"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

Who really benefits from putting high-tech gadgets in classrooms?

Who really benefits from putting high-tech gadgets in classrooms?
Los Angeles Times
Placing them in the classroom "does not automatically inspire teachers to rethink their teaching or students to adopt new modes of learning." At last week's dog-and-pony show, Duncan bemoaned how the US is being outpaced in educational technology by...

Los Angeles Times

The college learning debate
Los Angeles Times
A reader posits: If the College Learning Assessment doesn't produce meaningful results, maybe the CLA is the problem. Jonathan Zimmerman's Jan. 31 Op-Ed article on colleges' inability to measure student learning prompted Viggo P. Hansen, ...

Los Angeles Times

Teachers waging disingenuous war
Vancouver Sun
At the heart of the dispute pit-ting the BC Teachers' Federation against the provincial government and its bargaining agent, the BC Public School Employers' Association, is a debate over what constitutes fair compensation. The union insists teachers ...

GES warns teachers who sexually harass students
The Ghana Education Service (GES) has warned that teachers who sexually molest children in schools will not be spared. A Regional Multi-sectoral Committee meeting on child protection in Accra last Thursday, warned that teachers who would flout the laws...


One child may be the victim of two Miramonte teachers
Los Angeles Times
Concerned parents gather in front of Miramonte Elementary School in the Florence-Firestone neighborhood to talk with attorney Jim Gustafson about allegations against two teachers. (Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times / February 3, 2012) In 2008, ...

Los Angeles Times

5000 underperforming head teachers are blighting England's primary schools ...
Daily Mail
By Laura Clark, Education Correspondent More than 5000 head teachers are failing to do their jobs properly, the chief inspector of schools declared today. Sir Michael Wilshaw warned that poor leadership was blighting about a quarter of England's 21000...

Daily Mail

Evaluation system finds few teachers 'inadequate'
Buffalo News
Teachers would independently negotiate with their principal their annual goals for the local measure of student achievement, meaning the measure of "adequate" would vary from one classroom to another. This appears to run contrary to the state education ...

Buffalo News

West Essex teachers cry foul over contract
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com
West Essex teachers, however, feel they were duped into accepting the freeze. ESSEX — They showed up en masse at the school board meeting: a half dozen rows of teachers, most wearing blue T-shirts reading "West Essex Education Association.

The Star-Ledger - NJ.com

Oshkosh School board to vote on cutting teachers
The Oshkosh Northwestern
That contract expires on July 1, and district administrators want teachers to use an hour typically used for monitoring study halls for teaching an additioinal class. This would allow administration to reduce the districtís workforce and save money.

Teachers are the backbone of our education system.- 11:00 pm
The Daily Advertiser
Bobby Jindal: Teachers: Backbone of our education system Teachers are the backbone of oureducation system. They are the heart and soul of what make our schools run and we should be celebrating them and promoting them. That's why over the last four ...

ILLINOIS SPOTLIGHT: Learning disability doesn't stop man seeking doctorate degree
Chicago Tribune
NORMAL, Ill. (AP) — Jason Goldfarb has done pretty well for a guy who was told his learningdisabilities would keep him out of college. Starting when he was a baby, Goldfarb had several surgeries to implant and later lengthen a stent to drain fluid ...

Honoring teachers who make a difference
St. George Daily Spectrum
Now, by acknowledging the effect of these two teachers in the lives of our children, doesn't mean that there weren't others who also contributed greatly to their education. There were dozens of them. This wondrous legacy continues across the country.

Education: Racism's Antidote
Jerusalem Post (blog)
The primary vehicle to overcoming these obstacles is exposing reality through education, gaining knowledge of the range of personal stories. The lack of education becomes abundantly clear when we consider that the breadth of the average Israeli's ...

Bemidji teachers asking for increase in pay, benefits
Bemidji Pioneer
Teachers in the Bemidji School District fall behind other districts in the state in pay and health insurance benefits, according to Jason Koester, chairman of the Bemidji Education Association's settlement committee. Teachers in the Bemidji School ...

Learning to Share the Stage
New York Times
As their military ties grew stronger, the US-Japan relationship began to encompass economics, culture, technology and education. Reischauer was able to achieve his goal of returning Okinawa to Japanese control, which occurred in 1972.

Learning about the past: Covenant Christian Academy sixth-graders gain a look ...
Along the way, students from the Susquehanna Twp. school learned about patriotism and family bonds, said teachers and parents who organized the event. Every year, CCA sixth-graders study only the Civil War for five days. This year, students took ...


Three diocese teachers named best of the year
All three teachers, who have each been educators for more than 25 years, received the award at the Catholic Schools Week Mass on Jan. 17 – just prior to the national celebration of Catholiceducation, Jan. 29-Feb. 5. The Teacher Awards are presented to ...

House looks to pull NH out of No Child Left Behind
The bills received much criticism at a legislative hearing last week from education officials, who said parting with the unpopular law was not worth the estimated loss of the money, which the Department of Education based on this year's funding.

