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News Corp to launch tablet education pilot

News Corp to launch tablet education pilot
Wall Street Journal
NEW YORK — News Corp. on Monday named its grade school education business Amplify and said it and AT&T would fund a pilot project that aims to put tablet computers in students' hands in the coming school year. AT&T will provide tablet computers that work on its 4G network and Wi-Fi network. None of the ... Wireless Generation says it currently provides services to more than 200000 teachers and 3 million students in all 50 states. It supports different ways of paying for tablets. Sometimes parents pay for them, ...

News Corporation Forms New Brand for Education Division
New York Times (blog)
In partnership with AT&T , the division will offer digital learning tools to kindergarten through grade 12 students, part of the media company's strategy to tap into the multibillion-dollar publiceducation market. ... The News Corporation first got into the education business in 2010 when it paid $360 million for a 90 percent stake in Wireless Generation, a company based in Brooklyn that builds education software, assessment tools for teachers and data systems that help measure children's performance and customize ...

A Tale of Two Schools: What New York Department of Education Is Getting Right
Huffington Post
Loading... Arne Duncan; School Bullying; Education Reform; Standardized Testing. More .... In hindsight, the case offers about as close to a scientific experiment as is possible in K-12education: two brand new schools, both teaching about 100-125 6th grade students, located in the same building, with the same kinds of students, all from Harlem. ... That year, DOE put ACE, which had moved in a consistently negative direction in terms of student learning and safety, on a school closure list with 18 other failing schools.

Education Dept Introduces College Cost 'Window Stickers'
ABC News (blog)
The Department of Education has released a new tool it says will help consumers understand the costs of higher education before making the choice of whether, and where, to enroll. Dubbed the “Shopping Sheet,” the Obama administration introduced today nationally standardized financial aid award letters ... At least one center of learning has already pledged to adopt the system: Mount Holyoke College. In a written statement, president Lynn Pasquerella said she hoped it would prompt other institutions to be more ...

News Corp., AT&T Experiment With Mobile Education on Tablets
Wall Street Journal
The media company's statement on Monday was its most detailed outline of its plans for expanding into the education sector since it spent $360 million in late 2010 to buy 90% of Wireless Generation, an education technology company that makes online tools to evaluate students and personalize instruction. Wireless Generation forms the core of Amplify. Amplify will take Wireless Generation's offerings a step further by introducing more original curricula and tools designed for students rather than teachers.

Education Secretary encourages colleges to adopt easy-to-understand student ...
Washington Post
U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan is urging colleges and universities to adopt an easy-to-understand financial aid form to help students make smarter decisions on where to study, how to pay and determine what they'll owe. The Department of Education ...

Stockard: Bureaucracy overwhelms teachers across the state
Greenville News
Mary Crawford, a 38-year teacher with 24 years in Rutherford County Schools, retired from David Youree Elementary School this spring because the new testing and evaluation requirements simply wore her out. They weren't worth the effort. “I love teaching ...

The Special Education Problems We Aren't Solving
New York Times
And so we fail the many students who are like Danny and Eve, and the problems that we don't solve quietly hinder the potential effectiveness of special education reform. ... are labeled special ed. when the school or teachers tell the parent that there kids are special ed, there is no scientific proof that your kids are special ed. plus with all that funding they don't even bring a psychologist to determine if kids have learning problem.they don't want to spend the money because special ed teachers needs bonus. you should ...

News Corp., AT&T Unveil Digital Education Business
Wall Street Journal
"We plan to bring to market a 4G mobile tablet-based experience that we believe will significantly enhance teaching and learning for grades K-12," said Ralph de la Vega, president and chief executive of AT&T Mobility, in a press release. News Corp. owns Amplify, but AT&T will be a "deep and ... News Corp.'s previous investments in the education sector include Wireless Generation, a provider of software, data systems and other tools to help teachers assess students' needs. Wireless Generation will be part of the ...

Higher Education Needs a Financing Overhaul
Today, a person studying for a doctorate, a pursuit that traditionally drew those with a thirst for pure learning, may well be aiming for a career in business in the same way as a candidate for a medical degree or a master's in business administration.


Teachers to be rated by pupil performance
Fredericksburg.com (blog)
School divisions throughout Virginia are implementing new teacher evaluations, as mandated by the state Department of Education. The federal government prompted the changes, which are... of a teacher's review to be based on student performance. In Virginia, that means that schools now must rate their teachers across seven standards: professional knowledge, instructional planning, instructional delivery, assessment of student learning, learningenvironment, professionalism and student academic performance.

Enrollment Off in Big Districts, Forcing Layoffs
New York Times
In Los Angeles, the district has dismissed more than 8500 teachers and othereducation workers in the last four years as enrollment fell by about 56000 students. The Mesa Unified District, which lost 7155 students between 2005 and 2010, has closed four ...

