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Andrew Coulson: America Has Too Many Teachers

Andrew Coulson: America Has Too Many Teachers - WSJ.com: "America Has Too Many Teachers Public-school employees have doubled in 40 years while student enrollment has increased by only 8.5%—and academic results have stagnated. . . . " (video)
Andrew Coulson: America Has Too Many Teachers - WSJ.com: (article) " . . . Nor can the explosive growth in public-school hiring be attributed to federal spending on special education. According to the latest Census Bureau data, special ed teachers make up barely 5% of the K-12 work force. The implication of these facts is clear: America's public schools have warehoused three million people in jobs that do little to improve student achievement—people who would be working productively in the private sector if that extra $210 billion were not taxed out of the economy each year. We have already tried President Obama's education solution over a time period and on a scale that he could not hope to replicate today. And it has proven an expensive and tragic failure. To avoid Greece's fate we must create new, productive private-sector jobs to replace our unproductive government ones. Even as a tiny, mostly nonprofit niche, American private education is substantially more efficient than its public sector, producing higher graduation rates and similar or better student achievement at roughly a third lower cost than public schools (even after controlling for differences in student and family characteristics). . . . "

An end run on education
Boston Herald
As The New York Times [NYT] reported on Friday, the Obama Education Department has now issued 26 waivers freeing states — including Massachusetts — from the central provisions of the Bush-era education reform law, raising the question of whether the ...

Why single-sex education is spreading across the US
Christian Science Monitor
Two more states granted waivers from No Child Left Behind, for total of 26 · Mitt Romney unveils education reform plan heavy on 'parental choice' (+video). But that's exactly what happened, with her Middleton Heights Elementary now among dozens of...

Christian Science Monitor

Catholic teachers set bar high with Dalton Days
Hamilton Spectator
Remember Rae Days? Get ready for kinder, gentler, Dalton Days — cooked up in the dog days of summer while teachers are enjoying their annual paid time.

Ahead of the Bell: Bridgepoint Education
NEW YORK (AP) — Shares of Bridgepoint Education Inc. tumbled after the for-profit educationprovider said a group that certifies schools denied an accreditation for one of its institutions.

School's Out For Bridgepoint Education: Shares Tumble After Accreditation Denial
Ashford must show by year's end that a “substantial presence” of its student population is in the area covered by that group, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. If not, the group may revoke Ashford ...

Bridgepoint Education Denied Ashford University Accreditation; Shares Down
Wall Street Journal
Ashford, which is currently accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges through 2014-2015, said it initiated application for WASC accreditation after migrating a substantial portion of its ... 

OnlineCourseReview.net Provides Insight into Online Education
San Francisco Chronicle
When online education was first developed, it was met with decidedly mixed reviews from members of the academy. The belief, widely held at the time, was that distance learning simply could not compete with the benefits provided by traditional education.

The National Commission on Teaching and America's Future Awarded a ...
MarketWatch (press release)
WASHINGTON, July 9, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The National Commission on Teachingand America's Future (NCTAF) is pleased to announce that its Teachers Learning in Networked Communities 2.0 (TLINC® 2.0) initiative has been awarded a ... The ...

Education Board Should Clean Up Its Act
Once again, the program of the teachers' mentors for the English language has hit a snag. As we detail in our lead story, foreign mentors who had been attracted to Rwanda to help our teachers style up their English so that they can present their ...

Cops say Texas teacher had sex with a male student at a Forth Worth motel
New York Daily News
A Texas science teacher is accused of giving a student some private biology lessons.... Heenan, who is 34, has been teaching at the school district since August 2004. “School officials began hearing rumors that were circulating in the school and ...

New York Daily News

Dept. of Education Latest Report Shows More than 1% of School Kids in 2011 ...
Huffington Post
Last month the U.S. Department of Education issued their most recent report on the education of homeless children. The results -- which even the agency admits are incomplete -- paint a bleak picture of the nation and its glut of homeless kids.

Teaching Kids About Money – The Wrong Way
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Typically, it's parents who put the brakes on their kids' irresponsible spending plans. But at our house, the roles are sometimes reversed. Unnatural though it may seen for teenagers to stop their parents from spending on fun stuff, like the snorkeling ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Education watchdog
The Hindu
While the website provides state-wise legislations of RTE, much of it including research, stocktaking of RTE Act and other archives are yet to be uploaded. With less than a year for the nationwide implementation of the RTE Act (excluding teacher ...

