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The Future of Public Higher Education

TheFuture of Public Higher Education (video)
Bill Gates was the keynote speaker at an event to mark the upcoming 150th anniversary of the Morrill Land Grant Act. He spoke about funding universities, college admissions, and the costs of higher education. President Lincoln signed the Morrill Act into law on July 2, 1862. The law established funding for public colleges and universities through federal land grants. http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/GatesonP

Compromise led to deal on teacher tenure
Philadelphia Inquirer
"What a piece of legislation like this is really meant to do is change culture," said Derrell Bradford, executive director of the policy arm of the group Better Education for New Jersey Kids. "We're asking teachers and leaders to focus on something ...

The Education Report: New data on Oakland's dropout rates
San Jose Mercury News
The four-year graduation rate in the Oakland Unified School District rose about four points in the latest estimate released today by the California Department of Education.

Teachers Cautioned Against Planned Strike
The Deputy Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) responsible for Education, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, said here on Saturday that it was not proper for teachers to go on strikes as the Teachers' Union ...

Plan for teacher evaluations may need review
Poughkeepsie Journal
In the end, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state legislators opted to split the difference when it comes to making teacher evaluations public, a decision that can be supported for now but might need to be revisited in time. ... State leaders did agree, however ...

University Leaders Thank Corbett for Restored Education Funding
Gant Daily
Tom Corbett has announced funding in the 2012-13 fiscal year will be restored to 2011-12 budget levels for Pennsylvania's state and state-related universities, in addition to record funding for basic education. The presidents and chancellors of Pitt ...

Gant Daily

Special investigators question APS teachers' reinstatements
Atlanta Journal Constitution
In other cases, Bromery added, APS lawyers found that a small number of individuals altered tests administered by a larger number of teachers. “Therefore, we know it is possible for an individual teacher's tests to be altered without the teacher ...

Educators say Michigan Merit Exams, ACT tests reveal 'shameful' achievement ...
Education Trust-Midwest: While white student achievement has risen slightly over five years, scores for black and Hispanic students and students in poverty “remain grim,”


NJ teacher tenure changes born of compromise
Christie's choice: Should NJ governor sign a teacher-tenure bill with a major compromise? ... to make it easier for public schools to oust ineffective educators. But building a consensus meant dropping a change that most other states have already made ...

Grassley: Department of Education oversteps authority
Mason City Globe Gazette
He said fault fell on state Democratic lawmakers because they did not include the governor's recommendation for a teacher evaluation system in this year's education reform package. Iowa is one of several states that applied for a waiver to some of the ...

Pasadena Unified 's cuts will include layoffs
Pasadena Sun
The district is cutting positions or reducing work hours for teachers, special-education teachingaides, librarians, custodians and clerical staff. The $175-million budget approved Tuesday is the fifth in the last six years to be smaller than the ...

Chatham Education Foundation distributes $66000 in grants
Independent Press - NJ.com
With this award, each EXCEL, special education and math teacher will receive a Logitech Wireless Presenter. These devices will allow teachers to move about the classroom and interact more fully with their students while utilizing their SmartBoards ...

Independent Press - NJ.com

Learning to Lead
Journalist Ron Suskind, in his recent book, Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington and the Education of a President (HarperCollins, 2011), wrote that Obama led without sufficient “tough love” during the financial crisis. “Disputes among his top ...


Rebuilding education from the ruins: Afghan minister
"The whole infrastructure had collapsed in 2001, most institutions were closed, the outstandingteachers had left the country... and women were totally excluded from education system," he said. The Taliban ruled Afghanistan September 1996-October 2001.

Teaching by example
Corvallis Gazette Times
Senate Bill 250, which took effect last July, was drafted by two Oregon lawmakers following years of news about funding scandals in the Willamette and Baker education service districts. It allowed school districts in those two ESDs plus the Multnomah ...

Brooklyn Teacher Caught on Tape Beating 15-Year-Old Student, Mother Sues ...
News One
Fifteen-year-old Kristoff John was running late for school at George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in Brooklyn, New York, when he tried to swipe his card through the secured entrance. When that didn't work, the teen tried to ...

News One

Education Notes: Scott serves as Orientation Leader at Huntingdon
Newnan Times-Herald
Funded in part by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the initiative follows prior research by the Institute for a Competitive Workforce that ranked Georgia 31st among all states for the return on its investment in education and 39th for ...

OC's public face of education retires
News: Public face of O.C. public education retires | habermehl, county, school, education, schools, orange, year, percent, superintendent, local. ... "Teachers don't get enough recognition;education doesn't get enough recognition," Habermehl said ...

From ABC to PHD
Washington Post (blog)
This was written by Michele Kerr, a second-career teacher with a master's in education from Stanford University, with credentials in math, history, and English. She will start her fourth year of teaching in the fall. This appeared on Larry Cuban's blog ...

