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Teachers' Morale Reaches 20-Year Low

Teachers' Morale Reaches 20-Year Low
New York Times
By Mary Ann Giordano The outpouring of reaction to the release of the teacher data reports, as well as the stream of recent articles in blogs and other publications, has provided a pretty good sense of how many teachers in New York are feeling these ...

Why Are Teachers Dissatisfied?
The Atlantic
The fact that there's been a record decline in the percentage of teachers who say they are satisfied with their jobs is worrisome -- but perhaps not surprising. The new MetLife Survey of the American Teacher -- the result of telephone interviews with ...

The Atlantic

Teachers, Unhappy in Their Work
New York Times (blog)
As a result, job satisfaction among public school teachers is plumbing new lows, according to the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of MetLife, found that teacher satisfaction has dropped to...

New York Times (blog)

Teacher Survey Shows Morale Is at a Low Point
New York Times
The slump in the economy, coupled with the acrimonious discourse over how much weight test results and seniority should be given in determining a teacher's worth, have conspired to bring morale among the nation's teachers to its lowest point in more ...

California school district mulls fate of teacher believed to have appeared in ...
Washington Post
The teacher's contract does not contain a moral turpitude clause, but Chancer said the CaliforniaEducation Code outlines employment conditions that could lead to her being disciplined or fired. “We're trying to determine if there's a nexus on what she ...

Protest wraps up BC teachers' strike
Sun News Network
BC Teachers' Federation President Susan Lambert speaks to the crowd during ateachers rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, March 7, 2012. VANCOUVER - Teachers are back in classrooms Thursday after concluding a three-day strike but the BC ...

Sun News Network

Teachers schedule another vote
The Province
Teachers' union president Susan Lambert addresses a crowd of teachers and their supporters Wednesday at the Vancouver Art Gallery. BC teachers will vote today and Friday on a new, unspecified strategy to take on the government.

Returning BC teachers vow to keep up pressure against Bill 22
Globe and Mail
Teachers are expected back in class on Thursday but it won't be back to normal, as the British Columbia Teachers' Federation has vowed to continue its fight against the government's controversial Bill 22 and walkouts could resume as early as next week.

Globe and Mail

Teachers want public vote on governor's plan
Rapid City Journal
Dennis Daugaard's education reform plan to a vote this fall means the November ballot could include seven different measures. House Bill 1234 -- an education reform plan including incentive pay and a phase-out of teachers' continuing contract rights ...

Southern California teacher placed on leave over allegations she participated ...
Washington Post
Student claims that a junior high teacher was moonlighting as a porn star were initially dismissed after school officials said they couldn't find any images of her on the Internet. The investigation was quickly restarted, however, when other teachers ...

South Dade PE teacher accused of fondling 15-year-old girl
By Monique O. Madan A high school physical education teacher was arrested Wednesday after being accused of luring a 15-year-old girl off school grounds, giving her marijuana and having her perform oral sex on him, according to Miami-Dade police.

Teachers head back to class
"I've read it myself, it's scary stuff," said Curtis Mathewson, a Vancouver musicteacher. "This is our way of saying this is not acceptable to us." Grade 7 teacherAstrid Lalonde said the strike doesn't look as though it's helped teachers make headway ...


BCTF promises Bell-to-bell work this week
Vancouver Sun
Public school teachers were expected to end their strike and return to their classrooms today, where they will continue the limited job action they began in September and consider future protests against a government bill now working its way through ...

Striking BC teachers rally at Vancouver Art Gallery
Hundreds of striking BC teachers gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Wednesday afternoon for a final protest rally before returning to work. The BCTeachers Federation says the provinces 41000 teachers will be back in the classrooms on Thursday, ...


SD Education Association vows statewide vote on reform bill
The labor organization for teachers and other school employees declared it will begin a petition drive to force a statewide vote on the teaching-reforms package recently passed by Republican legislators at the request of Republican Gov.

