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The Trouble With Humiliating Teachers; Survey: Teacher job satisfaction plummets; Canadian BC teachers return to class

The Trouble With Humiliating Teachers
Wall Street Journal
By WENDY KOPP When I dropped my kids off at school last week, I had a hard time looking their teachers in the eye. The New York City government had just posted their performance assessments online, and though I'm a strong supporter of teacher ...

Teacher job satisfaction plummets — Survey
Washington Post (blog)
These new policies are layered on top of No Child Left Behind and the subsequent years of narrowed curricula and teaching to the test. Teachers have been watching sadly as the sort of engaginglearning that attracted them to the profession is ... 

Teachers march in droves, back to class Thursday
Vancouver Sun
BC teachers escalated their fight against government Tuesday, erecting picket lines around some government offices and marching on the legislature in droves to speak out against a bill that will impose a mediator and suspend all legal job action. 

The Principal's Role in Teacher Evaluations
New York Times
The new teacher evaluation deal reached last month between New York Stateeducation officials and the state teachers' union allows school districts to base up to 40 percent of a teacher's annual review on student performance on state standardized tests ...

New York Times

Education Department: Minority students face tough road in school
Los Angeles Times
By Michael Muskal African American students, particularly males, are far more likely to be suspended or expelled from school than their peers, according to the latest data released by the US Department of Education on Tuesday.

Los Angeles Times 

Teachers plan to return Thursday after walkout
Victoria Times Colonist
A sea of demonstrators fills Government Street as teachers, government workers and labour supporters march toward the legislature in a mass protest Tuesday. Teachers plan to return to public schools Thursday following a three-day walkout against ...

Teachers promise to go back to work
The Province
When teachers return to the class-room on Thursday, they will return to "Phase 1" of their job action, refusing any duties outside of teaching, she said. The union is prepared to have the courts rule on the constitutionality of the government's bill ...

Teachers ponder next move
Burnaby Now
By Jennifer Moreau, Burnaby Now March 7, 2012 2:12 AM The three-day strike may be wrapping up today, but the labour dispute between teachers and the provincial government is dragging on as spring break approaches and BC teachers mull over their next ...

Teachers walking the line
It's a dictatorship and not a partnership in education," he said. Another teacher said in an attempt not to impact students, teachers tried to prepare them ahead of time, while another noted the response from students has been mostly supportive.

BC teachers gather on the grounds of the legislature during a rally in ...
Globe and Mail
With another rally scheduled to take place Wednesday in Vancouver, unions promised not to repeat the picketing that rippled through Victoria on Tuesday as thousands rallied to protest Bill 22, the government's contentious new education legislation.

Globe and Mail

Teachers say they will return to work Thursday, ending three-day strike
Vancouver Sun
Teachers plan to return to public schools Thursday following a three-day walkout against legislation aimed at ending their labour dispute with the BC government. “We, right now, are on a three-day legal strike,” BC Teachers' Federation president Susan ...

Teachers strike for class size, special needs
Caledonia Courier
Education Minister George Abbott said Thursday it is up to teachers whether they refuse to work for one, two or three days next week. Schools will be open, and it's up to parents if they want to send children to school, he said.

Dexter: Education reductions don't equal cuts
Premier Darrell Dexter argues funding for education is actually increasing when looked at from a per student basis. (STAFF / File) Premier Darrell Dexter has a math lesson for people who think less money for education is a budget cut.


As walkout ends, teachers' union says 'every option' on the table
Vancouver Courier
By Naoibh O'Connor, Vancouver Courier March 6, 2012 The three-day, full-scale walkout by BCteachers ends today (Wednesday), but the union's next move challenging Bill 22, which is aimed at ending the labour dispute, remains unclear.

The City and the Union Talk Teacher Evaluations, Again
New York Times
By Anna M. Phillips After a few weeks of attacking each other in the press, city education officials and the teachers union have started negotiations over a new teacher evaluation system, again, although they did not get very far in talks on Tuesday.

BC teachers strike heats up
Toronto Sun
“Yes, it erodes our bargaining rights, but it does far greater harm than that,” BC Teachers' Federation president Susan Lambert said of the polarizing bill. Also known as the Education Improvement Act, Bill 22 was being debated inside the legislature ...

Teachers strike – Facts and Fiction (2 UPDATES)
Vancouver Sun (blog)
Here are some excerpts: Claim: Seniority eroded under Bill 22 – EducationImprovement Act. Fact: Seniority remains key factor but qualifications also considered. Math teachers teaching math; science teachers teaching science.

Vancouver Sun (blog)

Fired teacher guns down school leader in Jacksonville, commits suicide
St. Augustine Record
Kate Moorehead, the dean of St. John's Cathedral and the Diocese of Florida, called Regan a beloved and dedicated 34-year educator whose loss stunned those knew of her love for the school, where she first began teaching English in 1978. Regan was 63.

