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GOP Teachers Upset With Obama-centric NEA Convention

Republican teachers uneasy at Obama-themed union convention
Fox News
For the Republican teachers in attendance, the digs at their political views were impossible to overlook. "What I don't like is the harassment going on for people to be an `EFO' -- an educator for Obama," said Maureen van Wagner, a special education ...

GOP teachers balk at Obama-centric NEA convention
"What I don't like is the harassment going on for people to be an `EFO' -- an educator for Obama," said Maureen van Wagner, a special education teacher from Anchorage, Alaska. In interviews with The Associated Press, roughly a dozen teachers who ...


GOP Teachers Upset With Obama-centric NEA Convention
U.S. News & World Report
Obama. President Obama impersonator and teacher Sean NgYing, of Deltona, Fla., center, takes photos with Melissa Sisk, left, and Kathleen Johnson, both teachers in Anne Arundel, Md., during a fundraiser for a Democratic PAC at the NationalEducation ...

U.S. News & World Report

Google Revamps Its Workforce Education Programs - WSJ.com: "Last year, Google offered more classes to more employees than it ever has before, with about a third of its 33,100-strong global workforce going through the in-house program. It cut classes that didn't work and retooled others. "What's important is that it aligns with our overall business strategy," says Karen May, Google's vice president of leadership and talent, who has led the revamping of GoogleEDU."

More States Freed From No Child Left Behind Law
ABC News
"A strong, bipartisan reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act remains the best path forward in education reform, but as 26 states have now demonstrated, our kids can't wait any longer for Congress to act," Duncan said in a ...

What is a Good Teacher Worth?
New York Times (blog)
Rote memory and learning for the sake of taking a test were not engaging them or validating their sense of self worth. They wanted ... But what they need from their education is more than the memorization of facts – they need great teaching ...

On McGuinty's negotiation with teachers, the jury is still out
Globe and Mail
... other three big teachers' unions. And when it comes to the province's short-term fiscal needs, the memorandum of understanding with the Ontario English CatholicTeachers Association that was unveiled on Thursday – subject to adoption by regional...

Globe and Mail

'No Child' Law Whittled Down by White House
New York Times
The use of tests to judge teacher effectiveness is a departure from No Child Left Behind, which used test scores to rate schools and districts. Congress has tried and failed repeatedly to reauthorize the education law over the past five years ... Mr ...

New York Times

No Child Left Behind Waivers Granted To More Than Half Of US States
Huffington Post
In exchange for the waivers, states had to agree to parts of the Obama education agenda, which includes a "college- and career-ready" standards and grading teachers, in part, in accordance with students' standardized test scores. ... “It is a ...

Wash., Wis. Win US 'No Child Left Behind' Waivers
ABC News
The U.S. Department of Education is announcing that two more states have won their bid to be relieved of some requirements of the federal "No Child Left Behind" Law. Washington and Wisconsin are joining 24 other states that ... In order to get a waiver ...

Washington, Wisconsin win 'No Child Left Behind' waivers
Fox News
Washington's waiver application emphasized its embrace of new national education standards, the state's new teacher and principal evaluations, and its efforts to take a broader look at student achievement beyond reading and math by also testing for ...

Immigration voted best teaching strategy
Washington Post (blog)
Our best teaching strategy competition has a winner — a smart social studies teacher at Connelly School of the Holy Child. ... Why not celebrate very specific lessons? Many teachers submitted their best ideas. Readers picked their favorites. The ...

Administration grants more states relief from No Child education law
Washington Times (blog)
"It is a remarkable milestone that in only five months, more than half of the states in the country have adopted state-developed, next-generation education reforms to improve student learning and classroom instruction," Education Secretary Arne Duncan ...

Washington Times (blog)

Province, English Catholic Teachers reach agreement
This Memorandum of Understanding reached yesterday between the province and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association sends a strong signal that the McGuinty government and its Broader Public Sector (BPS) partners can reach agreements that ...


Obama Frees More Than Half of States on 'No Child' Rules
President Barack Obama freed more than half of U.S. states from No Child Left Behind education- testing rules after they pledged to turn around low-performing schools and tie teacher evaluations to student achievement. ... by Congress through ...

To the Presidential Contenders: Why Not Agree on Education?
Huffington Post
Loading... Standardized Testing · Teachers · School Bullying · Education Reform · More ....Obama tacked right with Race to the Top, which offered financial carrots to states that designed realteacher evaluations and opened their doors for innovative ...

Brooklyn Teacher Is Fatally Stabbed
New York Times
Simeonette Mapes, 29, a social studies teacher at the School for Classics, was found dead by her husband in their Staten Island home. ... Her husband works as an English teacher at the school. On a posting on her Facebook page from June, Ms. Mapes ...

Dwight Duncan urges other unions to follow Catholics teachers' lead
Toronto Star
A contract deal with 45000 Catholic teachers should be the template for one million other Ontarians on the public payroll, says Dwight Duncan. ... “I am hopeful that other education partners take the Minister of Education (Laurel Broten) up on her ...

Budding teacher, a Cupertino native, snags KSTF Teaching Fellowship
San Jose Mercury News
... been recognized with a major teaching award.Elizabeth Beans recently learned she is the winner of the prestigious Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Teaching Fellowship, a major nationalteaching award. ... expects to be a full-time teacher by ...

Education, Reimbursement Options are Key Components of Effective ...
MarketWatch (press release)
The report, "Online Patient Support Excellence: Using Brand Website Services for Condition and Treatment Education," probes 10 chronic care product websites through 51 support categories that appear across the patient lifecycle, from getting started ...

