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England's Education System Could Be Completely Privatized

Education system could be completely privatised by 2015, union predicts
The Guardian
England's education system risks being completely privatised within three years, the leader of one of the country's largest teaching unions has predicted. Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), whose union will ...

The Guardian

Mom of Teen Living With Teacher Fights for Law to Make Student-Teacher Dating...
ABC News
The mother of a California teen whose relationship with her 41-year-old high school teacher in California made national headlines is pushing for new legislation that would make such relationships a crime. "I don't want another child, another family to ...

ABC News

Schools close as teachers strike over pensions
The Guardian
Schools closed and lectures were disrupted in London after thousands of teachers and lecturers staged a 24-hour strike in the dispute over the government's public sector pension reforms. More than 60 higher and further education institutions were hit ...

The Guardian

How to remake the Education Department (or, it's time to give teachers a chance)
Washington Post (blog)
By Valerie Strauss This was written by Peter Smagorinsky, Distinguished Research Professor of English Education at The University of Georgia. By Peter Smagorinsky “If your goal is innovation and competitive ability, you don't want either excessive ...

And teachers like it, too! Happy students nationwide get field trips to 'The ...
Washington Post
Mered Kopstein, one of the New Rochelle teachers who arranged private screenings at a local theater, said the outing achieved something else at her school, where more than 3000 students are broken into smaller “learning communities”: It provided a rare ...

Thousands of teachers strike in pensions dispute
Thousands of teachers and lecturers are staging a 24-hour strike today in the continuing bitter dispute over the Government's controversial public sector pension reforms. The action by members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and University and ...


Some CPS students want a voice in grading their teachers
Chicago Sun-Times
Scott Stewart~Sun-Times A group of Chicago Public School students Tuesday demanded that student opinions about the effectiveness of their teachers be slowly folded into a new teacherevaluation process due to start this fall.

Teachers stage strike over pensions
The Press Association
The action by members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and University and College Union (UCU) in London hit over 60 higher and further education institutions as well as a number of schools. Parents were forced to make alternative childcare ...

Xtranormal Powers Higher Education Learning
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
"I'm teaching contemporary urban issues and education policy to a class of about 55 upper division public administration students," said Bernie Rhinerson, an adjunct professor at San Diego State University and Chief of Staff for the San Diego School ...

Learning process begins
Zdeno Chara waves to the Garden crowd as his wife Tatiana and daughter Elliz Victoria look on during a pregame ceremony honoring his 1000th NHL game. (Jim Davis/Globe Staff) By Fluto Shinzawa Torey Krug is listed at 5 feet 9 inches, which is not ideal ...


Teacher-student romance would be outlawed by California bill
Boston Herald
California state Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen introduced legislation Tuesday to make it a felony for a K-12 teacher to date a student regardless of age, responding to a high-profile case at a Modesto high school in which the student is an adult.

Tammie Powers takes fight to California legislature
New York Daily News
Now, Tammie Powers, whose 18-year-old daughter ran off with her 41-year-old high school teacher, is taking her fight to the California state legislature. With Powers at her side, California State Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen introduced a bill this week ...

New York Daily News

Slain Vermont teacher is remembered as someone with 'positive energy'; mystery ...
JOHNSBURY, Vt. -- The Vermont prep school teacher who authorities say was murdered was remembered today on the campus of her school as someone everyone loved. Tom Lovett, the headmaster of St. Johnsbury Academy, said that when Melissa Jenkins came to ...

Vermont town grieves over teacher's slaying
Boston Globe
By Peter Schworm Sisters Jordan (left) and Katrina Dekett of Wheelock, Vt., attended a candlelight vigil at St. Johnsbury Academy in memory of teacherMelissa Jenkins, whose body was found Monday. ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. - Joe Hill, a sophomore at the prep ...

Boston Globe

NY state rejects Buffalo's teacher evaluation plan
Wall Street Journal
AP BUFFALO, NY — State education officials have rejected Buffalo's proposal to reach an agreement on evaluations for teachers in the city's public schools. Buffalo media outlets report that Education Commissioner John B. King Jr. released a letter ...

Government 'does not understand' teachers' strike
Mr Gibb said that the negotiations over teacher's pensions were complete and that someteaching unions had already agreed to the terms which he felt were generous. “It is an index-linked defined benefits scheme that we have for teachers and that is not ...

Calif. bill would punish student-teacher dating
CBS News
Teachers would get back whatever contributions they had made to the public pension system. If the bill is successful, California would join 23 other states in banning student-teacher affairs regardless of age, according to Olsen.

Ravitch: The toll of school reform on public education
Washington Post (blog)
By Valerie Strauss This was written by education historian Diane Ravitch for her Bridging Differences blog, which she co-authors with Deborah Meier on the Education Week website. The item was first published on March 6. In their blog, Ravitch and Meier ...

Is Learning to Code More Popular Than Learning a Foreign ...
By Jamie Condliffe
It's an interesting concept. There's certainly no denying the fact that as a nation we're becoming more tech savvy—you only need to look around a coffee shop to tell you that—and with that is bound to come an increased shift to learning how to make devices work better. From the New ...Those jumping on board say they are preparing for a future in which the Internet is the foundation for entertainment, education and nearly everything else. Knowing how the digital pieces fit together, ...