The Hindu

Dell and Echo360 Simplify Access to Turnkey Blended Learning Platform for ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Echo360 helps students improve learning outcomes by mixing the best of face-to-face teaching with technology to deliver a blended online and offline education experience. The solution records classroom instruction allowing students to view it live or ...

Catholic teachers set standard to follow
Peterborough Examiner
Another 17 teacher and staff unions walked out of talks with the provincial government. ... However, one teachers' union says the agreement “is jeopardizing the future for students, young teachers, and an internationally renowned education system.” ...

Child Sense: Encouraging summer learning
Sacramento Bee
But summer learning doesn't have to be that way - and, in fact, shouldn't be that way. Studies have shown that the more creative the teaching method, the easier it is for children to learn and retain - even for education basics like reading. Whether ...

Georgia on teacher evaluations: Legal risks in using student reviews
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
I reported last week that the US DOE is concerned about changes to Georgia's Race to the Top plans, changes that could cost the state $33 million of the $400 million education reform grant. ...Teresa MacCartney, deputy superintendent for Race to the ...

Teachers' union sees reality
Waterloo Record
The wage freeze and other concessions agreed to by Ontario's Catholic teachers last week represent an important milestone in the province's struggle t. ... The government may find more ways to contain education costs in the next contract with this union.

Kingston special education group formed
Wicked Local
State Rep. Tom Calter, D-Kingston, and Silver Lake Regional School Superintendent John Tuffy are spearheading a new group, the Kingston Special Education Working Group, which will meet monthly to share information regarding the federal and state ...

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan plays in Georgetown's Kenner League
Washington Post (blog)
In yet another classic D.C. moment, a Cabinet secretary shows up to a famed local summer league, in uniform.

Charter omission: All public teachers should be held accountable
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Under the new law, the state Education Department has a year to develop a rating system in which half of public-school teachers' grades will be based on planning, preparation and instruction. The other half will rely in part on performance of their ...

Education law
Last week, the Education Department added Wisconsin and Washington to the list of states, now standing at 26, that are relieved from meeting the demands of the 2005 law that set unrealistic goals in raising student performance with an overemphasis on ...

More public schools splitting up boys, girls
But that's exactly what happened, with her Middleton Heights Elementary now among dozens of public schools nationwide being targeted by the American Civil Liberties Union in a bitter struggle over whether single-sex learning should be continued. Under...


Pennsylvania changing teacher evaluations
Allentown Morning Call
The Pennsylvania State Education Association, the state's largest teachers union, backed the proposal because it includes multiple measures of student performance — not just standardized tests. "Educators are not afraid of ... "We just want to be ...

Society for Melanoma Research Partners with Prova Education to Expand 2012 ...
San Francisco Chronicle
Prova Education will leverage its core expertise in medical education and oncology, providing peer-review of the scientific content. In addition, its network of online, on-air, and on-demand learning platforms will be available for post-conference ...

Are Public School Teachers Underpaid? (VIDEO)
By Teresa Shumay
Teacher compensation is much more than salary. The plush benefits given to public school employees are a large part of teacher compensation, especially pension benefits that are several times more valuable than typical private-sector retirement plans. ... Last year, U.S. Secretary ofEducation Arne Duncan stated that America's public school teachers are “desperately underpaid” and called for a doubling of teachers' wages. A similar theme is touted frequently by politicians, media, ...
The Foundry: Conservative Policy...