Teachers Survey: Job Satisfaction, Security Take A Dive
Huffington Post
According to the "MetLife Survey of the American Teacher," a long-running survey of educators, parents and students, teachers' job satisfaction has decreased by 15 points since the survey assessed the issue in 2009. Forty-four percent of teachers ...

Woman teacher suspended after colleagues 'find footage of her moonlighting as ...
Daily Mail
By Richard Hartley-parkinson A teacher has been suspended from her job after she was allegedly discovered starring in a 'hardcore pornography' by students at her school. Stacie Halas, 31, who teaches science at Richard B Haydock Intermediate School in...

Daily Mail

Education minister says door is open
The government will seek an injunction against striking teachers for mounting what he says are illegal picket lines outside government buildings in Victoria. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chad Hipolito British Columbia's education minister says his door is open ...


California teacher on leave over porn video allegation
Fox News
Junior high school students have been asked not to search Internet sex sites for a teacher who may have been moonlighting as a porn star, a Southern California school district said in a letter to parents. The Haydock Intermediate School teacher, ...

Teachers affirm stance on student attendance
Buffalo News
By Mary B. Pasciak The Buffalo Teachers Federation's council of delegates voted overwhelmingly Wednesday night to maintain an attendance clause in this year'steacher-evaluation agreement -- a move that appears all but certain to cost the district $9.3 ...

Buffalo News

Teacher Evaluations Pose Test for States
Wall Street Journal
By STEPHANIE BANCHERO Efforts to revamp public education are increasingly focused on evaluating teachers using student test scores, but school districts nationwide are only beginning to deal with the practical challenges of implementing those changes.

Wall Street Journal

Free education for girl students up to MA in Punjab: Badal
Hindustan Times
PTI Returning to power for a record second successive tenure, Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal on Thursday announced free education for all girl students up to MA. Earlier, the freeeducation scheme was upto graduation.

Teachers union top spender on lobby list
Cherry Hill Courier Post
Chris Christie and the New Jersey Education Association clashed Wednesday after a report showed lobbyists spent a record $73 million in New Jersey last year — with the teachers union easily leading the pack. At a press conference in Trenton, ...

California Teacher Put on Leave For Allegedly Moonlighting as Porn Star
ABC News (blog)
A California science teacher who allegedly moonlighted as a porn star has been put on leave after fellow teachers used their smart phones to find the woman's film credits. The identity of the seventh and eighth grade teacher was not released by the ...

Teachers back in class tomorrow
Mission City Record
By Jason Roessle - Mission City Record Students are going back to class tomorrow after a three-day strike that saw teachers standing outside their places of employment, and in other visible spots throughout Mission. Teachers on Second Avenue in front ...

BC teachers back to class after strike
24 Hours Vancouver
By STEPHANIE IP, 24 HOURS Teachers are back in classrooms today after concluding a three-day strike but the government is being warned it's just the beginning if Bill 22 is passed. Thousands of supporters rallied at the Vancouver Art Gallery Wednesday, ...

No Oxnard Parents Show Up To Protest Teacher's Alleged Hard ...
By Alan Carter
OXNARD (CBS) — After it was revealed Tuesday that a middle school teacher in Oxnard allegedly dabbled in hard core porn, parents were invited Wednesday evening to a school board meeting to express their thoughts and concerns.
CBS Los Angeles

CMS spending $10 million to supply teachers with iPads ...
CMS notified employees this week that the district is taking applications from teams of teachers with proposals for using the tablets to "meet the needs of the 21st century digital learner." Groups that are chosen will get one iPad per teacher and ...
CharlotteObserver.com Most Recent...

