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The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

12 Education Tech Trends to Watch in 2012

12 Education Tech Trends to Watch in 2012
With more “data exhaust” from our usage of technology and the Web, there's a trove of information we aren't really fully tracking when it comes to teaching and learning. 2012 will likely bring about a search for new analytical tools to account for just ...

Sir Ken Robinson: Alternative Education is Good Education | MindShift
By Tina Barseghian
How trends in technology – social networks, Internet privacy, cyberbullying – influence education. ...Three Trends That Define the Future of Teaching and Learning ... The latest findings from experts in the field related to the future of learning. ...

MITx: Can Higher Learning Be Made Habit Forming?
James has his head in this much deeper than I do, so maybe he will talk to this point, but the question for MITx, and other free higher education schemes, is whether the content design, the entire, immersive content experience, the digital learning ...


No job security for new teachers
The Age
Of those on contracts, 70 per cent said having to reapply for positions had a negative effect on their teaching. Lack of tenure was the third most important issue they faced. The survey, conducted by the Australian Education Union late last year, ...

The Age

Unorthodox education predictions for 2012
Washington Post (blog)
*The 2012 Republican presidential nominee will make former DC schools chancellor Michelle Rhee his chief educational advisor and pledge to eliminate all but the top 1% of teachers, raise test scores (while leaving the question “which tests? ...

Cuomo Will Announce a New Education Panel
New York Times
At the moment, it's a question of who will blink first: the city's Department of Education or the United Federation of Teachers. The parties have been trying to strike a deal on how to construct a system of evaluating teachers for five months. ...

Training Program for Math Teachers Will Shift Its Focus
New York Times
As far as enticing teachers' participation, that is the simple part. In addition to regular training sessions and the guidance of experienced educators, Math for America master teachers — those who have been teaching for more than four years ...

Education leaders, students share their ideas for change
Arizona State University
Many prominent ASU advocates for education have shared their solutions. ASU President Michael Crow and Mari Koerner, dean of the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, both shared their ideas about how to improve the teaching profession. ...

Scholastic Acquires Learners Publishing - An English Language Learning ...
Sacramento Bee
Scholastic's extensive global reach will enable these high-quality products to reach more teachersand learners in all parts of the world. This acquisition better positions Scholastic to continue to expand its offering of high quality English Language ...

Challenges Lie Ahead for Early-Learning Grant Winners
Education Week News
By Lesli A. Maxwell The nine states splitting $500 million in Race to the Top early-learning grants must now deliver on a slate of ambitious promises to improve the quality of early-childhoodeducation for tens of thousands of low-income children who ...

Connecticut Teachers Release Plan For Education Reform
CBS New York
HARTFORD, CT (WCBS 880 / AP) - Teachers who are members of the ConnecticutEducation Association are putting forth their ideas on helping students achieve. They're also suggesting changes in which they themselves are assessed. ...

CBS New York

Occupy Wall Street Needs a Wall Street Education
Huffington Post (blog)
However, the one common thread I did observe through my interviews and surveys is that there is a clear lack of education in the general public about our financial system and how it works, which in part is creating either frustration or delusion, ...

ThinkBig launches online business education venture
Hindu Business Line
He said India's B-school market is of Rs 5000-crore split equally between distancelearning and class-room education, “and there is enough and more room for us to grow in this market.” India would require 800 more universities and at least 35000 ...

Hindu Business Line

Private tuitions by government teachers an offence: Tripura government
MSN India
A senior Tripura school education department official told IANS: 'There are many reports that theteachers of government and government-aided schools have engaged themselves in private tuitions, thereby resorting to earning money and hoodwinking the ...

Study: More Education Increases IQ Score
Voice of America
January 03, 2012 Study: More Education Increases IQ Score Intelligence quotient is higher in students who stay in school longer Jessica Berman Staying in school really can make you smarter. A new study from Norway finds that students who remain in ...

Physical Education Teacher Named No. 1 Among Nine States
Driemeyer, who has been teaching at Sappington since 1993, wants every child to enjoy activities, not just those who are naturally more athletic. When she was younger she enjoyed PE and taught swim lessons, but even she needed two teachers to pull her ...

Giving gifts to teachers not corruption
Shelby County Reporter
We haven't found the time or will to address taxes, education, constitutional reform, healthcare, etc, but public school teachers getting bribed with a Christmas gift is just too important to ignore. Please tell me, when will it stop?

Teaching Stars How to Shine at The Modern Music Academy
The MMA's philosophy is about active and hands-on opportunities in learninginstruments, as well as in song-writing, recording, video and audio production, and even music marketing. Students use the professional grade equipment in the variouslearning ...