New York Times

Blackboard Integrates NCATE Teacher Preparation Standards with Blackboard ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education as the accrediting body for schools, colleges and departments of education, NCATE sets rigorous national standards for preparing teachers and other school professionals for ... "We are delighted to work with Blackboard to help our members readily access and measure standards directly within their online learning environment," said James G. Cibulka, president of the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Sally Ride's legacy lives in education programs
WRAL.com (blog)
She was 61. Ride was born in Encino, Calif., on May 26, 1951, to Dr. Dale Ride, a political science professor, and Joyce Ride, a former teacher. Education was always important in the Ride household, and it came in many forms. Sally Ride is best known as ...

WRAL.com (blog)

Astronaut Sally Ride, a Leader in STEM Education, Dies at 61
Education Week News (blog)
In 2001, she started the private company Sally Ride Science, which she once said was intended to "make science and engineering cool again," according to The New York Times, providing STEM-oriented educational programs, materials, and teacher training. She also wrote several science books for ... "[S]he was a true guiding light in science education," said Gerry Wheeler, the interim executive director of the National Science Teachers Association, in a press release. "Sally's work with NASA and her passionate ...

Michigan teacher delivers books by bike
New York Daily News (blog)
A third-grade teacher at Field Elementary School in Canton Township, Mich., (between Detroit and Ann Arbor, if you're not familiar), has found a way to get the best of his summer's dog days – and his students'. Pete Puzzuoli, 62, rides a three-wheeled bicycle ...

Chicago school board delays budget vote, worries charter leaders
Chicago Tribune
July 24, 2012. The Chicago school board's decision to postpone Wednesday's scheduled vote on a $5.73 billion budget for 2012-13 because of uncertainty over ateachers contract has stoked fears among charter school leaders that their funding could be cut. ... But she said the district is committed to protecting investments that it thinks will improve student learning, including the longer school day championed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and expanding seats in high-performing schools, including charters. "Ultimately ...

Chicago Tribune

The business and education side of college sports scandals
History has recorded its share of sports scandals in colleges and universities. The recent past has included; Ohio State University involving athletes trading memorabilia, Auburn University involving Cam Newton and alleged improper payments, University of ...


Westerville teachers union weighing strike
Columbus Dispatch
Leaders of the Westerville Education Association, the union that represents about 1000teachers in the district, have not returned emails or calls over the past week. But in a half-dozen emails in recent weeks, the union's leaders discouraged teachers from ...

Bernanke Champions Early Childhood Education
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Effective education can help reduce poverty, increase lifetime earnings and boost personal satisfaction at home and on the job, Mr. Bernanke said in a prerecorded video prepared for a conference of the Children's Defense Fund in Cincinnati. The Fed ... to reach their maximum potential, it harms not only those individuals, of course, but also the larger economy, which depends vitally on having a skilled, productive workforce,” said Mr. Bernanke, noting that his wife is a teacher and that he himself had been a professor.

Financial aid: How much students really owe
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- A new "financial aid shopping sheet" will show college applicants exactly how much money they will be forking over for their education and help them compare financial aid offers from the different schools they're considering.

TAL Education Group Announces Unaudited Financial Results for the First Fiscal ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"In the coming quarters, we will seek to manage our revenue growth in the context of the overall health of our business, first and foremost ensuring we are providing a high-quality learningexperience to our students in each of the fifteen cities in which we have .... to continue to recruit, train and retain qualified teachers; its ability to improve the content of its existing course offerings and to develop new courses; its ability to maintain and enhance its brand; its ability to maintain and continue to improve its teaching results; ...

Learning from Penn State's near death penalty
Iowa City Press Citizen
Learning from Penn State's near death penalty. The NCAA decided against imposing the 'death penalty' on Penn State's football program.- 7:28 pm. Got moving woes? Try Rummage in the Ramp. In a recent guest column, local photographer Adrianne ...

News Summary: News Corp brands education business Amplify
Washington Post
NEW NAME: News Corp. named its grade school education business Amplify. NEW PRODUCT: News Corp. and AT&T will fund a pilot project that aims to put tablet computers in students' hands. None of the schools selected to participate will have to pay for ...

How 60 Kids, 3 Teachers, and 1 Innovative Principal are Improving Teacher ...
Sacramento Bee
"Ask any child in our building who their teacher is and it becomes plainly obvious they have not one, but three teachers accountable for their continued success," said Ms. Kerr. The goal of the Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters is to ...

News Corp brands education business Amplify
CBS News
Joel Klein, the former New York City schools who joined News Corp. in January 2011 to head up its education initiatives, will lead the company. News Corp., which is based in New York, announced in November 2010 that it would take a 90 percent stake in ...

