"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

Technology use increases in classrooms

From textbooks to tablets: Technology use increases in classrooms
Montgomery Advertiser
The students will lease the iPads from the school, and pay the cost through a technology fee called the Eagle Eye Advantage Program, which includes use of the iPad and also covers advancement in online education. “We recognized early on that the ...

Special Needs Kids Staying in Traditional Schools
ABC News
You'd sit them at the front of the class, but now there are 10 or 12," said Barbara Schulman, an Orange County special education teacher who heads the California Teachers Association's specialeducation committee. "Teachers need to know what they're ...

Learning is in the air
Brisbane Times
Education, Technology. Weeks away from becoming a reality ... a classroom in the clouds. A classroom in the cloud sounds like the stuff of fantasy but for students and staff at TAFE New England Institute, the concept is only weeks away from becoming ...

Brisbane Times

Will data deception damage Emory?
Atlanta Journal Constitution
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Emory University's reputation as one of nation's most respected institutions has been jeopardized after its disclosure that the school misrepresented information used for college rankings, education specialists say.

Letting good teachers get away
The Hour
A comprehensive study three years ago by the New Teacher Project showed how U.S. schools generally fail to recognize teacher quality, instead, treating all teachers the same. Now comes an even more devastating finding from the group: Even when ...

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says private schools will get more
The Australian
JULIA Gillard will today promise every independent school increased funding under Labor'seducation reform blueprint as she moves to head off a revolt from the states amid growing concerns that as many as one in three schools will be worse off under ...

Former education MEC in court for fraud
Times LIVE
Tselapedi, former provincial education department head Nathanzima Mweli, his successor Charles Raseala, doctor-turned-motivational speaker John Tibane and his wife Ruth, appeared on Friday and would be back in the Molopo Regional Court on October ...

Future teachers mull impact of new legislation
South Bend Tribune
DETROIT -- Devon Dudash works part time selling fragrances at a suburban Detroit department store, but the sweet aromas don't mask her desire to find full-time employment as a teacher. "I started applying a week before I graduated in May," said ...

India Opens a Door to Private Education
New York Times
The act ensures access to schooling for children ages 6 to 14 and sets out various rules for both public and private primary education, including student-teacher ratios,teachers' working hours, special education needs and record keeping. The provision...

New York Times

Schools Matter: Six Degrees of Insanity: Education "Reform"
By P. L. Thomas
The current education reform movement, hell-bent on accountability, has recently moved into a phase that has not been recognized nearly as well as its pop-culture cousins: Six Degrees of Insanity. Starting in the early 1980s, ... Over the next thirty years (despite abundant evidence that the accountability-standards-testing paradigm does not work), that momentum has more recently turned the same accountability mantra on teachers and then teacher educators. The consequences of ...
Schools Matter

Kansas education official's comment riles home-schooling parents ...
By Suzanne Perez Tobias
When a state education official said last week that some home-schooled children may not be getting an adequate education – and that some may even be kept home to babysit younger siblings – the response was fast and fierce. ... Non- accredited schools are not required to employ certifiedteachers, but their courses must be taught by competent instructors, and classes must be held for about the same number of days as public schools. “The standard is high, but the red tape is low,” ...
Wichita Eagle: News Updates

Why I became a teacher: to nurture and cultivate a love of learning ...
Children are like plants says primary teacher Adam Lopez and he believes the roots ... was the first language and I just remember how fantastic the teachers were. ... He enjoyed teaching and he had a laugh with us and that promoted a really relaxed atmosphere in the class. .... So true - and applies at all levels of education.

Hangin' in there
New York Daily News
The good news: Just 55% of eligible teachers were granted tenure this year, meaning principals have gotten far tougher in demanding proof of proficiency in the classroom before awarding what amounts to a lifetime job guarantee. The bad news: Lots of ...

New York Daily News

Teacher evaluation bill might not pass muster with feds, official says
Los Angeles Times
A state bill to enhance teacher evaluations won't necessarily pass federal muster and bring a bonanza of federal dollars to California, a spokesman for U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Friday. The question of whether AB 5 would help California ...

Future teachers mull impact of new legislation
Detroit Free Press
Critics say the changes put too much on the backs of incoming and current educators, and fear they will discourage potential employees from looking for jobs in Michigan — or pursuing a teaching job at all. "Your retirement ... The Michigan Court of ...

A good teacher is hard to keep
Los Angeles Times
A great teacher can have a huge effect on a child's life. So, unfortunately, can a bad teacher. But ineducation, job performance has virtually nothing to do with opportunities for advancement. Teacherswho are consistently successful with students are ...

Education Achievement Authority Curriculum For Detroit Students Is ...
Huffington Post
Esselman highlighted the student-centered education model that lets kids take ownership for their own learning. Some critics have questioned the diminished focus on teachers, who, despite being crucial in the classroom, may be directed to place a ...

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