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FL Gov. Scott challenge to universities: Offer degrees for $10,000

Gov. Scott challenges universities: Offer degrees for $10,000 | TBO.com: "Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who this month told a panel overseeing the state's 12 public universities that he wants them to keep tuition rates down, issued another challenge: Offer four-year degrees for $10,000. Scott, appearing Monday morning on News Channel 8 prior to an appearance at St. Petersburg College in Clearwater, said that rising tuition costs are preventing too many students from enrolling in universities and pursuing the "American dream." "Think about your family," Scott said during an interview with WFLA-TV's Gayle Guyardo. "What you want is to make sure you can get a job, you want to make sure your child can get a great education so they can live the American dream, and we've got to keep the cost of living low. "So today, what I'm doing is challenging our state colleges: Can they come up with $10,000 degrees?" Scott told the state Board of Governors that he considers tuition a "tax" and noted that a majority of Floridians earn less than $50,000 a year. On Monday, he reiterated that tuition costs – which cause students to incur massive amounts of debt – are too prohibitive. Scott made his proposal in the form of a challenge before an audience of elected officials and college and community leaders at SPC. . . ."You should be able to work and go to school and not end up with debt," Scott told News Channel 8. "Yet those degrees cost so much money and tuition is so high that that's not going to happen. So I put out this challenge to our state colleges."

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