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Colleges, Universities and Corruption

Amid Ranking Scandal, George Washington Official Steps Down - Businessweek: "One commenter on the Dec. 3 editorial fumed: “I think GW’s response has been outrageous. The university continues to maintain that this 10-year inflation of admissions data was a ‘mistake.’ This is obviously ridiculous—but they persist in saying it. They are lying to the students and the public. It shows how deep corruption is ingrained at GW and in higher education in general. As a college education has gotten more and more expensive, the corruption has grown. It’s pathetic.” GWU was the third school this year found to have falsified data reported to ranking organizations. On Aug. 17, Emory University issued a statement saying it had intentionally misreported data on SAT and ACT scores and class rank since about 2000. In January, Claremont McKenna College, ranked No. 10 by U.S. News among top liberal arts schools, admitted to reporting false SAT scores for the past six years. Neither school was stripped of its U.S. News ranking."

Wonder how many universities "falsify data"?

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