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Duncan: It's Time to Create Race to the Top for Districts

Duncan: It's Time to Create Race to Top for Districts - Politics K-12 ...
By Michele McNeil
Flush with $550 million in new Race to the Top money, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said he intends to use the vast majority of it to design a new competition just for school districts. In an interview with Education ... Although the state has made progress in the last several days by reaching a tentative contract deal with teachers, which was a major stumbling block for Race to the Top, he said it's too early to tell if Hawaii is out of the woods. And the same goes for New York, ...
Politics K-12 - Education Week

Education Group To Defend Climate Change Science
Eugenie Scott, the executive director of the organization, based in Oakland, California, has been for years an outspoken defender of the teaching of evolution in US classrooms. The NCSE provides resources to teachers, schools and school boards, ...


The greatest step forward any Education Secretary could make would be to abolish OFSTED..
Daily Mail
... adult and community learning; education and training in prisons and other secure establishments, on and on. There is no escape. Yesterday's launch of the brand new system of categorisation will cause confusion and worry for teachers.

Daily Mail

BC teachers seeking 15 per cent pay hike over three years
Vancouver Sun
Listen to Education Minister George Abbott talk about the proposal here. A proposal by BC public-school teachers for a 15-per-cent wage hike over three years was shot down immediately byEducation Minister George Abbott. “There's not huge cause for ...

Apple pushes education content to boost iPad use in schools
Vancouver Sun
Apple also wants to empower “self-publishers” to create new kinds of teaching tools, said the people. Teachers could use it to design materials for that week's lesson. Scientists, historians and other authors could publish professional-looking content ...

Jindal education plan hits nerve
Monroe News Star
"This applies not only to K-12 education, but to early childhood education as well." The governor described teachers as "the backbone of our education system. They are the heart and soul of what makes our schools run and we should be celebrating them, ...

Teachers call for changes in Tennessee's new evaluation system
Memphis Commercial Appeal
"As a result, students suffer as teachers and administrators are distracted from focusing on studentlearning in order to meet the demands of the evaluation system." The more rigorous evaluation system was proposed by former Democratic governor Phil ...

NC gov wants higher sales tax for education
Beverly Perdue drew in with permanent marker Tuesday an outline of part of her 2012 re-election campaign strategy, announcing her budget proposal would seek to raise taxes in North Carolina to restore public education cuts she's blamed on Republicans ...

Teachers will get 90 weeks salary to retire early
BBC News
Mr O'Dowd told Good Morning Ulster that the offer was an "invest to save programme" that would "re-profile" teaching staff across Northern Ireland. The money will be used to encourage teachers in their 50s to take redundancy before they reach ...

BBC News

Cuomo's NY Budget Faces Union Fight on Pensions, Teachers
He backed the governor's plan to resolve an impasse between the state EducationDepartment and teachers' unions over “rigorous teacher evaluations,” which the mayor said would help identify and remove ineffective teachers from classrooms. ...


Study reveals education differences
Irish Times
Dr Selina McCoy of the ESRI says the report highlights significant variation in the types of teaching and learning experiences primary school children have. “While this reflects schools and teachers adapting timetabling and teaching approaches to the ...

Irish Times

Ed. boss squeezing teachers on ratings plan
New York Post
Cuomo's lead yesterday, the head of the state's education system said he's taking a hard stance in negotiations with the union over their stalemate on teacher ratings. As the governor started the clock ticking on a 30-day deadline for the teachers ...

New York Post

Bloomy's brilliant $20G bet
New York Daily News
Teachers in DC say the merit-pay program serves as a great reminder that the work they do is valued. Of course, most educators believe that seeing kids make criticallearning gains is a reward in itself. But that doesn't mean they don't benefit from or ...

New York Daily News

Kellogg Teachers Learn on MLK Day
Shoshone News Press
“It isn't about teaching harder — it's about engaging kids and making them a part of theireducation.” To help their teachers learn these progressive methods, the district employed Robin Fogarty and Brian Pete, who have travelled the globe helping ...

Raising the Bar on Teaching Scientific Inquiry
MarketWatch (press release)
Extensively researched and pilot tested in both classrooms and professional development settings,Learning and Teaching Scientific Inquiry will help teachers integrate authentic scientific inquiry into their science programs. ...

Learning Tree International Introduces a New Course: Designing Web Sites for ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Learning Tree will begin presenting Designing Web Sites for Mobile Devices at its educationcenters in January 2012. The current schedule includes the following: 1. In-class, at a Learning TreeEducation Center 2. Live, online via Learning Tree ...

Teachers union takes a stance
Lodi News-Sentinel
"I have asked you to do the same thing over and over again and to expect different results," said the president of the Lodi Education Association. "That is the definition of insanity." Each teacher wore a shiny green ribbon pinned to his or her shirt ...

Education needs leaders, TFA founder says
Yale Daily News
By working in low-income communities facing educational challenges, aspiring teachers will be “better grounded” in problems of the field and prepared to address them — whether through teachingor by pursing careers in related careers, she said. ...

