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Teacher Rankings: Good Schools tend to have Good Teachers

Good teachers, good schools
New York Daily News
A Daily News analysis of the city's controversial teacher rankings found what for any parent would be elementary: The top-ranked schools tend to have the best teachers and the worst schools have the duds. The simple finding came as no surprise at ...

New York Daily News 

After Release of Ratings, a Focus on 'Top' Teachers
New York Times
Another, a San Francisco transplant, was in her first job at the front of a classroom and insisted that her special-education students at Public School 49 in the Bronx be held to the highest standards. A third said she benefited from the small class ...

New York Times

Teachers take action as B.C. to force deal
The Province
By Ian Austin, The Province February 27, 2012 2:09 AM The long-simmering dispute will heat up today as teachers meet for a "province-wide day of action" - meeting strategically at lunch hour and after school. Education Minister George Abbott told BC ...

Teachers plan to protest legislation
By Robert Barron, Dailynews February 27, 2012 Teachers will respond if the government introduces back-to-work legislation to end their labour dispute, according to Justin Green, first vice-president of the Nanaimo District Teachers' Association.

Pregnancies hamper education in Kavango
New Era
“Even if teachers receive incentives, quality teaching and learning do not take place. “You also find that during 'pay weekends', teachers go to town to do shopping and only go back after a week or so – meaning no teaching takes place during this ...

New Era

Kimberley Teachers' Association reacts to potential back to work legislation
Kimberley Daily Bulletin
Ministry of Education staff were burning the midnight oil this weekend preparing back-to-work legislation for teachers. This was after the Labour Ministry handed in a report on the negotiations, which concluded that an agreement was unlikely to be ...

Education college plans to offer 42 scholarships to future math teachers
Diamondback Online
Students who receive the scholarship must commit to teaching two years of math in a high-needs school district after graduation. Students must be a math education major or a math major willing to take on math education as a second major to be eligible ...

Rick Santorum's Populist Pandering: Education as Elitism
Huffington Post
First, much of the president's emphasis on higher education has been directed toward sciences and technical education -- especially in two-year community colleges. Second, the president's emphasis on education has little to do with elitism and ...

Retired Illinois teachers could see benefits cut
Rockford Register Star
Pat Quinn wants to eliminate the state's contributions toward health insurance benefits for retired school teachers and community college professors, according to a report published Sunday. The cuts are part of the budget proposal Quinn unveiled last ...

More back teachers than BC government in contract dispute: Survey
Vancouver Sun
VANCOUVER — More people back public-school teachers than the BC government in their contract dispute, but only a slim majority are against the government's plan to impose a contract through legislation, according to a survey commissioned by the BC ...

Teacher 'destroyed by abuse lie'
BBC News
As figures show that over half of the accusations made against teachers and teaching assistants by pupils in Wales turn out to be false, malicious or unfounded, one teacher tells their story. "I first found out that an allegation had been made against ...

BBC News

Poll: British Columbians split over education labour dispute
Vancouver Sun
VANCOUVER — British Columbians are almost evenly divided on whether the government should legislate teachers back to work as the government has promised it will, to end their year-long job action, according to a new poll. As teachers this week get ...

With Release of Teacher Data, Setback for Union Turns Into a Rallying Cry
New York Times
Mr. Mulgrew and his comrades had fought for more than a year to block release of the ratings, known as teacher data reports, which try to calculate how much value individual teachers add by predicting their students' test scores and then measuring how ...

City Teachers Return To Work Following Data Release
It's the first day back to class for teachers after the controversial release of the massive trove of teacher report cards. On Friday, the city Department of Educationreleased the names and ratings of 18000 fourth through eighth grade English and math ...


With deficit to fix, BC readies bill to freeze teachers' pay
Globe and Mail
BC Education Minister George Abbott will introduce legislation this week to end an escalating labour dispute with the province's 41000 public-school teachers, aiming to impose an effective wage freeze that the government has been unable to secure in 78 ...

Globe and Mail

Most accusations against teachers in Wales are dropped
BBC News
By Gemma Ryall BBC News, Wales Over half of accusations made againstteachers and teaching assistants by pupils in Wales turned out to be false, malicious or unfounded. Figures for the last five years obtained by BBC Wales found 55% of 312 allegations ...

BBC News

New York City teacher job performance rankings, 2009-2010
These are job performance ratings of about 17600 New York City public school teachersprepared by the city Department of Education. Click on a teacher's name for more details about the rating. When searching for a school, be sure to add periods after ...

Train teachers to spot sexual abusers, experts say
San Francisco Chronicle
Christina Hoag, AP Many school teachers across the nation are trained to pick up on clues of child abuse and neglect, but most are not trained to spot the signs of classroom pedophiles, leaving a gray area that could help teacher molesters operate ...

Teacher rewarded by Education Department
Independent Online
Twenty years later, that is exactly what the conscientious teacher has attained. Last week, Nxumalo, 40, of Vryheid, was presented with a certificate, trophy and a R20 000 bursary when she was named first runner-up in the secondary schoolteaching ...

Independent Online

Teachers threaten full-scale walkout
24 Hours Vancouver
By STEPHANIE IP, 24 HOURS Teachers will take a strike vote this week to fight a legislated contract the province has hinted could arrive as early as today, the same day BC teachers are taking a 'day of action.' Lawyers for the BC Teachers' Federation ...

Imposed deal was inevitable
By Walter Cordery, The Daily News February 27, 2012 As inevitable as rain falling on Vancouver Island, the BC Liberals will legislate an end to the labour dispute with teachers. And don't expect the 41000 member strong BCTF to like it.

Lower salaries may drive teachers from Frederick County as wages remain ...
Washington Post
FREDERICK, Md. — There are growing worries that lower salaries may begin to drive teachersout of Frederick County as their pay has been frozen for a fourth straight year. Teacher Patty Madert tells The Frederick News Post (http://bit.ly/zn9pa6 ) she ...