Milke: Teachers' president doth protest too much about pension deal
Calgary Herald
In her recent column that defended the generous 2007-2012 pay and pension deal between the provincial government and teachers, the president of the Alberta Teachers' Association made this unsupportable claim: taxpayers saved $45 billion because of that ...

Miss Manners: Teachers must teach etiquette because some parents will not
Washington Post
DEAR MISS MANNERS: What is your opinion of teaching etiquette in public schools? GENTLE READER: That teachers have quite enough to do without being expected to do the most basic job of parents. Teachers generally do have to teach etiquette, ...

Yankton schools sees rise in special education
Yankton Daily Press
While fewer students are enrolled in the Yankton School District now than there were 40 years ago, the number of certified teachers has risen by 15 percent. District officials say the discrepancy is because of an increase in special-education teachers ...

Changes in line for Iowa funding of education
Quad City Times
DES MOINES - A looming political skirmish over the future funding of K-12 education in Iowa might be the harbinger of bigger, high-stakes battles yet to come. Disagreement between Republicans led by Gov. Terry Branstad and Democratic lawmakers in ...

Education a focus in Senate this week
Richmond Register
Of these bills, three education bills are of particular importance. Many students feel bored with the pace of high school during their senior year. Senate Bill 86, passed with bipartisan support, helps focus our students on the higher challenges ...

Gov. Corbett's spending plan might cut funds for higher education
Since Corbett will not raise any state taxes, his second budget is likely to include cuts in several areas, including higher education. State-funded universities could see cuts of 10 percent or more. Funding for welfare programs also could be in line ...


Teachers service providers: Suchart
The Nation
New Education Minister Suchart Tadathamrongvech sees teachers as service providers in the education industry who should be subjected to performance appraisals by their students. "As 'customers', children should be allowed to assess teachers' ...

The Nation

Teachers touch on black history year-round
Danville Commercial News
Tracy Cherry, principal of District 118's alternative school, said she tries to make sure her teachersare teaching about and reflecting on black history throughout the year, not just during the month of February. Cherry said there are many ways to ...

Science of education: Reformers put Memphis, Shelby County teachers to the test
Memphis Commercial Appeal
The question is whether the new system can work where decades of other education reforms have not. Are observations accurately identifying struggling teachers? Are teachers learning from the feedback they receive? Are they finding resources to help ...

Celebrate Learning- Convene in Richmond BC to learn how song works in the ...
NewsReleaseWire.com (press release)
Get enormous value- join with other educators and share the wealth of evidence based research and years of building cohorts and researching communities and find out how to bring tools and solutions to your teaching day. Booo- mer- ang…..fun into your ...

NewsReleaseWire.com (press release)

Times Higher Education - Postgraduate education to be addressed ...
It will also look at the issue of postgraduate funding, which was overlooked by the Browne Review and the higher education White Paper, and look at the idea of a possible state-backed loans system similar to that created for undergraduates.
News from THE

Teaching Entrepreneurship | Points and Figures
By Jeff Carter
Teaching Entrepreneurship. Posted by Jeff Carter; on February 5th, 2012. Can you teach entrepreneurship? It's an often asked question. Years ago, we believed that great entrepreneurs were born, not made. The reality was that there was someone in that person's background, or family that guided them. There was an unspoken mentor ... I have sat in on classes taught by professors at U of C and I find myself learning something in every one I ever sat in. I take some nugget, some ...
Points and Figures

Social Media Enhances the Learning Experience in Higher Education
By PamDyer
For higher education, the story is different. When used as an educational tool, colleges and universities have found that social media enhances the learning experience by enabling students andteachers to connect and interact in new ways ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

Harold Jarche » When learning is the work …
By Harold Jarche
When work is learning, and learning is the work, training that is pushed from outside has less relevance. The L&D department is supposed to ensure that training is appropriate for the job, but with jobs constantly morphing into something else, ...
Harold Jarche

New standards require new ways to train teachers — Joanne Jacobs
By Joanne
They will need subject-area expertise well beyond basic content knowledge and pedagogy to create dynamic, engaging, high-level learning experiences for students. ... Finally–probably the most significant reason–professional development is an education market. ... The GE Foundation is giving $18 million to Student Achievement Partners, a nonprofit which is working with teachers to develop an online library of resources for teaching the new standards at achievethecore.org.
Joanne Jacobs

SPOTLIGHT: Seeking PhD despite learning disability | Washington ...
By The Associated Press
Jason Goldfarb has done pretty well for a guy who was told his learning disabilities would keep him out of college. Starting when he was a baby, ... The couple has an infant son. Education beyond high school was assumed in Goldfarb's home.
Examiner AP RSS

iClarified - Apple News - Can Apple Save Education? [InfoGraphic]
OnlineEducation.net has published a new infographic that questions, 'Can Apple Save Education?'
iClarified - Apple News

simple machine learning - blog*spot
By Matthew Eric Bassett
So having missed Stanford's Machine Learning course (mostly out of laziness - I'm sure it was great) I'm trying to learn this stuff on my own. I'm going through MIT's Machine Learning notes on OpenCourseWare. They're easy [for me] to digest ...
mebassett programming

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