"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

Education policy paves the way for the next Mark Zuckerberg

Think Tank: Education policy paves the way for the next Mark Zuckerberg
Interestingly, some enlightened teachers are already harnessing the power of technology to improve the education experience elsewhere in the curriculum – without the Government's or their own school's help. And there is a business opportunity here....


Right to education, quota, MCD and 'poor' jokes"
Hindustan Times
The archaic B Ed syllabus is one reason for the pathetic standard of teaching at MCD schools. The classrooms are falling apart. The desks are broken. Books and uniforms are not delivered on time. Millions in Delhi pay education cess and yet MCD schools ...

Education experts want 'fast-track crash course' for teachers
New Zealand Herald
"If they are teaching maths they have to have a degree with third year papers related to maths - it's not just any old degree." Chief executive of education consultants Cognition Education Dr John Langley said the concept of trainee teachers having a ...

Oakland schools try new way of placing teachers
San Francisco Chronicle
It doesn't work that way in public education. In schools, teachers do all the normal things to get hired, but when it comes to placement, seniority is what counts, not the perfect fit. The teacher with the longest tenure in a district gets first dibs ...

State's chance to improve education
Early childhood education gets youngsters acclimatized sooner to a more disciplined learning environment and gives them a better chance to learn at the same rate as those in more stable households. Spending more money for such support is a challenge at ...

Contract negotiations for teachers start
Chicago Sun-Times
By Lisa Donovan Staff Reporter ldonovan@suntimes.com January 21, 2012 1:40PM Marking the start of what is expected to be contentious contract negotiations, the Chicago Teachers Union made its first round of demands to the Chicago Board of Education. ...

IT education to be made compulsory, says Sukhbir Singh Badal
Newstrack India
Ludhiana, Jan 22 (ANI): Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal, today said that IT based education would be made compulsory in the state with the motive to make rural youth more employable. He promised to provide free laptops to the ...

Teachers contract, Marines, oil pipeline
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
About 67 percent of teachers voted against the proposed deal, inflicting a major blow on stateeducation officials, who had hoped an end to the months-long labor dispute would help convince federal authorities they could make good on big education ...

Teachers abandon kids - Eastern Cape's education woes worsen
Johannesburg Sunday World
With just a week into the new school year, the province's teachers affiliated to SA Democratic Teachers' Union (Sadtu) do not pitch for work at all, while others leave early. They say they aren't happy with the way their education department handles ...

Johannesburg Sunday World

Utah lawmakers look to improve education
St. George Daily Spectrum
Democratic supporters say the collection of bills, known as the Best Schools Initiative, would increase per-pupil funding, make teachers more prepared and accountable, reduce class sizes and help students move on to higher education. ...

'We need to invest more in education'
Times of India
How do you think learning in schools can be improved? A lot more has to be done at the state level. When the state government decides teachers' salary, pension, service and superannuation, how can you expect the Centre to monitor the quality of ...

Education stakes high during 2012
Educators say the test presents challenges not only for students, but for the teachers who have to prepare them for it. "I think the students know it's a serious testing situation," said Eva Wolfe, an instructional coach at the Elizabeth Starr Academy ...

Connecting to education
The idea, Cooper says, is to help everybody gain a new perspective on how education fits into the region's ecosystem. “Our hope is we will get better engagement with the educators so, for example, by touring a business, when they're teaching a ...

Cassidy: Don't bet against Neeru Khosla's idea to save our schools
San Jose Mercury News
Teachers can edit the books, making them more relevant to their students by adding, for instance, a section on the ecology of the local creek. "I've been involved in education for over 35 years, and this was the first time I've gone, 'OK, ...

The Learning Source focuses on adult English literacy
Denver Post
At the Learning Source, the teachers and volunteers take that motto to heart. "We're helping parents understand how to support their kids in the school system," Lythgoe said. "A lot of families don't have literacy. We help them understand that reading ...

Will state's education innovation include charter schools?
Kitsap Sun
Meanwhile, Tom countered that charter schools are accountable to the public, noting they can be shut down if they don't improve education for disadvantaged students. He cited their growing use elsewhere — picking up support from parents and teachers ...