U.S. News - California bill would punish student-teacher romances
By msnbc.com staff
Additionally, the bill seeks to strip teachers of their pensions, if convicted of a work-related felony. The bill is a response to the case of Modesto high school teacher James Hooker, 41, who resigned from his teaching position in February over his relationship with student Jordan Powers, now 18. ... "As parents, we send our children to school with the expectation that they're going to be safe, they're going to receive a good education," Powers told The Sacramento Bee. "Not that they're ...
Newsvine - U.S. News - Articles

Kevin P. Chavous: An Education Success in Harlem
By Kevin P. Chavous
Teachers; Arne Duncan; Standardized Testing; Education Reform. Armchair Detective More. Log in Create ... Led by former NYC Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz, the school promotes a model of success based on individualized curriculum, merit- based teacher incentives, and specialized testing from day one. The results speak for ... Those administrators said her boy didn't have the requisite ability to work productively in a mainstream learning environment. Today, at Harlem Success, ...
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

NYC Dept of Education wants to ban the word "dinosaur" from ...
By Robert T. Gonzalez
Their justification? The word "dinosaur" calls to mind other no-no words, like "evolution" (also on the proposed list of forbidden words), which could offend test-takers who might not necessarily believe in evolution. Or... dinosaurs?

Skillshare Says Anyone Can Be A Teacher And Wants To Connect ...
By Contributor
Skillshare acts as a community marketplace that brings together students and teachers. He discusses the possibility of bringing more fun into learning, how Skillshare got started (hint: it has to do with poker and education inequality), where it fits into the current education landscape, why they chose to focus on offline learning, and what resumes could look like in ... Other fun classes include how to make a sock monkey and surprisingly even one teaching how to win TechCrunch Disrupt.

Budget cuts have more teachers missing school to score tests ...
By Jessica Campbell
As happens every year, the Department of Education is asking schools to send teachers to help grade the tests. But this year, the ... The changes mean schools will lose more teaching time than in the past. Schools with more test-taking students are required to send more teachers. So a school with under 100 test-taking students will lose just one teacher from late April through early May, but a school with more than 1100 test-takers will have to send eight to centralized grading centers.
GothamSchools » Newsroom

CT News Junkie | Malloy: Teachers 'Were Led To Believe They Had ...
By Christine Stuart
Dannel P. Malloy's education reform package the governor tried not to sound too hurt or angry by the revisions. “What I like is that everyone admits this is not the final bill,” Malloy said Tuesday ...Teachers across the state have been attending Malloy's education town halls to voice their concerns about the legislation, which some say was modified by lawmakers to please the state's two teacher unions. Though Malloy stopped short of saying unions directly misledteachers, he said they ...
CT News Junkie

Teacher Student High School College: Assessment? - Brainstorm ...
By Gina Barreca
So, in terms of teaching high school English how would I, someone whose been teaching upper division English literature classes for 25 years and has won the major teaching award at my university, do? As a first year ... It is not a skill-based education. It's a big deal and there's a big difference. And you, as the teachers of these complicated creatures, have the hardest job in the world. Me, I have the second hardest, because even though you've graduated, I'm still teachingyou. But you ...

Teach Plus: In Education, Who's Leading Who?
By Teach Plus
Teachers · Arne Duncan · Standardized Testing · Education Reform · Smarter Ideas ... Earlier this month, I attended the International Summit on the Teaching Profession, where the issue of educational leadership was front and center. This setting seemed a ... This idea of the principal as part of the community, central but not hierarchical, led to the meat of the discussion: that real instructional leadership in education needs to come first and foremost from teachers. Whenteachers take ...
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The Increasing Burdens For Teachers « CBS Philly
By amyparmenter
... train workers for the new industrial age. With each successive decade, the role of publiceducation expanded. ... The 1990's added distance learning and recently, personal financial literacy was added along with 50 more subject areas in the last six decades. “… we've added responsibilities without adding a single minute to the school calendar.” Jamie Robert Vollmer observes in a blogspot on the increasing burdens for teaching on the Horace Mann League website. Think about it.
CBS Philly

Teachers protesting education reform, want Gov. recalled - WAFB 9 ...
By Jim Shannon
Teachers are back on the steps of the Louisiana Capitol, but this time they are protesting the governor's plan for education reform with a recall petition. ... Teachers protest education reform, want Jindal recalled. Posted: Tuesday, March 27 ...
WAFB - Local News

California Bill Would Punish Student-Teacher Dating « CBS San ...
By tjfang
Teachers would get back whatever contributions they had made to the public pension system. If the bill is successful, California would join 23 other states in banning student-teacher affairs regardless of age, according to Olsen. These include ...
CBS San Francisco

I lost my job as a teacher because I was once a call girl | Life and ...
I worked as a teacher in New York City's South Bronx, teaching the visual arts and .... I don't think it is very healthy for students to read or hear about a teachers ...

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