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First Teacher Fired In Atlanta Cheating Scandal

First Teacher Fired In Atlanta Cheating Scandal | News One
By NewsOne Staff
Math teacher Damany Lewis became the first teacher to be fired in the Atlanta Public School standardized cheating scandal that embarrassed the state of Georgia and shined a bright light on the pressure educators are placed under by districts to raise test scores. ... “Teaching and learning was the primary focus of the teachers. Results were the primary focus of this district ... 

House panel approves teacher tenure, pay changes to end 16-hour hearing
The crux of the measure limits job protection only for the teachers who score at the top of new evaluation metrics that still are not final, while allowing teacher salaries to flow from the same assessments rather than the current seniority and ...


La. House panel backs Jindal's education package
Alexandria Town Talk
Bobby Jindal's education-reform package crossed its first hurdle Wednesday after more than 11 hours of debate in a committee split along party lines. The House Education Committee voted 12-6 to approve HB976, a 46-page bill that makes it easier to ...

Jindal's education revamp approved by House panel
Bastrop Daily Enterprise
Bobby Jindal's proposed education overhaul, to expand a voucher program that could let students from low- to moderate-income families attend private schools at taxpayer expense and to revamp teacher compensation and job protections, received the ...

Louisiana teachers wait hours to testify inside Capitol
By Times-Picayune Staff Baton Rouge -- Well before 8 am Wednesday, hundreds of public school teachers filled the steps of the Louisiana Capitol. By the time the HouseEducation Committee convened to discuss Gov. Bobby Jindal's overhaul of primary and ...


Indiana's education schools make new efforts to better teach teachers
Indianapolis Star
Coming Sunday: Indiana is not only changing the way it evaluates teachers; it also is about to introduce a new system to assess would-be principals. Armed with clipboard and pencil, John Somers, an associate professor of teacher education, watches over ...

Teacher protest closes schools in Louisiana
Hundreds of Louisiana teachers converged on the state Capitol on Wednesday to try to give state lawmakers and Republican Gov. Bob Jindal a lesson in education reform. They were protesting Jindal's proposed changes to teacher evaluations, ...

Louisiana House panel clears school charter, voucher bill as teachers pack Capitol
Bobby Jindal's allies on the House Education Committee gave their blessing Wednesday to a sweeping proposal that would expand charter schools and launch a statewide program that directs taxpayer money for schools to private school tuition vouchers.


Teachers rally against Gov. Jindal's education reform plan
Hundreds of Louisiana teachers flooded the State Capitol this morning to protest the bills. In a rare appearance before a legislative committee, Governor Jindal said his education reform plan is constitutional, despite opposition from Rep.

BC teachers vow to fight sweeping back-to-work bill
A wide-ranging education bill reviled by British Columbia's teachers as a straitjacket on their profession is expected to become law today, ending six months of job action against their vehement objections. While the passage of Bill 22, the Education ...

District 15 teachers' ad campaign targets budget cuts
Chicago Daily Herald
The Classroom Teachers' Council this past week ran three advertisements in the Daily Herald accusing the district of overstating its financial problems, while emphasizing the union's commitment to deliver quality education within a fiscally responsible ...

Teacher talks about altercation with Chester Upland board president
Delaware County Daily Times
By JOHN KOPP UPDATE: Chester police are trying to unravel conflicting stories in what sparked a physical confrontation between the president of the Chester Upland School Board and a Chester Highteacher. The two engaged in a brawl in which punches were ...

State teachers, school board, lawmakers protest treatment
Opelousas Daily World
BATON ROUGE — Teachers and school board members from around the state complained Wednesday of being treated "like cattle" at the State Capitol where they came to protest Gov. Bobby Jindal's education reform legislation. Hundreds of teachers and school ...

Nashua Board of Education eliminates preschool, passes $95.4m budget onto mayor
Nashua Telegraph
By CAMERON KITTLE The Board of Education gave unanimous approval late Wednesday night to its $95.4 million proposed budget and sent the spending plan onto the mayor. The board earlier voted to eliminate the additional preschool classroom from its ...