Early education is investment in future
The Mercury
The Associated Press reported last week that despite evidence which underscores the value of early childhood education, states are cutting pre-kindergarten programs in reaction to funding difficulties. The report cited research that shows children from ...

GUEST COLUMN: Teachers oppose new evals because they aren't realistic
The Daily News Journal
The absolutely critical point, here, is that the evaluation instrument would test real, honest teaching— not the contrived, programmed scenario it now demands. The BEST part would be that teacherswould not squander precious time and energy away from ...

Adult education pilot program underway
Sulphur Southwest Daily News
By Marilyn Monroe Adult education in Louisiana is being repurposed, and one local organization is at the forefront of the change. “In the last year, the state began to make a lot of changes and one of the biggest changes was to pilot a program where ...

Challenger Learning Center Missions Ready For Launch
Wheeling Intelligencer
In all missions teachers are offered free training and curriculum packages are provided. In addition, a test is conducted prior to the actual program to assure computer, and video conference compatibility. The last new mission, for older students, ...

Wheeling Intelligencer

Cupertino Teachers Union Moves in to New Digs
The Cupertino Education Association, which represents teachers, counselors, psychologists, librarians and other staff, has rented classrooms from the district or rented office space in the area, but it has never owned its own office space, ...

Conn. teachers' union to launch ad campaign
Click here Conn. teachers' union to launch ad campaign Published: January 22, 2012 9:14 AM By The Associated Press (AP) -- A Connecticut teachers' union is kicking off an advertising campaign for its education reform proposals during Sunday's football ...

L.I. education guru hit by Gov. Cuomo defends her income
New York Daily News
The Long Island education consultant singled out by Gov. Cuomo for raking in millions from the state insisted she's done nothing wrong — and defended her money-making business. Although she's frustrated about being mentioned in the governor's state ...

New York Daily News

NJ Education Boss Leaves Montclair
BY Liz George | Sunday, Jan 22, 2012 8:09am | COMMENTS (0) This week, we learned that NJ Education Boss Christopher Cerf has left Essex County, specifically his Montclair residence at 168 Union, and has relocated to Montgomery Township. ...


New evaluations, future legislation on the minds of East Tennessee teachers
A few weeks ago, Governor Haslam proposed even more education changes. One change would tie annual teacher raises to student performance and how difficult it is to fill the teaching position, instead of years of service and number of degrees. ...


State Board of Education candidates spar on trail
Lufkin Daily News
With the GOP primary two months away, the two State Board of Education candidates from District 9 are questioning each other's ethics and “throwing punches” on the campaign trail. “When you're in a campaign, it's like being in a boxing ring,” said ...

Duo learning as they adjust to being Boston's Boiler connection
Journal and Courier
Johnson said it reminds him of his freshman season at Purdue when he was a raw, skinny kid stilllearning to play the game. "Slowly but surely, it's starting to slow down for me," Johnson said of the pace at which the NBA is played. ...

Education round-up 21/1/12 | libcom.org
By Choccy
A private, £18000 per year university, it will offer a broad 'liberal arts' education, in two-year degrees, accredited by the University of London. It has 'star' ... I know friends who've visited 'outstanding' schools and said the teaching was horrendous. ... Doesn't quite give you the picture of a 'good' or 'outstanding' school, does it? Jesus, 'good', 'outstanding'... I can't escape those words even at home! Schools are graded like that. Students are graded like that. Teachers are graded like that.
libcom.org blogs

Contribute to Open Education Week - Creative Commons
By Cable Green
Open Education Week 5-10 March 2012: Call for participation. Please fill out the Open EducationWeek contributor's form by January 31, 2012. Join your colleagues around the world to increase understanding about open education!
Creative Commons

Will We Need Teachers Or Algorithms? « Educational Technology
By admin
There are new key trends that I see emerging in education enabled by advancing technology: namely decentralization and gamification. By understanding these trends, it is much easier ... This last possibility is very important—in addition to learning, schools enable critical social development for children through teacher student relationships and interacting with other children—classrooms of peers and teachers provide much more than math lessons. And by freeing up teachers' time, ...
Educational Technology

“Teaching Quality and California's Future” | Larry Ferlazzo's ...
By Larry Ferlazzo
On the same day as Diane Ravitch's speech here in Sacramento, several organizations, including including Accomplished California Teachers & The Center For Teaching Quality (two organizations in which I participate) sponsored a Sacramento event on teacher leadership ... I'm also adding these resources to The Best Resources For Learning About Effective Student & Teacher Assessments. [View the .... My posts for Classroom Q & A with Larry Ferlazzo at Education Week Teacher.
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...