Education Company TutaPoint.com Anticipates Successful Ride on Apple's Devices
MarketWatch (press release)
Using the company's proprietary learning environment, which is enhanced for the tablet computer, the student can communicate with a professional tutor and work through a lesson together. "The tablet allows for access to professional, live tutoring ...

Learning Already From the 2012 Intel Science Talent Search
Huffington Post
This kind of excellence does not come without inspiring teaching. But there is even more that we can learn from past winners of national science competitions. A year ago, Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA), the foundation that I head ...

Apple's education event will focus on textbooks for K-12 students - report
Apple Insider
"Apple also wants to empower 'self-publishers' to create new kinds of teaching tools, said the people," authors Peter Burrows and Adam Satariano wrote. "Teachers could use it to design materials for that week's lesson. Scientists, historians and other ...

Neshaminy teachers to return Friday; may strike again in spring
If completion of the school year is threatened, Webb said an injunction would be filed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to force teachers to return to class. Some say teacherswould be open to that as it could bring a judge into the process. ...

Higher Education: Beshear 2012 Budget Address
Louisville Courier-Journal
The Learning Resource Center at Jefferson Technical and Community College. January 10, 2012 / Pam Spaulding/Courier-Journal The two-year budget for postsecondary education cuts spending by 6.4 percent next year, but fully funds student financial aid ...

OUR VIEW: Daugaard to teachers: Go and earn your raises
Daily Republic
In essence, he is saying that exceptional teachers should get the pay they deserve, while poor and average teachers should be pushed harder to improve. Do you like the sounds of Gov. Daugaard's merit pay plan for teachers? Yes, teaching should be like ...

There's No Shortcut to Getting Great Teachers | Mother Jones
By Kevin Drum
The cynic in me wants to say that it's precisely when everyone agrees on something in the educationarena that we should be double-plus skeptical, but I'll restrain my worst instincts and go along with this. After all, common sense suggests that ... In the long term, higher salaries for top teacherswould (a) attract better students into the teaching profession, and (b) put the fear of God into the lousy teachers and motivate them to improve their performance. How likely is this to happen? ...
Kevin Drum Feed | Mother Jones

Education remains 2012 focus | Politicker NJ
By Darryl.Isherwood
A great teacher, Christie said, has a greater impact on student learning than an average one, but an average teacher has an even greater impact when replacing an underperforming one. "Tenure reform will ... "Governor Christie needs to sit down with legislators, NJEA, and all other public educationstakeholders to discuss research-based reforms that will keep the best teachers in our classrooms, and help our students succeed,” said NJEA President Barbara Keshishian. “NJEA spent ...

Education and Cartel Membership, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library ...
By Arnold Kling
CATEGORIES: Economics of Education. TRACKBACKS (0 to date). TrackBack URL:http://econlog.econlib.org/mt/mt-tb.cgi/5932. COMMENTS (2 to date). Latest Comment. Steve Miller writes: Most instruments are terrible. Posted January 18 ...
EconLog: Library of Economics...

Education Ohio: Busy Week
By Colleen Grady
Shortly after taking office last January, Kasich named Sommers as director of the Governor's Office of 21st Century Education. A few months later, Sommers was one of three finalists for the state superintendent's post but withdrew, saying he ...
Education Ohio

Arlene M. Roberts: Rethinking Education: Should It Be a Civil Right?
By Arlene M. Roberts
As access to education, particularly higher education, becomes out of the reach of many, the question inevitably arises, "Should education be a civil right?" ... Standardized Testing · Teachers · Armchair Detective More. Log in. |; Sign Out ...
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Seth's Blog: Learning leadership from Congress
By Seth Godin
The most frustrating thing for me in the SOPA/PIPA debate now winding down is how unnecessary the whole thing should have been. It occurred to me that we learned a lot about what sort of behaviors make for great leaders...
Seth's Blog

BrainBlog: Learning Disabilities
By Anthony Risser
"Funding for four centers to conduct research on the causes and treatment of learning disabilities in children and adolescents has been provided by the National Institutes of Health." Read the full press release. posted by Anthony Risser at 11:05 PM ... Ph.D. is a consulting neuropsychologist. My interests include online and distributed applications in medicine, clinical trials, professional training, and undergraduate/graduate education. Interview about BrainBlog (June 2010). This blog's ...

Reshuffle lends no beneift to nation's education - The Nation
Word spread that Kasem, who was later appointed a privy councillor, was unhappy with a questionable reshuffle of teachers. So, Thaksin himself served as the education minister. However, after five months in the post, he named Suwit ...
NationMultimedia.com - Politics

GTU looks to redevelop professional relationship with Education ...
By KNews
He emphasized that while teachers are motivated to improve students' performances, the Ministry needs to develop a programme to ensure parents are committed to their children's education. The union leader pointed out that teachers are ...
Kaieteur News

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