Dan Fleshler: Too Much Holocaust Education?
By Dan Fleshler
Education Reform; Michelle Rhee; Teachers; School Bullying. Smarter Ideas More ... Too Much Holocaust Education? Posted: 03/ 7/2012 11:50 am. React .... Teacher Fired For Giving Extremely Morbid, Traumatizing... Teachers Survey: Job ...
Europe on Huffington Post

Remainders: Far fewer teachers are satisfied with their jobs ...
By Philissa Cramer
An annual survey of American teachers finds that only 44 percent are satisfied with their jobs. (MetLife) Aaron ... (SchoolBook); Analysis of charter schools' teacher ratings fuels a broad array of conclusions. (Gary Rubinstein); TFA founder Wendy Kopp describes her embarrassment and dismay at the ratings' release. (WSJ); An argument that “spiraling” teaching, or repeating it annually, is bad for learning. (Coach D) ... 12:30 pmWhat Is Progressive About Education Today? Talk w/ Adam ...
GothamSchools » Newsroom

Substitute Teacher Grace Peterson-Hagendorf Arrested After ...
By pvictorwins
The Department of Education released the following statement regarding the incident: “Grace Peterson-Hagendorf is a retired teacher who works as a day-to-day substitute. She worked at P.S. 22 in Queens twice this year. She began at the ...
CBS New York

Tom Allon: Making Teachers Successful: A New Approach
By Tom Allon
For the past 25 years, teacher preparation has been totally inadequate because Schools ofEducation, accredited and licensed to offer teaching certificates to their graduates, have totally failed to properly prepare them to teach. In November ...
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com

State of Indiana Tries to Make Education More Affordable By ...
State of Indiana Tries to Make Education More Affordable By Limiting Credits. By LILY ALTAVENA. A new bill in Indiana, which passed Monday in the state's House of Representatives, would set the college credits needed to graduate at a ...
The Choice

Higher Education: Too Good of a Deal? | Talking Philosophy
By Mike LaBossiere
Part of it, obviously enough, seems to be the nature of the American education system-it seems almost intentionally designed to be a boredom factory. Another part is that professors are not trained to entertain and hence we are ill equipped to ...
Talking Philosophy

NYC Educator: BREAKING NEWS!!!: Teacher Job Satisfaction Has ...
By Miss Eyre
Satisfaction with how the New York Post depicted one of the city's thousands of loving and hardworking teachers, Pascale Mauclair: -542%. Satisfaction with a culture that claims to valueeducation, but continues to sell the current generation of ...
NYC Educator

Survey: Teacher Job Satisfaction Drops to New Low | NEA Today
By twalker
By Tim Walker Teachers are less satisfied with their jobs than they have been in decades, according to the 2012 MetLife Survey of the American Teacher. ... The National Education Association online news and information resource. ... commissioned by MetLife and conducted by Harris Interactive, examines the views of teachers, parents and students about the teaching profession, parent and community engagement, and effects of the economy on teaching and learning in schools.
NEA Today

Data Analysis of Value Added Teacher Model Shows No Correlation ...
By David Dayen
I hope that these two experiments I ran, particularly the second one where many teachers got drastically different results teaching different grades of the same subject, will bring to life the realities of these horrible formulas. Though error rates have been reported, the ... comment on this 16 Comments. Tags: education, statistics, teacher evaluations, value added model ... Bad books, variedlearning styles, illness, economic factors affecting families… When you consider dynamics such as...

Local high school partners with future teachers | The Miami Hurricane
By Hyan Freitas
That is just part of DeMuro's job as a student-teacher at Booker T. Washington, which is located in Overtown, a poor area in Miami's inner city. His work is part of a breakthrough partnership between the School of Education's department of teaching and learning at the university along with Booker T. Washington High School. This partnership with an inner city school is the first of its kind at UM. The main goal is to develop an on-going relationship with the high school while providing ...
The Miami HurricaneThe Miami...

City Teacher Data Reports Are Released – SchoolBook
Charter school and special education teachers were not included; the city ... In other cases,teachers who taught English were ranked for teaching math. ..... a given school year or who has alearning disability but doesn't have parents who can ...

School chief slain, fire teacher commits suicide - Yahoo! News
News: A teacher fired from a private school in Florida on Tuesday returned to ... standards but also valued strong relationships with students and teachers. ... halls with new technology, designed to foster innovation in teaching. ..... Education ...

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