Education expert Diane Ravitch blasts No Child Left Behind | Davis ...
By Jeff Hudson
“We all know that American public education is in crisis,” Ravitch said. “Not the crisis that the pundits talk about. American public education is in crisis because it is under attack.” Ravitch said that public schools and teachers who work at them ...
Davis Enterprise

Teachers matter — now what? — Joanne Jacobs
By Joanne
... Freelance · Our School · Advertise. You are here: Home / Education / Teachers matter — now what? ... Given the widespread, non-ideological worries about the reliability of standardized test scores when they are used in high-stakes ways, it makes good sense for reform-minded teachers' unions to embrace value-added as one measure of teacher effectiveness, while simultaneously pushing for teachers' rights to a fair-minded appeals process. What's more, just because we know ...
Joanne Jacobs

Scott Brown Puts Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters In The 1 ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
... and firefighters. In an interview with the Lowell Sun, Brown claimed that President Barack Obama's proposed tax increase on households that make over $250000 will fall on the families of public employees like teachers, firefighters, and police officers: ... The average teacher in Lowell makes about $80841 a year, according to the Massachusetts Department of Education, higher than the statewide average of $68781. Also on ..... She has been teaching for 28 years. Lesann: My best ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

CPS Teachers Want Pay Hikes, More Benefits « CBS Chicago
By Todd Feurer
Marking the start of what is expected to be contentious contract negotiations, the Chicago TeachersUnion made its first round of demands to the Chicago Board of Education.
CBS Chicago

Students, Teachers And Social Networking - Education News Story ...
Students, Teachers And Social Networking ... When an educator does cross the line with a student, the reverberation is often felt across the teaching field, especially among those who regularly use social media, even if only in a positive way.
TurnTo23.com - National News Headlines

Advice on do-it-yourself stats education? « Statistical Modeling ...
By Andrew
Advice on do-it-yourself stats education? Posted by Andrew on 22 January 2012, 10:19 am. Dustin Palmer writes: I am a recent graduate looking for a bit of advice. While I took intro classes on math and statistics in my undergraduate degree ...
Statistical Modeling, Causal...

Chinese Grammar Wiki: Learning Chinese grammar just got easier ...
By Ryan
AllSet Learning, the Shanghai-based language learning consultancy founded by long-time China blogger John Pasden, has just released what is surely a boon for any mandarin learners who aspire to achieve better Chinese grammar -- the ...
Lost Laowai China Blog

Schools Matter: Hawaii's Teachers Take a Stand: Take Your RTTT ...
By Jim Horn
The Honolulu Civil Beat put this headline on a story it ran announcing the defeat of the contract proposal: “Hawaii Teachers Vote a Stunning Blow For Race to the Top” Race to the Top is the administration's signature education initiative, a $4 ...
Schools Matter

You'd think they would be against teaching religion as science ...
By genes
A growing number of education advocates believe so, and yesterday, the National Center for ScienceEducation in Oakland, California, which fights the teaching of creationism, announced that it's going to take on climate change denial as well.” ... But after hearing an increasing number of anecdotes about K-12 teachers being challenged about how they taught climate science to their students, she says she began to see “parallels” between the two debates –namely, an ideological ...
Daily Pundit

MAKE | Education
There is a lot of interest in how making can transform education and many of us ... an educational context that is valuable for students and supportive of teachers. ... @make magazine @ #ces #kap2012 – “making creates evidence of learning” ...

You Can't Afford Apple's Education Revolution
What Apple showed us today was nothing less than the future of education. ... Millions of dollars spent on a supplementary learning tool. ... ones, once teachers of every subject have several educational material options to choose among.

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