"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

Teaching skill trumps tenure

Teaching skill trumps tenure
Chicago Tribune
In any school, no priority — such as employee tenure — should outweigh putting the most skilled teacher possible at the head of every classroom. You won't find that sentence in an important decision the Illinois Supreme Court handed down Friday. But that's the de facto impact of a big win for Chicago Public Schools at the expense of the Chicago Teachers Union. The broad context here is that, in too many U.S. school districts, labor contracts perversely give more weight to the interests of adult educators than to the needs of young students ...

Struggling Teachers to Be Scored by Independent Observers
New York Times
By Winnie Hu The key element in the agreement reached between the New York City teachers' union and the city's Education Department last Thursday was given a closer look, as The New York Times and Gotham Schools examined the role to be played by ...

Obama pushes the question: What are students, taxpayers getting for their ...
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Access to college has been the driving force in federal higher education policy for decades. But the Obama administration is pushing a fundamental agenda shift that aggressively brings a new question into the debate: What are people ...

Obama takes tougher stance on higher education
Chicago Sun-Times
By KIMBERLY HEFLING AP Education Writer February 20, 2012 10:36AM FILE - In this Feb. 13, 2012 file photo, President Barack Obama speaks at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, Va. Access to college has been the driving force in federal ... 

Maryland's higher education gains at risk
Baltimore Sun
By Laura Perna and Joni Finney In 2008, the higher education funding commission (known as the Bohanan Commission) developed a farsighted plan to boost the state's investment in highereducation, hold down tuition and increase state financial aid.

Education's big shake-up
Tasmania Mercury
Liberal education spokesman Michael Ferguson said the world's best performing educationsystems were not the biggest spenders. "It is their strong focus on teaching and learning, as well as what happens in the classroom, that sets them apart," he said.

Commentary: Learning lessons from Jeremy Lin
Kansas City Star
What can a Chinese-American Harvard graduate who's suddenly exploded as a National Basketball Association star with the New York Knicks teach us Mercedians? Jeremy Lin, who went to Palo Alto High, has become this year's Tim Tebow story, ...

Education funding would drop under Haley's budget
Aiken Standard
"It shows education is not a priority," said Kathy Maness of the Palmetto Teachers Association. With an additional $913 million to spend, "you'd think there would be some money for teachers," she said. "It's got to be increased.

Private education fears figures don't add up
Herald Sun
Opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne yesterday predicted hip pocket pain for private school parents "to the tune of potentially thousands of dollars a year". Funding for independent and Catholic schools would fall under a "hit list", ...

Russell Group attacks university admissions targets
Leading universities appeared to clash with the Government's new higher education access tsar today by criticising the imposition of controversial admissions targets. Prof Les Ebdon, vice-chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire, has been appointed ...


Illawarra gives education funding model tentative tick
Illawarra Mercury
Mr Cooper, who is principal at Albion Park Public School, said findings show the existing funding model doesn't work and is causing Australian education standards to go backwards. He supported Gonski's recommendation of a $5billion injection for the ...

Gonski's $5bn blueprint to arrest student decline
The Australian
EDUCATION End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar. Ms Gillard, who held the education portfolio before becoming Prime Minister, said the government still aimed to introduce legislation for a new funding model in parliament by the end of the year and ...

Gonski's $5b school fee
Sydney Morning Herald
But while Ms Gillard committed her government to fund all schools regardless of wealth or need, she refused to commit the money that the long-running review of school funding says is needed to restore Australia's ailing education system to health.

Sydney Morning Herald

Ebdon confirmed as university access chief
BBC News
By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent Les Ebdon has been formally announced as head of the university fair access body, despite the opposition of MPs on the committee examining his selection. Business Secretary Vince Cable rejected attempts ...

BBC News

Gonski review calls for school funding overhaul
ABC Online
EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: The most comprehensive review of school funding in decades has called for a more transparent and open system of education spending. The report found the current arrangements are complex, confusing and have obscure goals and ...

Teachers let down by delayed action
The Australian
PRINCIPALS and teachers have welcomed the the recommendations for a new school funding model, but are disappointed by the Gillard government's decision to consult before responding. Associations representing government school teachers, the Catholic ...

Peter Garrett responds to Gonski review
ABC Online
The Minister for School Education responds to the Gonski review's findings about the funding of Australian schools. CHRIS UHLMANN, PRESENTER: I'm joined from Canberra by the SchoolEducation Minister Peter Garrett. CHRIS UHLMANN: Now this report does ...

