blind largely through the efforts of her teacher, Annie Sullivan. While she may be ....Ruth Shagoury teaches new and veteran teachers at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon .
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

Kyrgyzstan: What Are Kyrgyz Kids Learning? | EurasiaNet.org
Many parents in Kyrgyzstan are starting to wonder: is schooling still synonymous with education? ...In southern Kyrgyzstan, teacher shortages appear to have been exacerbated by ethnic violence between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks in June 2010. Many teachers ... “The principal of my child's school has told us parents that he is going to put an advertisement in the local newspaper to find good teachersof mathematics and the Russian language. ... In addition, teaching materials are outdated.

Jeb Bush commends Obama on education reform, chastises on ...
By Mary Ellen Klas
After Mitt Romney addressed the NALEO conference of Hispanic leaders in Miami, Jeb Bush took the stage and drew a much more enthusiastic reception than the former Massachusetts governor. Switching back and forth between English and ...
Naked Politics

Capitol Confidential » Teacher evaluation disclosure React-O-Mat™
By Rick Karlin, Capitol bureau
However, I do appreciate the Governor's insistence that the State Education Department post school data so that parents can analyze how districts perform, and that teacher, principal and school information will be made widely available online. ... Passage by the Senate and Assembly — and the governor's expected signature — marks an advance for teachers and parents, and reinforces that a quality evaluation system must be dedicated to promoting student learning,” Iannuzzi said.
Capitol Confidential

Delaware Teacher Arrested For Hitting Student « CBS Philly
By ATAtkins
NEWARK, Del. (CBS) – A teacher was arrested after allegedly hitting a student in the head in her classroom. Danielle Finlay, 31, of Newark, Delaware was arrested for allegedly hitting a male student in the head with an empty water bottle ...
CBS Philly

The "Successful" Failure of ED in '08? - Rick Hess Straight Up - Blogs
By Rick Hess
Education policy maven Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute think tank offers straight talk on matters of policy, politics, research, and reform. Follow Rick and AEI's Education Program on Twitter http://twitter.com/AEIeducation.
Rick Hess Straight Up

Governor's Agenda 2013: Expand Prison Education — Peach Pundit
By Charlie
Governor Nathan Deal faces no re-election campaign and thus is freed up to be working on his legislative agenda for the 2013 General Assembly (when he's not exercising his first amendment rights). In an interview this afternoon with Dennis ...
Peach Pundit

NYC Educator: NY Pretends to Protect Teacher Privacy
By NYC Educator
The principal, who apparently has nothing else to do but oversee transfer requests, will either accommodate them or listen to their bitter complaints about the inferior education the junk science says their kids are getting. Of course, if you've had a bad ... Meaningful negative rating appeals will be available to only 13% of city teachers, and the rest will be pretty much a fact of life. On the bright side, you will get .... Teaching and Substituting - the first few years... Is Our Children Learning?
NYC Educator

On teacher evaluations, Cuomo pats Legislature on the back - Blogs
By Jon Campbell
The bill, which passed the Senate earlier and appears poised to pass the Assembly, would allow parents to see the rating of their child's current teacher, while the public would be able to see the ratings of all teachers without the name ...
Politics on the Hudson

allAfrica.com: Namibia: Rethinking Indigenous Education
The statistics relating to San children in Namibia and education are shocking. ... to unprecedented levels of discrimination by both teachers and fellow learners, ...

Conceptual Framework for New Science Education Standards
Board on Science Education. ... and assessment designers, teacher educators, and others who work in K-12 science education. ... In addition, the National Science Teachers Association has hosted two web seminars on the framework, ...

College Board Launches Election-year Campaign for Education ...
Presidential Candidates Urged to Make Education a Priority. The College ... Parents, teachers, students and administrators have had enough of the silence.

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