Abbott: Teachers' demands 'not acceptable given the current financial reality'
Vancouver Sun
VANCOUVER — Education Minister George Abbott told BC teachers Sunday there is no money and they shouldn't spread their strike. “It is clear that this strike is hurting students and any escalation in strike action will only increase the harm to ...

Trustees call for 'expedited mediator' to end job action
Vancouver Sun
Public school teachers, buoyed by a show of support from school trustees over the weekend, are now strategizing on their response to a BC government plan to legislate an end to their year-long contract dispute. The BC Teachers' Federation has called ...

Xueda Education Group Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011 Financial ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Total number of learning centers increased to 295, covering 63 cities, as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2011, up from 273 learning centers covering 62 cities as of the end of the previous quarter. Course hours delivered in the fourth quarter of ...

School trustees call for 'expedited mediator' to end job action
Victoria Times Colonist
By JANET STEFFENHAGEN, Postmedia News February 26, 2012 VANCOUVER — Public schoolteachers, buoyed by a show of support from school trustees over the weekend, are now strategizing on their response to a BC government plan to legislate an end to their ...

A simple question teachers should now ask about their profession
Washington Post (blog)
One would hope that after the tragedy in Los Angeles, when a teacher took his own life, apparently due in part to despondence over the release of his score, our leaders would have paused in their crusade to reduce teachers to numbers.

Teachers refuse to help five-year-old girl rub eczema cream into her back over ...
Daily Mail
Naturally, she can't cover her own back but the school's head teacher, Julie Swanston, says staff can only supervise her because their child protection policy makes it 'inappropriate' for them to help apply the cream. Leah's mother, Kerry Webb, ...

Daily Mail

Core to launch education delivery services in UAE
Times of India
Teaching services provider Core Education and Technologies said it is expanding into teachingdelivery by running an institute in the United Arab Emirates. MUMBAI: Teaching services provider Core Education and Technologies said it is expanding into ...

Rebecca Joseph: Ending Bad Teaching: Releasing Teachers' Test ...
By Rebecca Joseph
A social studies teacher, Mr. Cali took over when Mr. Stevens, the math teacher, went out on extended sick leave. During my six years of teaching middle school in a major urban school system, I never worked with a consistent team of teachers ...
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

Steven Cohen: Rick Santorum's Populist Pandering: Education as ...
By Steven Cohen
The American majority does not think that you are a snob if you think everyone should be given the opportunity to go to college.
College on HuffingtonPost.com

Kathy Sierra On Gamification In Education | Larry Ferlazzo's ...
By Larry Ferlazzo
Kathy Sierra, the well-known and respected tech writer and thinker, posted a lengthy comment on my post from earlier today titled The Dangers Of “Gamification” In Education. I thought it deserved to be read more widely, and she graciously ...
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...

Your Schools: Students rating CMS teachers
By Ann Doss Helms
It's a comment that comes up frequently when people talk about crunching numbers to calculateteacher value. On Tuesday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board will hear teachers talk about both approaches: Using student survey data ...
Your Schools

Teachers Return To Classroom After Evaluations Are Released ...
By Jesse
The teachers union challenged the release of the reports. 18000 teachers were ranked on a scale of ... “It's just one indicator and it's really meant to be combined with other measures ofteacher performance,” said Sean Corcoran, Educational Economics Professor at NYU. That's the same point teachers ... Yes, the teacher”s teaching ability is one of those factors but so is parental involvement and home life, and individual abilities and experiences. Furthermore, to think that a test is ...
CBS New York

David Holt: Education Is Key to an "All-of-the-Above" Energy Policy
By David Holt
Michelle Rhee; Education Reform; Arne Duncan; School Bullying. Armchair .... Ending BadTeaching: Releasing Teachers' Test Scores... Substitute ... New York Publicly Releases Individual Teacher Ratings Amid Controversy. HOT ON ...
Green on HuffingtonPost.com

Teacher evaluation conference. « Fred Klonsky
By Fred Klonsky
February 26, 2012 1:57 pm. RE: evaluating teachers based on student tests scotres. I hear that ISAT scores for 8th graders across CPS trend lower than the ...
Fred Klonsky

College At Risk: Higher education must not become a luxury ...
But that view of teaching and learning as an economic driver is also a limited one, which puts at risk America's most distinctive contribution to the history and, we should hope, to the future of higher education. ... In ancient Greece and Rome, young men attended lectures that resembled our notion of a college course, and gatherings of students instructedby settled teachers took on some of the attributes we associate with modern colleges (libraries, fraternities, organized sports). By the ...
Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

Culture and US Army Professional Military Education
By Adam L Silverman
The Army's Learning Concept, rooted in the Army Leadership Development Concept, discuss learning in terms of three supporting, reinforcing, and parallel lines of effort: training, education, and experience. I think this will be a useful way to ...
Sic Semper Tyrannis

Spurn rote learning | Pattaya today newspaper
By pattayatoday
The rote-learning system that characterizes Thai education should be abandoned in favor of involving children in the learning process, teachers were told at a conference here led by the Office of Primary Education Chonburi Region 3.
Pattaya today newspaper

CT Education Reform: Pick Your Petitition | Rick Green
By Rick Green
Malloy's proposed education reforms by the business-and-parent group ConnCAN is far ahead of another started by a Trumbull teacher. The ConnCAN PR machine is crushing the opposition in these two meaningless polls, 932 signatures to ...
Rick Green

Wikispaces - Teacher
Education professionals come together to plan events and share best ... Teachers post homework, group work, and classroom goals, and update them ... Our Wikispace allows my students to have a 24/7 learning environment, and it is being ...

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