Breastfeeding Counselling, Carnival Arts and Football Studies... the world of ...
Daily Mail
He will speak for the poor and the under-represented in the fight against those elitist institutions that bar the way to higher education for the disadvantaged. He has threatened to fine universities that do not co-operate.
Daily Mail

Why U.S. Secretary of Education says 'RESPECT Project' focused on teachers is ...
GRAND RAPIDS -The US Department of Education recently rolled out its proposal for the RESPECT Project (Recognizing Educational Success, Professional Excellence and Collaborative Teaching). The project is described as a national conversation led by...


Gonski review delivers verdict on Australian schools
ABC Online
Extra loadings would be added for certain needs like teaching kids from poor backgrounds Indigenous areas and those with poor English skills. A school's size and its location could also attract an increase. ANGELO GAVRIELATOS, AUSTRALIAN EDUCATION ...

Billions needed to address tiered system
Sydney Morning Herald
David Gonski's take on Australia's education sector. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen AUSTRALIA'S education sector has become a two-tier system of advantage and disadvantage, the Gonski review into schools funding shows. The report argues that $5 billion in ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Gonski schools report calls for massive overhaul to bridge learning gap
Herald Sun
Education and school groups say federal, state and territory governments will need to move quickly to have the recommended new arrangements, released today, in place by the start of the next funding round in 2014. Prime Minister Julia Gillard hopes to ...

Govt under pressure to implement Gonski
ABC Online
MATT PEACOCK: While different parts of the education sector vary in their support for David Gonski's recommendations, they're united in wanting the Government to respond to his key proposals as quickly as possible. The teachers' union and parents ...

Cable questioned over appointment of Les Ebdon as university access tsar
The Guardian
Cable defended his choice of Ebdon by listing the professor's "vast experience, gained through a working lifetime in higher education". Ebdon would be equipped to deal even-handedly with all parts of the sector, Cable said. "We undertook two long, ...

The Guardian
Parents already carry a fairly high burden
Sydney Morning Herald
ANNETTE AKKARY considers her children's education a priority and would borrow money to pay school fees if necessary. But she knows not every Catholic school parent is in a position to do the same, and the sector - which educates one in five Australian ...

Sydney Morning Herald
Learning pathways
By noreply@blogger.com (Steve Wheeler)
The institutional learning platform - the VLE - is a classic case of decisions made about learningwithout consulting the learner. How can we reach a place in education where students find their own level and make their own pathways through ...
Learning with 'e's

Re-Engineering Engineering Education to Retain Students ...
By Josh Fischman
Patricia Campbell, a collaborator on the project who leads an education-consulting firm in Groton, Mass., said that the time to get an engineering degree was a major reason that undergraduates dropped the major. ... A less-radical approach would be to improve teaching techniques in existing courses, said another symposium participant, Susan S. Metz, executive director of the Lore-El Center for Women in Engineering and Science at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J. ...

Tips for teaching English abroad without speaking the local ...
By Jessica Festa
teaching english When people hear I spent a summer teaching English in Thailand, they often assume I speak fluent Thai. The truth is, you don't need to be fluent in the local language to teach English abroad. I'm not saying that it doesn't help, however, it isn't ... Certain methods not only may not work, but can also be detrimental to the child's learning. ... If you're stuck on how to make a lesson plan effective and fun, utilize the myriad online resources there are for ESL teachers. Some of...

Baltimore Students Speak About Importance Of Education In Oratory ...
By sbhagav
Celebrating Black History Month. Sunday, students spoke about the importance of education while competing in WJZ's Black History Oratory Contest.
CBS Baltimore

Blog Archive » Federal grants benefiting education consultants
By Associated Press
The money from the U.S. Department of Education is paying for instructional coaches for teachers, leadership coaches for principals, analysts to pore over test data and pricey three-day professional-development seminars on changing school ...
Colorado Springs Business Journal

My 17-Point Checklist For Teaching Good Writing and Blogging ...
By Scott Cowley
Image Credit One important lesson from The Checklist Manifesto is the idea of creating checklists to guard against failures in ...
Search Engine Journal

5 reasons UK higher education fundraising still lags behind the USA ...
By Stephen Tall
Last Friday's Guardian-hosted #HElivechat on the role of the philanthropy in universities, on which I was one of the virtual panellists, covered a range of issues. Inevitably at one stage the question turned to the difference in cultural attitudes ...

Schools trim few teachers following Texas state budget cuts, sky not ...
By Texas Watchdog
Confirming what the Texas Education Agency says it has heard anecdotally across the state, relatively few teachers were actually laid off. Instead, these districts shed thousands of teaching and administrator positions through the usual attrition ...
Big Jolly Politics

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