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The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

For-profit colleges bilking public, senator says

For-profit colleges bilking public, senator says
Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, released his report this week after two years probing the educationindustry, its profits and sometimes aggressive recruiting techniques. "In this report, you will find overwhelming documentation of ... "Over the last four or five years, Apollo has really thought through the student-learning life cycle," said Mark Brenner, senior vice president of external affairs for the company. He said that in addition to acclimating students to the ...


10 Ways to Boost Your Game for Back-to-School
MindShift (blog)
For teachers gearing up for the new school year, here are some instructive articles that may help get new ideas flowing — everything from using free online games, free digital media tools, cell phones, Pinterest and Learnist, and creating your own textbooks. 14 FREE AND ... This is just one example of many featured in this second episode of Infinite Thinking Machine, a Web TVshow for teachers produced by Computer Using Educators (CUE), which shows how to use students' mobile devices in school. Examples ...

Lions Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
By mtigani
... AFT union prez Randi Weingarten took to the podium Friday at her group's national convention in Detroit to lambast those who would dare challenge the status quo and to instill fear in her dwindling membership that there is a “new normal” ...
The Center For Education Reform

Public Education Doesn't Need Fixing - It Needs to Be Euthanised
"The parent goes up to the teacher and says, well, I am not satisfied with what you are doing, and the teacher can say, well, tough, you can't take him away, you can't remove him, you can't do what you like, so go away and stop bothering me. That can be the attitude of some teachers today - it often is. ... Unsurprisingly, the suggestion of a school voucher system was met with opposition and even hostility from teachers' unions and the education bureaucracy. Parents, however, loved the idea. Unless you've been living ...


Quantity improves quality of teachers
Sydney Morning Herald
We welcome the discussion paper Great Teaching, Inspired Learning, an initiative of the NSW Minister of Education. The paper acknowledges the high quality of teachingin NSW. It does not focus on pre-service teacher education but looks broadly atteaching ...

Sydney Morning Herald

'Irreplaceable' Teachers Retained Poorly, TNTP Education Report Finds
Huffington Post
It recommended teaching principals to better hold onto "irreplaceables" and to "counsel out" low performers, and revamping policies around teacher management, such as tenure and seniority. TNTP also ... These organizations pay to push policies known as education reform that make it easier to fire teachers based on students' low standardized test scores -- and reams of research to support that conclusion. "There's been .... If a student's parents encourage and value learning,teachers can teach instead of manage.

Experienced teachers face skills tests
Sydney Morning Herald
MORE than half the state's public school teachers may become subject to the same rigorous standards and testing used to assess and train new teachers, under NSW government proposals to improve teacher quality. Teachers who entered the ...Introducing an education discussion paper yesterday, the NSW Minister forEducation, Adrian Piccoli, said: ''Moving the teaching workforce not already part of the new scheme onto that scheme should be considered as a part of this process.'' The provocative paper ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Group Claims Best Teachers Are Given Short Shrift
New York Times
School districts need to get smarter about retention strategies because the strongest teachers are just as likely as weak teachers are to leave their schools after five years, according to a study by the New Teacher Project. ... The New Teacher Project runs the Teaching Fellows, an alternative certification program for recruiting and training city teachers. ... Previous Real-World Problems + Group Learning = A.P. Calculus Success ... Join the Public Insight Network and help our journalists cover education in the city.

EDUCATION: Democratic report blasts for-profit colleges
North County Times
WASHINGTON ---- For-profit colleges put revenue above education, and charge students high tuition and loan rates that could leave them in debt for years, a Senate Democratic report said Monday. While students are aggressively recruited, they drop out in ...

A Revolution In Teacher Training Methods?
Care2.com (blog)
My own training at the University of London, England, did indeed include several videotaped sessions, as well as many weeks of actual teaching, with a lot of monitoring from my instructors. ... Teacherswill also be judged on their ability to deepen reasoning and problem-solving skills, to gauge how students are learning and to coax their class to cooperate in tackling learning challenges. ...Textbook publishers, testing companies and yes, Pearson Education, are already making a fat profit off the backs of educators.

deans reject teacher reforms
The Australian
It proposes raising entry scores into teaching, limiting the number of places in teaching degrees, and requiring aspiring teachers to study maths, science and/or a language as well as English to qualify for entry. However, a former dean of education in two ...

Bedford, Teachers Union Reach Deal
Monroe Evening News
Earlier in the month, Dr. Magrum said he hoped to reach an agreement with the teacher's union because the district needs to submit an updated Deficit Elimination Plan to the Michigan Department of Education by Aug. 9. Dr. Magrum thanked Colleen Jan, president of the BEA, and members of its negotiating team as well as the teaching staff for “working together to meet our Deficit Elimination Plan requirements. I look forward to once more coming together and renewing our focus on maintaining the district's high ...

Public Education: A More Holistic Approach
Huffington Post
A healthy response to this anxiety has been unprecedented work in developing, implementing and evaluating various education reform initiatives in an attempt to programmatically and structurally improve K-12 education. Despite vigorous debate in the field, ...

