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The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

Education Reform: U.S. schools making little progress

Education Reform: U.S. schools making little progress in improving student ...
The state of U.S. public education has been a whipping boy for decades with various schemes -- charter schools, vouchers, incentives for both students and teachers -- having little effect on overall performance. No Child Left Behind, which requires a specific ...


The Education Report: Is failure to report child abuse in schools a matter of policy?
San Jose Mercury News
Student Teacher: The law says that as a teacher I am required to report directly to the Child Protective Services. I sign an oath and I am ultimately responsible. HOWEVER, in teachercredential programs and in Oakland Unified, teachers are told to report the ...

Learning the difference between deranged, depraved
The Southern
Learning the difference between deranged, depraved. Print Email. 2012-07-22T01:00:00Z Learningthe difference between deranged, depravedBY GARY METRO thesouthern.com. 2 hours ago • BY GARY METRO · (0) Comments. It is the stuff of nightmares, ...

Teachers learning to file assault complaints
"Even in those cases where teachers do file a complaint with their administrators, it is common for that report not to be forwarded to the police -- a direct violation of the law," said Robin Kaplan-Cho, whose job with the Connecticut Education Association includes advising teachers of their rights and responsibilities. She and ... Carmella Lorusso, an eighth-grade English teacher at Tisdale School in Bridgeport, said she was assaulted by a student in the 2010-11 school year after more than 25 years of teaching. "I went to ...

On education, McKenna and Inslee have similar ideas, but charter schools ...
The Seattle Times
"We have to make sure our teachers are trained to teach in the subject they'reteaching," he said. Inslee, who credits his father, a high-school biology teacher, for his thinking on education, would address the school dropout rate by increasing counselors and ...

The Seattle Times

Is failure to report child abuse in schools a matter of policy?
Inside Bay Area
"The child sexual abuse scandal at The Pennsylvania State University, other recent incidents of child abuse and findings contained within the Government Accountability Office's (GAO) prior work for the Committee on Education and the Workforce have raised a number of ... HOWEVER, in teachercredential programs and in Oakland Unified, teachers are told to report the incidents to their principal and document, document, document the date, time, circumstances, and place you were when you reported the incident.

Dan DeGrow: Pact aids education
Port Huron Times Herald
In an era when constant labor unrest is the norm, the St. Clair County Regional Educational Service Agency has a new teacher contract supported unanimously by the board of education and the union. It is positive for the teachers, RESA and, most important, ...

Education board superintendent in Japan under fire for travel after bullied boy's ...
Sacramento Bee
OTSU, Japan -- The superintendent of the Otsu Municipal Board of Education in Japan has come under criticism for making an official visit to Australia soon after a bullied 13-year-old boy killed himself. Kenji Sawamura visited Mosman, an eastern Australian ...

Letters: Teaching to the test
Los Angeles Times
I am a recently retired high school social studies teacher. My students were required to do one ...each year to drilling students on test questions. My evaluations centered on test scores, not actual student learning. ... The difference between schools in the U.S. and those of its competitors abroad was best summed up in 2006 by Tharman Shanmugaratnam,Singapore'sminister of education, when he said that his country has a talent meritocracy while Americans have an exam meritocracy. Rankings on closely watched ...

Teacher at girls' school banned from teaching for 'obsession with sex'
Dr Davis – a fellow of the Royal Historical Society – has now been banned fromteaching in England indefinitely after a Teaching Agency panel found he had engaged in “unacceptable professional conduct” through repeated use of “inappropriate sexual comments”. ... “With the increasing paperwork required by teachers and the lack of respect from UK pupils, I much prefer teaching abroad, so probably wouldn't teach in the UK again. ... FREE PRINCE2 Project Management qualification from The LearningPeople ...


Real learning, or online scam?
Albany Times Union
Sadly, many credit recovery programs exist with no level of measurable accountability, and without empirical data to suggest completing a course online provides a better learning experience than being in a classroom. A 2009 U.S. Department of Education ...

Litchfield's teacher dress code sparking questions
Tucson Citizen
At a time when tattoos, edgy hair colors and facial piercings have lost their shock value, someteachers worry that dress codes are open to broad interpretation and are concerned about how the rules will be enforced. The Litchfield ... At a time when education leaders are coping with salary, budget, student-performance and accountability issues, dress codes have not been a major issue, said Ed Bufford, a teacher in Phoenix Union and member of the Phoenix Union ClassroomTeachers Association. “What it boils ...