B'klyn teacher is lunchtime lifesaver
New York Post
By JESSICA SIMEONE A quick-thinking Brooklyn teacher saved a woman's life yesterday while on her lunch break at a Williamsburg restaurant. Cassandra Byrd-Scolaro, 34, was grabbing a wrap at S&B restaurant on Bedford Avenue just before noon when there ...

New York Post

Jindal's plan for education reform draws throngs of protestors
The governor's legislative package on education reform drew hundreds of teachers to the state capitol Wednesday, forcing classes to close in the Baton Rouge area. Outside hundreds of teachersand staff covered the Louisiana State Capitol steps in red, ...

Bossier teachers join protest
A bus carrying nearly 20 teachers left Bossier to attend a rally on the steps of the state Capitol as a political battle over teacher job security continues. The Senate Education Committee is the focal point of debate Thursday.

NeuroTracker Learning System Unlocks Brain Multitasking Potential
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
In a Keynote speech delivered at the Eon Experience Fest in Irvine California, CogniSens Inc. unveiled its NeuroTracker Learning System, a new virtual reality training technique that expands the mental ability to pay attention to multiple sources of ...

Improving the Conditions for Teaching and Learning
Huffington Post (blog)
The headline from the latest MetLife Survey of the American Teacher warns education policymakers and leaders in our schools and communities that teachers are increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs. Teachers with low job satisfaction rates feel they ...

Cownie: Taxes, budget and education are top issues
The central themes of the 2012 session are property taxes, education reform, mental health reform, and the budget. Simply put, all are still live rounds and none have been signed into law. I don't think anyone would have predicted these bills would be ...

Watchdog groups call for tweaks to Jindal education plan
Daily Comet
Teacher unions strongly opposed the measures. Red-clad teachers and school employees unhappy with the proposed legislation flooded the Capitol early Wednesday, many complaining that they were denied access to the main committee hearing and forced to ...

Brooklyn teacher gets an A for life-saving effort
New York Daily News
“We heard a gurgling,” the teacher recounted. “She was coming back.” But the drug-addled victim didn't use her second chance to say thank you: She instead flipped the bird at Byrd-Scolaro and the medical workers. Most others gave the 10-year teaching...

New York Daily News

San Francisco Teacher Layoffs: Dozens Stage Protest Outside School Board Meeting
Huffington Post
SAN FRANCISCO--Dozens of teachers, students and administrators flooded Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting to protest the flood of pink slips issued to over 485 teachers and support staff at almost every school in the San Francisco Unified ...

Solar “Learning Curve” & “Golden Goal” (Bloomberg Charts)
The first, above, is on the solar 'learning curve' or how much solar prices have dropped with increasing installations. Here's what Bloomberg had to say about this: Solar power has reached a long-sought industry goal: silicon modules at a cost of one ...

Brown Reaches Deal With Union on Tax-Increase Compromise
By Michael B. Marois and James Nash on March 15, 2012 California (STOCA1) Governor Jerry Brown reached agreement with the state's second-largest teachers' union leaving only one rival plan to his proposed ballot measure for higher taxes.

Teacher, school board president get into fight in high school
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com
A fight between a Chester High School teacher and the president of the district's board of education is being investigated by police, according to a report on NBCPhiladelphia.com. The fight between the two women took place in front of students, ...

The Star-Ledger - NJ.com

Photo Story: Teachers protest education reform bills
LSU The Reveille
Beginning as early at 7 am on Wednesday, a mass of local public-school teachers stormed the steps of the state Capitol to protest Gov. Bobby Jindal's education reform package. Jindal's bills would amplify state aid given to students who attend private ...

Louisiana Teachers Cancel Class to Lobby Against Jindal Reforms
By Lindsey Burke
The Weekly Standard is reporting that teachers in Louisiana plan to cancel class this week in order to protest Governor Bobby Jindal's (R) education reform proposals. ... The governor's proposals include reforms to teacher tenure, a significant school choice expansion, and changes to teachercompensation in order to reward teachers based on performance, not seniority: And so, in response to these reforms even being considered, “at least three school districts are canceling classes ...
The Foundry: Conservative Policy...