Character Education Partnership Launches Free Program Designed to Enable ...
MarketWatch (press release)
WASHINGTON, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Teachers looking to plan creative and effective service learning projects are now able to identify a wealth of free resources provided by the non-profit organization Character Education Partnership ...

Voucher schools include some teaching creationism
Education Week News
Critics say it's inappropriate to spend public money on such religious teaching, arguing such programs undercut a strong science education and threaten the adequate preparation of students for college science courses. "What they're ... A biology teacher at Northlake Christian High School, a St. Tammany Parish school slated to teach 18 voucher students this school year, outlines his curriculum on a website that talks of giving students the opportunity to challenge evolution against "a creation worldview of life origins." ...

Cuomo Plans to Veto Special-Education Bill
Wall Street Journal
Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday will veto a bill requiring school officials to consider religion and other family beliefs when approving taxpayer-funded tuition for special-education students at private schools, an administration official said. The bill passed the state ...

Oppn slams Garrett on teacher standards
Herald Sun
He said he didn't think the teaching profession needed to be more selective. "It is not necessarily a fact that someone who is academically smart makes a better teacher than someone who isn't," Mr Garrett told reporters in Canberra. "I don't think education ...

If teachers strike, 50000 kids will still be in school
Fourth-grade teacher Liz Koonce says she's happy to be working at a school where kids have more time in class and won't be affected by a potential teachers strike. The Chicago Teachers Union and the school district have an agreement on the longer school ...


Is teaching a profession? Discuss
The Guardian (blog)
Michael Gove's recent announcement that Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) will no longer be required to teach in academy schools will do nothing to reassure people that he has doubts about teaching being a profession. Indeed, he usually refers to it as a craft. I was at a party once and ..... The reason why the PGCE is problematic is because the kind of experiential learning (mixed with theory) required by teachers is not done very well by the education system. Partialy becuase of the 19th century legacy of knowledge ...

The Guardian (blog)

Qld teachers rally after conditions cut
Yahoo!7 News
The Queensland Teachers Union (QTU) organised the Tuesday afternoon rally to protest at state government plans to remove their conditions in return for a pay rise. But, at midday the government issued a directive that effectively cut 20 years of accumulated ...

Yahoo!7 News

Best and worst NYC teachers leave at same rate, The New Teacher Project ...
New York Daily News
Tuesday, July 31, 2012; NYDailyNews.com / Education. Jobs · Autos ... The nonprofit The New Teacher Project noted that 89% of “the irreplaceables” — the city's topteachers — stayed on, while 88% of the weakest teachers did, too. The group used the ...

New York Daily News

CompassLearning Achieves IMS Learning Tools Interoperability Compliance ...
MarketWatch (press release)
The open, extensible approach to software integration espoused by the Global Learning Consortium and embraced by Compass Learning ultimately means more empowered teachers and more engaged students to ensure success in the classroom and beyond. The IMS is a global learningcommunity of leaders in education, including software and hardware vendors, educational institutions, publishers and government agencies. Benefits for schools and school districts include: -- Compass Learning Content ...

Large study says great teachers get little respect
Washington Post (blog)
In-depth coverage: Education Page | The Answer Sheet. About Jay Mathews ... The students of the top-rated teachers were also surveyed and gave them more points for helping during difficult lessons and making learning enjoyable. More than 22000 ... Interestingly, the study contradicted a central belief of the New Teacher Project's founder, former D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, that top educators are more likely to believe that teachers can lead students to success despite challenges. Only 53 percent of the ...

Penn State faces federal penalties as Education Dept. probes Sandusky case
Philadelphia Inquirer
If true, those shortcomings are likely to loom large in the U.S. Department of Education's probe into Penn State's handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual-abuse case - an investigation that some campus security experts have described as the Education ...

Federal School Education Minister Peter Garrett says teachers do not have to be ...
Herald Sun
But Mr Garrett insists that federal and state education ministers have already agreed to minimum standards for teacher training. "They ought to ensure, over time, that the teachers that are going into the classrooms will do the job to the best of their ability for ...

For-profit colleges slammed in Democratic Senate staff report
Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON — For-profit colleges are failing their students and saddling taxpayers with an enormous bill, a two-year investigation by the Senate education panel's Democratic staff concluded. The harsh report, released Monday by the committee's chairman ...

Calls for teacher plan to go national
The Australian
Angelo Gavrielatos, president of the Australian Education Union, said Labor currently had a “conflicting policy approach” to teacher standards and more needed to be done to attract the best people for the job right across the nation. "We support ... The Australian reported today that a discussion paper commissioned by NSW education minister Adrian Piccoli proposed the state require aspiring teachers to study maths and science in school and meet minimum entry scores in order to qualify for a degree in teaching.

Limpopo Education Debacle Remains a Top Priority for Government
The Presidency has noted ongoing media reports on the Limpopo debacle and wishes to reiterate that President Jacob Zuma is prioritising the matter as education is an apex priority for government and also for the President personally. We reiterate as well, ...

Tanzania: Teachers Warned Against Strike
The Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Dr Shukuru Kawambwa, said his ministry has received reports of threats and violence acts against teachers who refused to join the strike, which started all over the country on Monday. "We are warning those issuing the ... "I call upon the strikingteachers to stop persuading students to stage demonstrations and stern measures will be taken against any teacher found persuading students to stage demonstration," he said. Mr Sadiki said the yesterday's teachers' ...

