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Facing the Unknown in Online Learning

Facing the Unknown in Online Learning - Getting Smart by Beth Purcell: "Sometimes it is simply the unknown that leads people to question online learning. However, when they take the time to see first-hand how it works and the many benefits students gain from having engaged parents serving as learning coaches alongside certified teachers, they often become strong supporters.  As online learning grows in popularity and is offered as an option to families in more and more states, we encourage people to ask questions in order to better understand this learning model, just as they do with so many other innovative tools and technologies that are improving lives
in many other ways.

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30 Myths About eLearning That Need To Die In 2013: "For as long as eLearning has been around, it has been haunted by the voices of those who aim to criticize its authenticity, viability, and quality. But is it true? Do students of traditional institutions boast more success than those who’ve chosen distance learning?
It’s time for some of these myths to die.
1. The technology is unreliable . . . "

A revolution in digital online learning « Online Learning Update: "A revolution in digital online learning
by Anka Mulder, South China Morning Post - Much of the answer lies in realising the full potential of digital technology and the internet. They already provide access to vast resources of information, most of it free. But not all this data is reliable, and even credible information is only a stepping stone to real knowledge. That’s why, a decade ago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology made all its educational materials available online – for free. About 300 educational institutions have followed since, including Delft University of Technology, where I am secretary general. "

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