Teachers rally at Louisiana Capitol on education reform - WAFB 9 ...
By Jim Shannon
The fight over education reform in Louisiana is no doubt heating up this Legislative Session. Discussions on the issue will ... WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, SportsParts of Jindal's education reform plan move forward. SITE SEARCH .... "If we get rid of tenure and they're able to lay off all veteran teachers, and I'm one of those veteran teachers, who the hell are going to teach the new teachers," one teacher posed to the crowd gathered. "Good teachers have ...
WAFB - Local News

Joint Fact Sheet: U.S. - UK Higher Education, Science, and ...
By The White House
The U.S. and UK have a long history of collaboration in science and technology, reflecting the two nations' mutual recognition that research and development—along with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education—are ...
White House.gov Press Office Feed

Lawmaker Wants To Strip Teachers Of Pensions If Caught In ...
By snelsonkovr
A California lawmaker wants to make it illegal for teachers to have relationships with students even if the student is 18 like the case of the Modesto teacher and his student girlfriend.
CBS Sacramento

Louisiana Teachers Union Cash In A “Professional Development ...
By ckinnan@freedomworks.org (Chris Kinnan)
Today in Louisiana, a fight for school choice takes center stage as the House Education Committee debates Governor Jindal's education reform package. Like most attempts to fix our broken education system, the Governor's reform package ...

The New Learning Management | Onlignment
By Barry Sampson
If you've seen me speak at conferences, read articles I've written, or just got in to conversation with me, you'll know that I've been an advocate of collaborative and connected learning for more than eight years now (I say collaborative and ...

Student day of action: protests over government's higher education ...
By Jessica Shepherd, Claire Phipps
Thousands of students to boycott lectures and attend rallies to protest against growing cost of highereducation. ... explains how maritime adventures have enriched his personal and professional life • plus teaching resources to use in class ...
Blogposts | guardian.co.uk

Daily Kos: Occupy Education: Teachers, Students Resist School ...
By rss@dailykos.com (Hyde Park Johnny)
In New York City, many educators are criticizing Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration after the release of the names of 18000 city teachers, along with a ranking system that claims to quantify each teacher's impact on the reading and math ..... But there's something special about education, and especially public education, that requires a deeper understanding of the teaching and learning process that I think is lacking in a lot of the school leaders that we are producing today.

Would You Let Teachers Spank Your Kids? Corporal Punishment ...
By Thembi Ford
... the child” philosophy. But doesn't corporal punishment sound like one thing when you're doling out the spankings and a completely different, kind of messed up other thing when your child's teacher(and not you) is doing the beating? ... Additionally, teachers do not need parents' permission to paddle children — and may even do so against the parent's wishes — because the school board and principal have already approved it as part of the education process. As one would expect, ...
Clutch Magazine

Voters Like Teachers' Public Ratings and Restaurant Grading, Polls ...
Poll results released today find New York City voters broadly supporting two of the city's rather controversial public-grading measures: effectiveness ratings for teachers and sanitary ratings for restaurants. In the poll on teacher ratings, ...
City Room

Reflective Teaching for Librarians | American Libraries Magazine
By Beverly Goldberg
Many of the ideas I present here I first observed among friends and teachers whose methods I admired or whose recommendations led me to a new approach or tool. Through ... As you observe others teaching and presenting as well as working with learning objects, you can consciously document how the strategies colleagues use might support your own style. But don't confuse ....“Education will be more about how to process and use information and less about imparting it. This is a ...
American Libraries Magazine -...

Mom, Dr. Phil Confront Teacher Who Ran Off with Student ...
In February, Jordan Powers, 18, ran off with her teacher, James Hooker, 41. .... I am not even talking about teaching, I don't think McDonalds would hire him!

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