Panel Shows What's Possible in Education Technology | ED.gov Blog
By Jim Shelton
The panelists spoke compellingly about how their institutions are taking advantage of existing technology applications, products, and services to drive new ways of teaching and learning, whether inside elementary schools, college campuses or ... ARPA-ED would similarly focus on transformative research and development, pursuing projects such as digital tutors that are as effective as the best human tutors to support teachers in bridging the gap for every student; courses that improve ...
ED.gov Blog

Note to Education Reporter: GDP Is HUGE, Just like Education ...
By Neal McCluskey
Some lobbyists in the education reform camp note that U.S. education spending has skyrocketed, while test scores have stagnated. Neal McCluskey — an expert witness who serves as associate director for the Cato Institute's education center ...
Cato @ Liberty

New Feature: Test Yourself, Critical Thinking - NYTimes.com
The Learning Network - Teaching and Learning With The New York Times ... of informational text “work.” Our writer for these new questions will be Jessica Lahey, a middle-school teacher who also contributes to The Times's Motherlode blog and writes about education and parenting on her own blog, Coming of Age in the Middle. Now, on to our first question… .... I also would like to see how other teachers used these resources to reach certain objectives. Who knows, may be this is the ...
The Learning Network

Mom Says Albany Teacher Bullied Son, Sues District « CBS San ...
By tjfang
... School District, after her son received a C+ in her chemistry class. She claims the teacher bullied her son. ... Bowen Bethards has battled learning disabilities ever since. But this is not a story about those battles. It's about a battle in the last ... In the lawsuit, Laureen Bethards said it's a violation of the education code, which states that a child must be allowed to make up schoolwork in the case of a court appearance. But in a letter, superintendant Marla Stephenson denied that request, ...
CBS San Francisco

(Updated) Former teacher arrested for alleged indecency with a ...
By Tawnell Hobbs
**UPDATED***. Former Dallas ISD teacher Enio Cardoso Wissel was arrested for alleged indecency with a child on Friday, according to court records. Wissel, 46, last worked as a fine arts teacher at Wheatley and Frazier elementary schools, ...
Education Blog

Clackamas County Roundup: former Happy Valley teacher loses ...
By Yuxing Zheng, The Oregonian
Happy Valley: Douglas Adam Wade, a former teacher at Mount Scott Elementary School in Happy Valley, lost his certification this month, more than two years after investigations revealed he stole equipment and acted inappropriately with a ...
Clackamas County News

Maryland Takes The Lead In New Education Study « CBS Philly
By amyparmenter
New education research measures student improvement, not just scores. ... Student achievement in math, reading and science improved more than two years of learning from 1992 to 2011. Five of the top ten states were in the South and no ...
CBS Philly

Why Homeschool: Computer as the Teacher
By Vincent Cate
If I can get computers to do most of the teaching I may be able to start a school and get some paying students and make some extra money. I am wondering if computers can do most of theeducation for junior high and high school age students ...
Why Homeschool

Bookworm Room » Education for the 21st Century
By Don Quixote
Sure, teaching to the test is only effective if the test actually contains what we want our kids to learn, but can't we define that body of knowledge well enough to give the tests value? ... My teachers could handle a large number of students because (a) we all spoke English as a first language, (b) most of us came from families that valued education, and (c) if we did get up out of line, the teacher would put us back in line again with a paddling that would get today's teachers fired, and (d) ...
Bookworm Room

Seoul to perhaps cut even more foreign teachers - blog*spot
By matt
Last year, a survey by SMOE of 11900 school parents found that 62.2% of respondents chose "a Korean teacher with excellent English conversation ability who is good at teaching" as a desirable English teacher. In addition to ... With the increase in the number of young Korean teachers with overseas training experience, we'll see that the quality of public education will not decrease as the TEE (Teaching English in English) certification system becomes widespread. The Joongang ...
Gusts Of Popular Feeling

Education and the Welfare State « LewRockwell.com Blog
By Charles Burris
I want to share with LRC readers a question one of my teacher colleagues recently asked me: “Stagnation, being unable to accomplish one's job at a high level, is one of the greatest sources of low teacher morale. Why do you think this country ...
LewRockwell.com Blog

Teachers Union Pension Problems Mount | Washington Free Beacon
The National Education Association (NEA) faces “staggering” pension problems due to years of unchecked benefits for its members, according to Hot Air.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: ... covering campuses across the state: the UAW (gradteachers), CUE (clerical workers), UPTE (technical workers), ...

Louisiana Teachers Union Threatens Potential Voucher Schools ...
By now, it shouldn't be a surprise that the state's teachers union vehemently opposed these reforms.... The teachers unions are desperate to maintain the status quo in education, desperate enough to sue high .... Teacher unions need bustin'.

Report: Where do the 'irreplaceable' teachers go? | eSchool News
The high rate of teachers cycling in and out of schools is detrimental to the education ... the case for treating teacher turnover differently, the Huffington Post reports.

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