A Cop Walks the Global Education Beat - NYTimes.com
“Britain's Quality Assurance Agency does not limit its audits to schools inside Britain,” D. D. Guttenplan writes in The New York Times. “It also reviews partnership arrangements between British and overseas institutions, provides guidance to ...
India Ink

Teachers in Memphis Speak Out « Diane Ravitch's blog
By dianerav
I don't yet know who the principal has hired to replace them, but I'm guessing many will be TFA types (we also have a TFA-style program here called Memphis Teaching Fellows, run by The New TeacherProject), most of whom will be ...
Diane Ravitch's blog

Do you brag about your personal learning network?
By Craig Wiggins
Social media and mobile technologies have turned the spotlight on social learning concepts, which in turn have made more of us think about the large, ill-charted dark matter of culture: informal learning. Of course, our response to this turn of ...
The Learning Circuits Blog

Jane's Extracts: Top 100 Tools for Learning: 6th Annual Survey
By Jane Hart
I am currently compiling the 6th Annual, Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list based on the contributions of learning professionals worldwide - and invite you to share your own Top 10 Tools forLearning. What is a “learning tool”? This could be a tool you use for ... This could be a tool you use for teaching, training or creating a "learning solution" for others, and/or a tool you use for your own personal or professional learning. How to vote. There are a number of ways to vote depending on ...
Jane's Extracts

"Top" Teacher Prep Programs | District 299: The Inside Scoop on CPS
By Alexander Russo
These are the schools that graduated at least a thousand new teachers a year, circa 2010, according to the USDE's Total ed degrees offered in 2010. Did you go to (or work at) one of them, and were they any good? Do ISBE and CPS still ...
District 299: The Inside Scoop...

Relay Graduate School of Education is Intellectual Boot Camp ...
By The Assailed Teacher
Relay trains its teachers in the questioning of Socrates, meaning the questioning he experienced before he was forced to drink poison. Carol Burris and ... This is low-level, mind-crushing teaching. First of all, Omari starts off by saying “ambition” is a trait contained in the story. What does theteacher do? She harps on this student and puts him on the spot so that she can get him to define what ambition is. ... Filed under An Embattled Career, education reform, School, teaching. Tagged ...

Edmonds Military Wire: College education is NOT for our troops ...
By teresawippel
Back during the showdown between Bush and Kerry, there was an uproar over Kerry's controversial comment (of which he states was misconstrued) that one “get an education or get stuck in Iraq,” furthering support for the urban myth that college education is not for our troops. So what's the truth? Is it or isn't it? While getting an ... So perhaps we should be looking at how to change the learningenvironment on a much larger scale. While some universities do cater to those who have ...
My Edmonds News

The general population is finally learning that asexual people exist ...
By David Jay
aven The general population is finally learning that asexual people exist Just ten years ago, the asexual community did not exist. Starting with a handful of small websites, our community has followed the early footpath of the gay rights ...

Conflicted: Faculty and Online Education, 2012 - Stephen's Lighthouse
By admin
Nearly half of the 4564 faculty members surveyed, three-quarters of whom are full-time professors, said the rise of online education excites them more than it frightens them. And while more than two-thirds of instructors said they believe that ...
Stephen's Lighthouse

Public education is a labor issue, even if you don't care about teachers
By rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)
School, from the first day we set foot in a classroom to graduation from the highest level of education we achieve, trains us to be workers not only by teaching us math and grammar but by teaching us how to respond to instructions, orders, or discipline. It teaches us how to sit .... Tags do not compound: that is, "education reform" is a completely different tag from "education". A tag like ...Just another old teacher to get rid of so we don't have to pay them that big salary (ha!) It's not going to ...

Government-trained teachers are the ones to thank
By admin
My thoughts are also focusing on Education Minister Priya Manickchand, who said that “… despite this, she is very pleased with the overall performance of students countrywide”. Now, how do I respond? First, success is success, and especially where children are concerned, the joy is immeasurable. These children were made to endure (sometimes learning is like that) hours of painstaking studies. Back in ... Guyana has the goods where quality teachers and teaching are concerned .
Guyana Times - The Beacon of Truth

A Distributist Education
Is there a distributist philosophy of education? ... In the Middle Ages, universities originated as guilds owned and run by groups of teachers or students. ... including Catholic Social Teaching: A Way In. As the G.K. Chesterton Research Fellow at ...

allAfrica.com: Tanzania: New Portal On Education Launched
A NEW portal to give education information has been introduced for all schools ... For example, a few weeks ago we had a teacher from Switzerland contacting us ... and higher learning institutions in the country, but it still remains a communication ... "To eliminate the problem, teachers and students have devised various ...

Teachers | iCivics
Teachers, this way! ... Check out all our teacher content, arranged by curriculum units ...

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