'Tragic' layoff of teacher? He's still teaching
Las Vegas Review - Journal
Edward Savarese's story isn't "tragic," as stated by Assemblywoman Debbie Smith in the July 15 Review-Journal ("Success, but no security: Lauded teacher still laid off"). Mr. Savarese is stillteaching for the Clark County School District. Finally, waaaay down ...

Gebhart: Education veteran tells classroom war stories
Delaware County Daily Times
I refer to “Oops, I'm a Teacher” by Dr. Wilson Frampton, better known as “Bud,” whose provenance includes 33 years as a teacher in the Penn-Delco School District, a term on the school board, plus two masters and a doctor of education degree. In case you ... The course is limited to APteachers, and this year there are 200 taking part from 10 states plus Mexico and Germany. But let's... “When I began teaching, in the '70s, I was surprised that there was hardly any mention of the Holocaust in our history books. I took a ...

Back to School: Deciphering education jargon often like being in a foreign land
East Valley Tribune
In a nutshell — and this may be oversimplifying it – these standards emphasize critical thinking over the rote learning of facts. ... For the most part, it means students are receiving instruction from a teacher, while also using technology to add to that learning. ... East Valley district and charter schools. To offer this globally-recognized learning program to students, a school must be accepted through an inspection and application process. Teachers then receive training. IB learning focuses on creating “world citizens,” with ...

Core Education eyes GCC
Khaleej Times
It provides various products and solutions at various stages of education — K12,teachers training, higher education and vocational training courses. ... “We focus on 21st-century learning skills and solutions for education systems and believe that technology-enabled learning solutions, skill development and comprehensive school quality improvement programmes will play an essential role in the GCC in the ... Our solutions impact the four basic pillars of education — teaching, learning, assessment, governance.

Khaleej Times

Coalition's work had lasting impact for Hispanics
Pueblo Chieftain
Out of the blue, I received an email from a young Ph.D. candidate, asking if I was “the same” Dr. Alvin Rivera who testified before Congress in 1979 on behalf of the Hispanic Higher Education Coalition. With a smile, I wrote back to affirm my “guilt,” sending ...

Gail Kerr: Report aims to bring fairness to teacher evaluations
The Tennessean
TN education reform hits bump in teacher evaluation. It's not that Tennessee public schoolteachers don't want to be evaluated. They do. ... “I don't believe teachers should be graded on student test scores, even value-added scores,” said Lori Bervoets, an elementary school teacher in Williamson County. “Value added” means the students are scored on whether they got a year's worth of learning compared with the year before. “Time and time again, the best scores are in the wealthy areas,” she said. “There are too ...

No magic bullet to fix education
It isn't being easy being a teacher these days. Over the past three years, hundreds of thousands of public school teachers have lost their jobs nationally; the exact number is hard to pin down, but it's large — and probably unprecedented since public school became compulsory. ... What drives all these education reform efforts is the touching but equally faulty idea that there's a magic bullet that will dramatically improve schools and provide every student with mastery of the curriculum and top-notch job skills. Education ...

The Texas GOP has set itself explicitly against teaching children to be critical ...
The Seattle Times
... reads as follows: "We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior ...

Education officials expect No Child waiver will increase spending flexibility
Longview Daily News
"This removes some of the strings as to how you can spend Title I dollars," said Dana Jones, executive director of teaching and learning for the Longview School District. "Now we can ... Based on a needs assessment, "we might devote some of those dollars to additional teachers," she said. In the past, districts weren't allowed to spend Title I funds on special education. Jones said one of the three main reasons Washington received the waiver was the new Teacher-Principal Evaluation system that is being developed.

Q&A: New Oakland teachers union leader hopes to end marathon stalemate in ...
Inside Bay Area
The teachers put forth a new contract proposal in June that calls for a 4 percent raise; by contrast, in 2008 the union demanded a 20 percent increase -- a sum Gorham said she felt was deserved, but unrealistic. ... year, with the way the closings of schools went with no community involvement ... the way the accelerated TSAs (new, teacher-on-special assignment positions for which teachers at three high schools had to apply if they wanted to keep teaching on the campus) came about, with no discussion with the union.

Romney knows innovation will improve education
As the chair of the Education Committee in the state Senate, I also look at ways that we can incorporate best practices into our schools — innovations that serve the student, the teacher and the parent. This is a team effort that involves the ... New Hampshire received a national award for Innovation in Education, our dropout rate is 1 percent, and our Department of Education is working with schools and teachers to pass along best practices to other school districts across the state. In the Legislature, we have supported ...