Texas' low special education rate raises questions
Bryan College Station Eagle
... education rate raises questions. HOUSTON — The percentage of special education students in Texas public schools has declined to the lowest of any state, and teachers and parents say. ... Jack Fletcher, a University of Houston professor on the ...

Kids and Laughing Teachers Bullied Suicide Teen
ABC News (blog)
The suicide of a 13-year-old boy in southern Japan after classmates systematically bullied him — even making him “practice” suicide — while teachers ignored the abuse or laughed has prompted soul-searching among educators across the country. One of ...

Teachers attend Obama-themed NEA convention
“You are our knight in shining armor — Sarah C., Norman, Okla.,” read one inscription. But this Obama love fest in Washington was not a campaign event. The nearly 9000 gathered were teachersin town for the National Education Association's weeklong ...
The battle over Chicago schools' future
Chicago Tribune
... of union contention. It might be teacher "accountability," including merit pay, and identifying failing schools and teachers. ... The name of the nation's largest labor union — the National Education Association — seems calculated to blur the ...

Chicago Tribune

The education blob
Desert Dispatch
Jeanne Allen of the Center for Education Reform says that attempts to improve the government monopoly have run “smack into federations, alliances, departments, councils, boards, commissions, panels, herds, flocks and convoys that make up the education ...

It's the digital dawn of open online learning
In contrast to traditional higher education, which closes learning off from the world, open learningis transparent and accessible to anyone with internet access. ... The Khan Style Video creates a remarkable intimacy between teacher and student ...

Ambow Education Tumbles as Finance Chief Resigns on Quarter Loss
Ambow Education Holding Ltd. fell to the lowest on record in New York after the Beijing-based education service provider's Chief Financial Officer resigned and the company reported a first-quarter net loss.

TAL Education Group to Announce First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2013 Financial ...
TAL Education Group to Announce First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2013 Financial Results on July 24, 2012. ... The Company's network includes 270 physical learning centers as of February 29, 2012, located in 14 key cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai ...

NYC Teacher, 29, Found Fatally Stabbed in Staten Island Home
NBC New York
Mapes had been working as a social studies teacher in Brooklyn schools since 2006, according to the Department of Education. Since 2009, she had taught at the School for Classics: An Academy of Thinkers, Writers and Performers, where her husband ...
Kathryn Camille Murray, Former Teacher, Allegedly Had Sex With ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Colorado high school physical education teacher and basketball coach Lauren Redfern was charged with sexual assault on a child by a person of a position of trust with a pattern of sexual abuse after suspicions arose that she was having an ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

Measuring the results of on-line learning — Marginal Revolution
By Tyler Cowen
Here is a paper from Marsha Lovett, Oded Meyer, and Candace Thille: Abstract The Open LearningInitiative (OLI) is an open educational resources project at Carnegie Mellon University that began in 2002 with a grant from The William and ...
Marginal Revolution

Over 100000 Local Teaching Jobs Have Been Lost In The Last Year ...
By Joe Weisenthal
According to the latest BLS report (page 30 of this pdf), local education jobs dropped by 14 in the last month, and over the last year, the number is down by over 100K, from 7.9 million in June 2011 to 7.8 million. Note the highlighted line near ...
Money Game

Beaverton parents consider challenges of fundraising for teacher ...
By Dominique Fong, The Oregonian
Raising money for teacher salaries poses challenges of equity, because low-income schools wouldn't be able to raise as much as those with wealthier families. Some parents, desperate to keep theirteachers, considered the option. ... At least two or three teaching jobs at her children's Cedar Hills school are among the 344 positions being cut across the Beaverton School District this summer. Of those, 324 are teaching positions, including librarians, technology and music teachers.
Washington County News

A TEACHER'S STUNNING whiteboard art. A US teacher - PJ Media
By Glenn Reynolds
A TEACHER'S STUNNING whiteboard art. A US teacher created these astonishing artworks on a classroom whiteboard – during his 25-minute lunch break. Gregory Euclide started the project to show his pupils, in the Minnesota River Valley, ...

NEA 2012: Obama Phones It In (Literally) - Teacher Beat - Education ...
By Stephen Sawchuk
Education Week's blogs > Teacher Beat See our Teachers news coverage · Teacher ... Stephen Sawchuk, a former federal education beat writer, turns his inner policy geek to digging around in the weeds of the teaching profession. Join him ...
Teacher Beat - Education Week

NYC School Teacher Simonette Mapes-Crupi Found Fatally ...
By pvictorwins
Simonette Mapes-Crupi, 29, was found by her husband in their New Springville apartment around 1:50 p.m..
CBS New York

The Education Blob - Reason.com
By John Stossel
Jeanne Allen of the Center for Education Reform says that attempts to improve the government monopoly have run "smack into federations, alliances, departments, councils, boards, commissions, panels, herds, flocks and convoys that make up the education ... Tooley says parents with meager resources still sacrifice to send their kids to private schools because the private owner does something that's virtually impossible in government schools: replace teachers who do not teach.
Reason.com Full Feed

John Stossel on the Education Blob - Hit & Run : Reason.com
By Reason.com
Since progressives want government to run health care, let's look at what government management did to K-12 education. While most every other service in life has gotten better and cheaper, Americaneducation remains stagnant. Spending ...
Hit & Run

Teachers' Union Expelled from School District
The trouble with education in this country starts and ends with unions. They are ... The district, in the interest of transparency, wanted other professional teacher ...

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