"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

Confessions of a Bad Teacher

Confessions of a 'Bad' Teacher
New York Times
I AM a special education teacher. My students have learning disabilities ranging from autism and attention-deficit disorder to cerebral palsy and emotional disturbances. I love these kids, but they can be a handful. Almost without exception ...

New York Times 

Tensions grow in teachers battle
Vancouver Sun
The battle between the BC government and public school teachers sets the stage for an anxious weekend in homes across the province. Parents are scrambling to find safe places to put their children when the province's 41000 teachers begin a three-day ...

Education ministry to reveal schemes for pupils from low-income households
SINGAPORE - Schemes to help children from low and middle-income households and a push for values-driven education are some of the issues the Education Minister will touch on during his ministry's committee of supply budget debate next week.

Teacher Pipeline program helps interns explore career paths
Newnan Times-Herald
"The teachers I had did everything to help me be able to be successful in myeducation. I want to be the teacher that has an impact on my students and I want to be able to help them in any way I can." Simonton said she knew she wanted to be ateacher ...

Newnan Times-Herald

Teacher, student, parent offer opinions on BC teachers' strike
Winnipeg Free Press
The Canadian Press spoke to a teacher, student and parent to capture the pulse of the situation just before the strike begins. --- TEACHER If a headhunter were to show up at Todd Ablett's classroom and offer him a teaching job in Calgary, ...

Education transformation stillborn
Jamaica Gleaner
Teachers lack a clear understanding of how children learn and rarely use creative teaching methods to enrich students' learning experiences." "The quality of teaching is unsatisfactory across the school, with too many lessons deemed as failing.

BC teachers to strike for 3 days, starting March 5
Global BC
VANCOUVER - British Columbia Teachers' Federation says starting Monday, March 5, teachers in the province will hold a three day strike. Public school teachers in British Columbia had voted in favour of escalating job action late Wednesday night.

Education Forum Focuses on NCLB, Ballot Initiative
"It's the evolution of about four-and-a-half decades of federal policy in education." Polikoff broke down various accountability systems regarding the evaluation of schools, students and teachers, showing graphs detailing the differences in measures ...

E-Street: How is your family affected by the teachers' strike?
The Province
It's time government got out of the teaching business and sent it to the private sector, where less effective teachers could be held accountable instead of being rewarded as they are today, hiding behind a union. The possible action by the teachers ...

Education dominates 2012 Legislative session
Rapid City Journal
And then there's the most controversial bill of the session: HB1234, Daugaard's education reformplan. The governor proposed a package of changes aimed at rewarding the state's best and most-needed teachers while letting schools get rid of ...
Education dialogue with public
New Straits Times
The National Education Dialogue, scheduled to begin next month, will provide a platform to gauge the opinions of various levels of society on ways to improve the quality of teaching, learning and co-curricular activities, among others.

New Straits Times

Changing the education landscape
Shreveport Times
Bills filed Friday with the state Legislature show Jindal is proposing a sweeping transformation to the state's education landscape, moving for dramatic changes to teacher tenure, implementing a statewide voucher system akin to a system in place in ...
Absences clause hobbles district plan
Buffalo News
By Mary B. Pasciak State officials have told Buffalo school administrators they will not approve ateacher-evaluation plan that excludes students with excessive absences—a move that puts theteachers union at odds with the district's administration ...

Governor's ideas about education get mixed reviews here
Monroe Free Press
They told the audience of mostly teachers that the governor's ideas will destroy publiceducation under guise of helping the poor. Monyhan said the governor's ideas will not empowered teachers or poor parents, but will weaken the system by taking money ...

Monroe Free Press

Teacher regrets 'error in judgment' having class write letters to education ...
Vancouver Sun
The Greater Victoria school district is investigating an incident in which a teacher sent EducationMinister George Abbott a package of letters from her Grade 1 students, urging him to stop bullyingteachers. Superintendent John Gaiptman confirmed late ...

What Teachers Make - The Book
Wired News
By Daniel Donahoo Over ten years ago, teacher and spoken word performer Taylor Mali set himself a challenge, he wanted to inspire 1000 people to become teachers. If you haven't heard of Taylor, you may have heard or read his words.

Archbishop Mitty High School embraces iPad as learning tool
San Jose Mercury News
Next fall the school will rent an iPad for all 1680 students and 104 teachers, putting Mitty at the vanguard of a quickening trend toward digitalized education. "What's coming this fall is huge, and I think you'll see it happening in every school ...