Feeling insecure: lack of teaching jobs hits families hard
The Age
Annette Scott points to a low level of job security for teachers on short-term contracts as a major pitfall of the industry. Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones ANNETTE Scott may have been a primary school teacher for three years, but there are moments when ...

The Age

Carlisle United learning centre expanding services
News & Star
By Kelly Eve Education Reporter A Carlisle learning centre for children that was threatened with closure after its funding was cut is looking ahead to a bright future after expanding its services to help adults too. The Carlisle United Learning Centre ...

News & Star

Column: Personalizing Education
If individualization were implemented immediately, teachers would be forced to prepare and teach several more lessons in each class than they had previously. Teaching is a difficult job, and such a workload would quickly prove unsustainable. ...

Learning from 2011 gardening experience
By Steve Whysall, Vancouver Sun January 3, 2012 11:06 AM My sweet peas never made it out of the ground. I almost killed myself doing heavy landscape work. I was in more beautiful gardens than ever before. I fell in love with Sancerre, ...

Majority of Minnesota schools without teachers unions contracts
Minneapolis Star Tribune
According to Education Minnesota's count, about 100 of 331 districts have agreed to contracts withteachers. That compares with 126 districts at this point in the 2009-11 contract cycle, with most of the rest settling within the next two weeks. ...

Kenya: Dialogue Needed in Education Reform
This is among the proposals announced by Education minister Prof Sam Ongeri last month which will invariably be implemented without considering the concerns of those opposed to such changes. Like much that happens in the education sector, ...

At M.A. Ideal School, Teenage Teachers, Hopeful Parents ...
The method of teaching in these private schools is much the same as elsewhere in India, where rotelearning dominates. But the teachers, though ... About a quarter of the teachers at India's government-run primary schools don't usually show up for work, a World Bank study found, and of those who do show, only half are actually teaching while they are there. In the mostly-Muslim ...“We'll reduce our household expenses but we won't skimp on their education.” “They can do a lot if they ...
India Ink

Do You Make New Year's Resolutions? - The Learning Network ...
The Learning Network - Teaching and Learning With The New York Times .... I plan to turn in all homework assignments and ask teachers more questions and to study enough before tests. .....Other Education Resources at The Times ...
The Learning Network

GP Teachers Taking Action Against Superintendent « CBS Dallas ...
By Ryan Crowe
COM) – Nineteen Grand Prairie teachers have filed a class action grievance against the school district's superintendent. The teachers and the Grand Prairie NAACP accuse Dr. Susan Hull of showing favoritism when it comes to hiring and ...
CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

New Learning Analytics – Stephen's Lighthouse
By admin
Learning Analytics. Libraries often have 'learning' in their mission and vision statements. For this to have more meaning we're told that we should be able to measure it. There is that old saw (which I disagree with BTW), that you can't manage what you can't measure. Despite that, I still think it's a good idea to review and measure and see what ... Who's doing it? Why is it significant? What are the downsides? Where is it going? What are the implications for teaching and learning? ...
Stephen's Lighthouse

e-learning outlook for 2012: will it be a rough ride?
By Tony Bates
Another year, and online learning, e-learning, learning technologies, educational technologies, digitallearning, or whatever you call it or them, will continue to grow, become more prevalent, and more a central part of teaching and learning in ... as distributors of learning materials; expect to see an iPad 3 with increased functionality released in April, 2012; this will generate even more interest in tablet applications for education; expect to see an enormous explosion of online teaching in ...
Tony Bates

RHSU Exclusive: The Five-Tool Policy Scholar - Blogs - Education ...
By Rick Hess
Education policy maven Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute think tank offers straight talk on matters of policy, politics, research, and reform. Follow Rick and AEI's Education Program on Twitter http://twitter.com/AEIeducation.
Rick Hess Straight Up

eLearning Learning Adds Personalized Subscriptions
By Tony Karrer
... powerful personalization engine. That means that eLearning Learning now allows users to sign-up and have their content personalized based on their interests. .... Continuing Education and LearningManagement Syste... LMS eCommerce ...
eLearning Technology

The 2011 Public Education Quotes of the Year « The Greenroom
By Mike Antonucci
Bruce Fuller, professor of education at UC Berkeley, commenting on Gov. Brown's appointment of California Teachers Association lobbyist Patricia Ann Rucker to the state board of education. (January 8 Los Angeles Times). 8“In the 30-some ...
The Greenroom

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