The Global Search for Education: Art in Education
Huffington Post (blog)
Arne Duncan; School Bullying; Education Reform; Standardized Testing. More. Log in Create ....Ruskin was Oxford University's first Slade Professor of Fine Art. I recently had the pleasure to connect with Professor Robert Hewison after reading his illuminating book, Ruskin and Oxford: The Art of Education. "Ruskin believed that .... My own view is that the arts are just as intellectually rigorous, just as demanding and just as exacting in their standards of excellence as any other field of learning. The students here at the ...

An Amazon Education - NYTimes.com
Amazon generally saves its home page for promoting the Kindle Fire or offering various deals keyed to the customer's previous purchases. On Monday, however, users saw an unusual letter from Jeff Bezos, the retailer's chief executive, talking ...

91% of Teachers Have Computer Access [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Samantha Murphy
... finding its place in education. About 81% of teachers believe tablets enrich classroomlearning, and one in five students have used a mobile app to keep coursework organized. ... I asked them how they could possibly in today's tech world, teaching the tech generation and working within the education system, be so computer-illiterate and all three said that they were never allowed to use computers in the class-room and forbidden to be on the internet. July 23, 2012 12:59:27 Reply 1 ...
Mashable » Tech

Student Crossword | The 2012 London Olympics - The Learning ...
The Learning Network - Teaching and Learning With The New York Times ... Teachers can use or adapt our lessons across subject areas and levels. ... “I had gone off to be a teacher, asking myself from time to time if it is possible to teach English in such a way that people stop killing each other”. ... One could easily see this one factor and decide that because of their immigration status they are ineligible to receive an education (and many other necessary things) from our country.
The Learning Network

CBS To Do Music Special For Teachers - Deadline.com
Carrie Underwood and Josh Groban topline Teachers Rock, an hourlong music special, which will broadcast from Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on Saturday, Aug. 18 o.

Learning Takes Time - The Chronicle of Higher Education
By Sandy Baum and Michael McPherson
Learning Takes Time. July 23, 2012, 4:14 pm. By Sandy Baum and Michael McPherson. We are not the first to suggest that enrolling for college classes has a lot in common with signing up for a gym membership. The promise of both types of investment is that you will emerge from them a changed person. The gym .... If much of the time spent listening to those lectures is wasted, as much contemporary research on learning suggests, this mode of teaching is staggeringly expensive.

Resting After Learning Aids Memory | Psych Central News
By Rick Nauert PhD
The adage “use it or lose it” has led many aging adults to work on crossword puzzles, participate in web activities for memory improvement and do mental exercises to challenge cognition. A new study suggests that maybe all they really need ...
Psych Central News

Grant Program Funds Teachers to Travel the World and Develop ...
Operating in 36 states, Fund For Teachers has given more than $17.8 million in grant money since 2001, sending educators around the world to develop lessons on technology, STEM, and other topics.
THE Journal: All Current Articles

How to Make Money from Online Education | Via Meadia
By Walter Russell Mead
Online education programs are one of the most exciting trends in higher education today. Here at Via Meadia we've been closely following new programs like Coursera and EdX, which provide university-level classes from respected schools to ...
Via Meadia

How shareholders are learning to say "Yes, but" | GreenBiz.com
By Michael Kramer
How shareholders are learning to say "Yes, but". Socially responsible investors have long practiced the art of saying no. Now, many are learning that saying "Yes, but" can be just as effective -- and sometimes even more so. A growing number ...
GreenBiz.com Green and Sustainable...

News Corp., AT&T Experiment With Mobile Education on Tablets ...
By John Jannarone and Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg
News Corp. is forming a partnership with AT&T Inc. T to provide tablet-based learning and assessment products for kindergarten through grade 12. ... News Corp. also announced that itseducation business would be named Amplify. Read the ...

News Corp to launch tablet education pilot - seattlepi.com
NEW YORK (AP) — News Corp. on Monday named its grade school education business Amplify and said it and AT&T would fund a pilot project that aims to put tablet computers in students' hands in the coming school year. News Corp., based ...
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Education Dept Introduces College Cost 'Window Stickers' - Yahoo ...
News: The Department of Education has released a new tool it says will help ... At least one center of learning has already pledged to adopt the system: Mount Holyoke ... You scream when a teacher who makes $60000 gets a pension,Yet you .... education to be competitive in the future, invest more money in teachers, fire ...

Obama: $1 billion for master teacher corps — Joanne Jacobs
You are here: Home / Education / Obama: $1 billion for master teacher corps ... a “masterteacher corps,” starting with 50 math and science teachers who'd earn ...

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