TN to soon publicize teachers' ratings, but is it worth it?
The Tennessean
Flores, a mother of three, says she supports releasing teachers' final rankings. / Sanford Myers / The Tennessean Schools are required to notify parents if their child's teacher is not certified in a subject he or she is teaching.

Jeff Jacoby Yes, colleges are full of liberal elites
Boston Globe
By Jeff Jacoby COMMENTATORS, NOT all of them Democrats, have been having a field day since GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum charged Barack Obama with snobbery for pushing the idea that everyone needs a college education.

Boston Globe

Education funding skews toward wealthy districts long term
The Mercury
By Evan Brandt Since 2008, school districts with a low income population and high property tax rate, like Pottstown, have absorbed up to 10 times more of the $1.5 billion in cuts to state educationfunding than wealthier districts, according to a study ...

Education Minister Son Joo-eun (?!)
Korea Times
By Oh Young-jin Megastudy CEO Son Joo-eun was a star social studies teacher who took advantage of e-learning in its infancy and turned his talent into creating a KOSDAQ-listed education solutions firm. In a recent interview at his office, ...

Korea Times

Education overhaul is final roadblock
Statesman Journal
The latest attempt to overhaul public education appears to be the only barrier remaining to adjournment of the Oregon Legislature's first regular session in an even-numbered year. Lawmakers still have to rebalance the state's two-year budget.

State Education Funding Report could mean help for "super-growth" districts
Gloucester County Times - NJ.com
By Rebecca Forand/Gloucester County Times Though the Education Funding Report, a document that describes recommended changes to the state's School Funding Reform Act, was released last week by Acting Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf, ...

Gloucester County Times - NJ.com

elearnspace › Connected Learning: What have they done with Alec ...
By gsiemens
If I was Alec Couros, Will Richardson, Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, or any of the thousands of K-12 educators that have been pushing for networked/connected learning for years (in Will's case, more than a decade), I'd be fairly irritated to have ...

Tom Vander Ark: Tony Bryk: Learning How to Improve
By Tom Vander Ark
CA Canada Qu├ębec FR France US United States UK United Kingdom. Teachers; Education Reform; Arne Duncan; School Bullying ... As president the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement ofTeaching, Tony is doing applied research across networks his team created. The big idea is networked improvement communities learning how to ... California High School Teacher Resigns After Leaving Family For Student. Like. 1.3k. Rush Limbaugh Advertiser Pulls Commercials In Wake...
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

San Jose Teacher Faces 3 Additional Charges of Molesting ...
By Andre Torrez
SAN JOSE (KCBS) — A San Jose elementary school teacher being held without bail on charges of sexually abusing two students now faces three additional counts against three additional alleged victims. Craig Chandler, 35, taught at O.B Whaley Elementary School ... “I think every parent has a right to send their child to school with the expectation that they'll not only receive an education, but that they'll be safe,” she added. Filo commented that he violated his position of trust and that ...
CBS San Francisco

Gov. Bobby Jindal education overhaul legislation introduced | NOLA ...
By Bill Barrow, The Times-Picayune
As Jindal has said for months, the agenda is built around overhauling tenure protections for teachers, with an emphasis on student performance, expanding opportunities to open public charter schools and expanding a pilot program that uses public money to finance private .... Nevers was in Appel's role during Jindal's first term and used his post to scale back several of Jindal's K-12 educationproposals, including the governor's first crack at the teacher evaluation and tenure process.
New Orleans Metro Real Time News

GM's Education | Education News
By Will Fitzhugh EducationViews Contributor
After reading Marc Tucker's Surpassing Shanghai, the strongest impression with which I came away was that in this country we are not really serious about education. Now, how can that be, when we have recently spent, as Susan D. Patrick ...
Education News

Virginia Beach education funding rally | wavy
By Katie Collett
Virginia Beach Schools Superintendent James Merrill spoke to ralliers about the decrease in funding for public schools. The event at Mount Trashmore was sponsored by the Virginia EducationAssociation. They say teaching our kids is the ...
Local News | WAVY TV

New standards, tests may kill teacher ratings — Joanne Jacobs
By Joanne
New common standards, which will require new tests, may put the kibosh on value-added ratings ofteachers, speculates WashPost columnist Jay Mathews. California will switch to Common Core Standards in 2014, get new tests in 2015, but ...
Joanne Jacobs

National day of action for education rights | Fight Back!
By Fight Back
Tallahassee, FL - On Thursday, March 1, the student movement in the United States took a collective step forward in the fight for higher education. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), along with Occupy Education groups across the ...
Fight Back! - News and Views...

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