"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

Possible teacher strike casts shadow over approaching school year

Possible teacher strike casts shadow over approaching school year
WBEZ (blog)
Lead story: Even though school is in session for some Chicago Public Schools and a tentative deal between the city and the teachers union was reached earlier this summer, a strike still looms: Chicago Teachers Union members picketed six schools...

WBEZ (blog)

Teacher rating systems lagging
... been sent. All but a few Massachusetts districts will probably miss a quickly approaching state deadline to implement a new teacher evaluation system that would put a significant emphasis on student achievement, according to state education ...

State teacher licensing system revised
Superior Telegram
Teachers now have a new path they can follow to get licensed to work in Wisconsin's public schools, but a UW-Eau Claire official raised quality control questions about the program unveiled Monday by the state Department of Public Instruction ...

Former Pacoima teacher pleads no contest to molesting 13 students
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Unified school officials waited until February to tell parents about the third-grade teacher's arrest, however, doing so after two teachers at Miramonte Elementary School accused of molestation were arrested and reporters questioned the ...

Los Angeles Times

Alex Silvestro's learning on the fly
Boston Herald (blog)
Alex Silvestro's learning on the fly. For Alex Silvestro, time admittedly seemed to slow down at certain points in tonight's game. It's understandable. After all, the defensive lineman turned tight end caught his first two passes, including a touchdown ...

Letting good teachers get away
South Bend Tribune
Topics · Academic Progress · Teaching and Learning · Teachers. The aptly named report, "The Irreplaceables," concludes that the real teacher retention crisis in urban schools is not about the number of teachers who are leaving but the loss of really ...

Teacher supplements vary widely across Miss.
Education Week News
The supplemental pay local school districts provide teachers — on top of their standardized state salaries — ranges from a high of $7575 annually for a teacher with a bachelor's degree in Biloxi to a low of $91 for a teacher with the same degree less ...

A Dallas ISD teacher explains why teachers are ... - Education Blog
By Tawnell Hobbs
When Dallas teachers go back to work for the first day of school on August 27th, there will be the usual slew of changes. New kids, new teaching assignments, new rooms, new colleagues, etc. There will also be one other major change.
Education Blog

Low Transfer of Learning: The Glass Is Half Full, Bryan Caplan ...
By Bryan Caplan
Teachers like to think that no matter how useless their lessons appear, they are "teaching their students how to think." Under the heading of "Transfer of Learning," educational psychologists have spent over a century looking for evidence that ...
EconLog: Library of Economics...

Raghava KK: Modern Artist Tackles Education via Tech | Dowser
By EshaC
Artist Raghava talks to Dowser about his latest work with PolyVision on redesigning education through technology and creativity (photo courtesy of. ... Too many children are being diagnosed with disabilities in learning. I think we have to question this. ... -Hire sexy teachers: The teacher who has enough charisma to bring the most boring subject to ... Michael Shafer · All this is well and good and the caution you note is a legitimate concern, BUT how about teaching “How... - Jerry · Steve ...

How to talk about technology in education without losing your mind ...
By Cory Doctorow
Dangerously Irrelevant's "26 Internet safety talking points" is just about the best essay I've read on creating a sane, evidence-led, pro-education, anti-fear Internet safety policy for a school. Given that schools are third in line to receive ...
Boing Boing
Walmart Corporate - Education
Education provides an opportunity for a better life. Walmart Foundation funding helps people gain access to an education that will help them achieve more than ...

Districts risk missing deadline to overhaul teacher evaluation system ...
Mass. teacher rating systems are lagging ... a new teacher evaluation system that would put a significant emphasis on student achievement, according to state education officials. ... 8/17: Menino accuses teachers union of delay tactics. Urban ...

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