Teachers to escort students from home to school and back in rural UP
Times of India
With the start of the new session, teachers and non-teaching employees in schools in rural and semi-urban areas will escort students, particularly girls, from their homes to schools and back.... and ensure security to the children. Speaking to TOI ...

Giving up control of education
Reuters Blogs (blog)
AFT chief Randi Weingarten's latest big idea is to implement a kind of bar exam which all teachers would have to pass, whether they went to a formal teacher'scollege or not — essentially moving the idea of test-based teaching up a notch from the ...

Reuters Blogs (blog)

Student Loan Deal Pales Against Other Education Cuts
KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest
It came down to the wire, but finally, Republicans and Democrats agreed on a deal that keeps the interest rate on government-backed student loans from doubling. It will save the average borrower about $1000 a year, but the compromise is likely to cost ...

KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest
Why teachers really hate standardized testing - Holy Kaw!
Standardized tests are now the fashion for holding a struggling public education system “accountable” for the work being done in the nation's classrooms, but when veteran teacherMarion Brady spoke with graduates of the class of '61 last fall, ... Teachers (at least the ones the public should hope their taxes are supporting) oppose the tests because they focus so narrowly on reading and math that the young are learning to hate reading, math, and school; because they measure only ...
Holy Kaw!

New Orleans Teachers Get Justice, but Schools Still Under Attack ...
By Michelle Chen
Often, he added, the charters that many have hailed as an emblem of progress “are run like private schools by self-appointed boards without any parent, community, or teacherrepresentation… ... In lieu of a fully credentialed teaching workforce, students could geteducation a la carte with “a new catalogue of courses offered by universities, private companies, or individual teachers that high school students will be able to pay for using tax dollars that would otherwise flow to their school.

Instructional technology and college education « Exponential Book
By Massimo
It is not that I dislike change per se — quite the opposite, if anything; and there is no reason why teaching, and more generally the way society organizes and administer the education of its youths, should not be constantly evolving, in a way mirroring cultural and economic transformations. However ... Great emphasis should be placed on the difference betweenlearning and obtaining a degree, and on the superior educational experience of classroom-based instruction. The day we ...
Exponential Book

Education Ministry reviews mounting Graduation cost : Kaieteur News
By KNews
Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, believes that there is nothing wrong with having a child rewarded for the achievement, but says that the cost attached to such a ceremony has become a burden in too many instances for parents, and ...
Kaieteur News

Daily Kos: Political Rhetoric (3): "Education reform?" STOP IT ...
By rss@dailykos.com (Dave in Northridge)
advocates abolishing teacher tenure; permitting more teachers without formal education training to take charge of classrooms; evaluating teachers in large measure by their students' growth on standardized tests; and expanding charter schools, which are publicly funded but typically run by private corporations, ... Thus programs that truly provide online learning opportunities beyond the typical classroom must be a part of the portfolio we pursue under the heading of education reform.

A College Education Within Reach: Obama Grants | Radar ...
A College Education Within Reach: Obama Grants For many people, a bright future starts with good education. Since running for office in 2008, President Barack Obama has made educationa priority issue for his administration. One major ...
Radar Tanggamus

LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE by Erik Dillard : Babblefish
By admin
As we get older though, we become more self-aware and self-conscious when learning another language to the point where we don't want to use it because it may end up showing how ignorant I am. Reply ... My French teacher speaks swedish, mandarin, korean, English, spanish, and of course French. =D It is ... Also, I think that should be more looked at as being something you choose to do for your own purposes, I for example use my education o music in appraising music of o ...

Our Play Space: Montessori Inspired Play & Learning Space
By Christie Burnett
Christie Burnett is an early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and the editor of Childhood 101. More importantly, she is a Mum who believes wholeheartedly in the value of children learningthrough play, the importance of quality early education, and the togetherness of family. Read more of Christie's adventures at http://childhood101.com. Thank you for visiting Childhood 101. If you are new here, you might like to subscribe to the RSS feed or receive updates direct to your email.

Free Technology for Teachers: The Teacher-Librarian is Your Best ...
By Mr. Byrne
skip to main | skip to sidebar. Free Technology for Teachers. Free Resources and Lesson Plans for Teaching with Technology ... in the last two decades than any other teaching position. If you are a K12 educator, you are aware of the term " technology integration", but did you know that perhaps your greatest assistance can come from the school media specialist (or teacher-librarian)? ... Trying to keep up-to-date on all things related to technology in education? It's a daunting task for ...
Free Technology for Teachers

5 More States Get Waivers From Education Law Rules
New York Times
In exchange for relief from conditions of the No Child Left Behind law, states agreed to enact new standards and evaluate schools and teachers based on students' academic progress. ... The department's approval of requests from Arkansas, Missouri ...

How Google is teaching computers to see” — Inductively | Larry ...
It appears that Google using “inductive learning” in this process, a process which I use extensively in my classes and which I've written about a lot in my books.

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