Bell's teacher-contract bill remains on ice
Staunton News Leader
Bob McDonnell's education reform — a bill to phase out open-ended contracts for teachers — seems stalled in the state Senate because of that body's impasse over a budget, the bill's sponsor, Del. Richard P. "Dickie" Bell, R-Staunton, said Tuesday.

TEMECULA: Teachers concerned about salary cuts
North County Times
"We're concerned about the state education crisis and how it affects students," she told the governing board. "We understand dire times like these require shared sacrifices." Lindberg said ifteachers are to give up some salary, and the number of days ...

Slain US teacher buried in Iraq
March 06, 2012|Yahya Barzanji, AP The fathers of a slain American teacher and his killer came together in peace Tuesday at a funeral in northern Iraq. Hundreds of mourners paid their respects to Jeremiah Small, 33, a gym teacher at a Christian school ...
Education Elements Raises $6M To Help Schools Accelerate ...
By Rip Empson
Many parents, teachers, and schools are not exactly thrilled with the idea of technology or mobile devices playing a leading role in the classroom at the expense of teachers, etc. And thus ... Founded in 2010, Education Elements is one of many startups helping schools, school networks, and districts adopt blended learning by offering a suite of design services and a SaaS-based learning management system to enable schools to personalize student education and focus on small-group ...

Sarah Brown: Education Is the Cure
By Sarah Brown
The education goal is particularly important because if we reach it, the result will unlock success in many other areas. After all, educated girls have better health outcomes, are less at risk of dying in childbirth, and have a greater chance of ...
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com

Leslie Rainer, Blanche Ely Teacher, Suspended For Calling Student ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
A South Florida reading teacher accused of calling a Haitian student "little chocolate boy" and "chocolate nobody wanted" will be suspended. Leslie Rainer, 46, was ordered suspended for 10 days without pay Tuesday following a hearing with ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

Teacher Fired For Giving 3rd Graders 'Violent And Racist' Math ...
The unnamed teacher at Trinidad Center City School decided against using the school's textbooks for the homework assignment last Monday, and instead went to the website Homeschooling-Paradise.com, which provides free educational ... On the feedback section of Homeschooling-Paradise, many parents and teachers praise Murphy's unorthodox questions. .... How to Find a JobTeaching English Play Have you ever wanted to get good at choosing a career, teaching methods.
Lead Stories from AOL

Book Review: "Obama's Education Takeover"
By Alison Meyer
In his newly published book Obama's Education Takeover, The Pacific Research Institute's Lance Izumi illustrates how Obama's education policies – particularly his push to impose national educationstandards and tests – create significant ...
The Foundry: Conservative Policy...

Nugget-Gate Teacher | Suspended Indefinitely | USDA | The Daily ...
By Caroline May
Nugget-gate teacher suspended indefinitely | Teacher involved in USDA-lunch controversy has been replaced by substitute teacher. ... Bruce Alexander, director of communications and governmental affairs with the USDA, told WGHP FOX8 that the state employee inspecting the meals was a “North Carolina Education staff member conducting a review of the child care center.” “A teacher apparently was nervous during this state review and mishandled the situation,” Alexander said.
The Daily Caller

American Teacher Buried in Iraq During Peace Event -- Antiwar.com
By Margaret Griffis
Hundreds of mourners were present at a funeral for Jeremiah Small, the American teacher who was shot and killed last week in Suleimaniya. His father and the father of the shooter, Biyar Sawar, both attended and wanted to turn it into "an ...
Antiwar.com Original

Busan's native teachers facing the ax
By Bobby McGill
This requires observed student teaching at a US school, under a US state-certified veteran teacher, which is a full time job that lasts at least a couple of months. ... Needless to say, the Ministry ofEducation does not know which is which.
The Marmot's Hole

Oxnard Middle School Teacher Pulled From Classroom Amid ...
By Deborah Meron
Oxnard Middle School Teacher Pulled From Classroom Amid Rumors Shes Working As Hard Core Porn Actress. (credit: CBS). “It has been alleged that one of our teachers is depicted in at least one pornographic video and possibly others on ...
CBS Los Angeles

Fired Teacher Kills Principal, Then Self
By Leah Beckmann
Dale Regan (above), headmaster of Episcopal School of Jacksonville in Florida, was shot and killed today by a teacher at the school. The teacher, who had been fired earlier in the day, then took his own life. According to Police, the ...

“MetLife Survey of the American Teacher” Released Today | Larry ...
By Larry Ferlazzo
This rapid decline in job satisfaction is coupled with a large increase in the number of teachersreporting that they are likely to leave teaching for another occupation (17 percent in 2009 vs. 29 percent today). Teachers are also more than four ...
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...

Dozens arrested protesting education cuts at California - Yahoo! News
Education must be free," as they sat crossed-legged on the black-and-white tiled .... The teacher'sunions have ruin the educational system in California. ... educations. implementing bilingual teacherscosts alot of money.. teaching kids the ...

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