Tom Humphrey: Teacher evaluations are nothing compared to lawmakers' tests
Knoxville News Sentinel
If you think the process for evaluating teachers is rational and reasonable, well, ask a teacher or two about it and then settle in for a discourse that will not often include those words. Despite its many shortcomings, however, the teachers' system at least has ...

TalkBack: Haley, teachers, the North, Bingo
Aiken Standard
TalkBack: Haley, teachers, the North, Bingo 7/21/2012 11:45 PM Lack of support I voted for Nikki Haley in the primary based in large part on her campaign promise to work more closely with the legislature than Sanf . ... I reckon since it is the "Governor's" School of the Arts and the "Governor's" School of Science her way of showing lack of support for public education is consistent with reducing funding for those two institutions. ... How can this possibly be encouraging good people to stay in the teaching profession?

Teaching children to say no | Danwei
By Julien Leyre
Teaching children to say no. By Rose Luqiu Luwei, July 10 2012. In this post Rose Luqiu Luwei explores the problem of child abuse in China. Recently, male alumni from her Middle School started a Weibo thread discussing events that took place ... the post finishes with a sexual education scene in a Shanghai primary school, where children are taught that when adults behave in a certain way with them, they should very firmly say 'no', and quickly report it to their parents and teachers.

The Fischbowl: An Education Bubble?
By Karl Fisch
So if Education (capital 'E") is not the answer, what is? Perhaps it's learning. Now, to be fair, I have no idea how to "scale" such an idea, and specifically no idea how to make sure the least advantaged among us can take advantage of the ...
The Fischbowl

See What Effect Your Education Has On Income - Business Insider
By Ashley Lutz
As millions of people in the U.S. are crippled by student loan debt and high unemployment, policy-makers are raising the question of whether college is even a good investment. But one thing's for sure--the higher your education level, the ...
Business Insider

Florida Dept. Of Education Makes Slight Grade Changes « CBS Miami
By cbs4macdonald
However, Commissioner of Education Gerard Robinson is pleased that only slight changes were needed. “The fact that eight percent of school grades will increase not only affirms the hard work of Florida's students, teachers and district ...
CBS Miami

Let's Get Rid of Subs - Teacher in a Strange Land - Education Week ...
By Nancy Flanagan
If there were ever an outmoded, past-its-prime practice in education--something that deserves the dustbin--it's "covering" classes of absent teachers with substitutes. Doesn't matter what you call them (in my building, it was "guest teacher," as if ...
Teacher in a Strange Land

Lafayette teacher arrested for sex with student - WAFB 9 News ...
A Lafayette High School teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student at the school.
WAFB - Local News

Bioethics Discussion Blog: Is Current "Teaching" Medical Students ...
By Maurice Bernstein, M.D.
Should we, in medical school education, really be teaching students only about the options available for taking a history, for performing a physical exam, for making a diagnosis, for providing treatment and for the overall practice of medicine ...
Bioethics Discussion Blog

Diogenes' six: Ed reform and teacher evaluation
By ched macquigg
Ed reform and teacher evaluation. By any reasonable measure, public education is performing poorly.Teachers play a part in the failure, but overall, a smaller part than most people think. There is no weak link in public education, the whole ...
Diogenes' six

E-Learning and a fresh look at Multiple Choice questions...
By Jason Renshaw
Multiple choice questions are usually applied as part of the horror of exams, but also increasingly in E-Learning courses in the quest to create automation and reduce the need for interaction withteachers. Sorry... The official line is ... If we put a little more effort into it... The sample shown below, using Articulate Storyline, demonstrates how we might apply multiple choice as more of a learningexperience (rather than an exam), with additional explanations (text and voice) from a teacher: ...
English Raven
National Endowment for Financial Education - NEFE High School ...
DENVER—The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), in cooperation with Forbes.com, commissioned an online poll conducted by Harris ...

Learning as leaders. | Connected Principals
Learning as leaders. July 22, 2012. By Lyn Hilt. From Scott McLeod's Pinterest. As part of Pennsylvania's Inspired Leadership (PIL) program, as a principal I ...

Teachers learn ways to keep students' attention, but are brain claims ...
Wednesday morning at Walsh University, 450 teachers and. ... Biffle, one of the co-founders of Southern California-based Whole Brain Teaching LLC, is leading a ... and popular, judging byteacher testimonials and company-conducted polls. ... as "one of the fastest growing education reform movements in the United States.

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