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Most New York City voters support the release of public schoolteachers' rankings

Poll: New Yorkers want to see teacher rankings (flawed or not)
Los Angeles Times
By Tina Susman Most New York City voters support the release of public schoolteachers' rankings, but nearly half of all voters and a majority of pupils' parents agree with teachers that the evaluation system is flawed, according to a new poll released ...

Los Angeles Times

Today at the Capitol: Jindal education slate draws huge crowd, promises long ...
Bobby Jindal will testify today before the House Education Committee on his K-12 overhaul proposal. Hundreds of teachers and school employees have gathered on the Capitol front steps. Parking along the periphery of the property is full.


Today at the Capitol: Jindal's education package takes center stage
By The Times-Picayune BATON ROUGE -- With teachers crowding the hallways of the Capitol, Gov. Bobby Jindal's K-12 education overhaul is getting its first full public hearing today in the House Education Committee. David Grunfeld, The Times-Picayune ...


3 La. school districts cancel classes so teachers may protest legislation
Alexandria Town Talk
The House Education Committee has scheduled all three major bills in the Jindal administrationeducation-reform package: a 45-page document that deals with numerous issues, including expanding charter schools and vouchers; a bill making major changes ...

Sex education bill: How would it change instruction?
Salt Lake Tribune
By lisa schencker Some things about a recently passed sex education bill are clear. It's obvious that HB363 would allow school districts to drop sex education entirely or require them to teach abstinence-only should they keep it.

LA Unified budget would cut thousands of jobs
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Board of Education member Steve Zimmer appears deep in thought during board session at which a preliminary worst-case budget was approved Tuesday. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times / March 13, 2012) By Stephen Ceasar, Los Angeles Times The ...

Los Angeles Times

Teachers headed to state Capitol; some La. parishes cancel classes
Houma Courier
AP BATON ROUGE — Some Louisiana public school systems are canceling a day of classes asteachers prepare to head for the state Capitol, where battles are brewing over Gov. Bobby Jindal'seducation proposals. The East Baton Rouge Parish School system ...

LIVE: Teachers rally on education reform
Hearings are set Wednesday and Thursday at the Capitol on bills that would expand a state-financed private school tuition program and make changes to teacher tenure. Part of Gov. Bobby Jindal's plan for education reform aims to keep teachers on their ...

LA school district seeks parcel tax, salary cuts
San Jose Mercury News
As workers chanted "Save our schools" and other slogans, Superintendent John Deasy said the district could continue popular adult education and preschool programs if labor unions agreed to a one-year pay cut across the board that would save $220 ...

Malawi "fed up" with Madonna, slams school plans
Malawi's Ministry of Education spokeswoman Lindiwe Chide told Reuters the government was "fed up" with Madonna. Chide said that when the singer last year scrapped a previously planned academy for girls in Malawi, alleging mismanagement and cost ...

Some Schools Closing as Teachers Set to Rally in Capitol
KATC Lafayette News
Hundreds, if not thousands, of teachers from all over Louisiana are planning to rally in Baton Rouge Wednesday and Thursday to protest the Governor's education reform plans. The number of Acadiana teachers planning to attend the rally has led some ...

Teacher and Student Relationship Confronted by Teen's Mom on 'Dr. Phil Show'
ABC News
The mother of a teenager who moved in with her high school teacher in California confronted the man who she says brainwashed her daughter for first time on the "Dr. Phil Show." Student Jordan Powers, 18, and former teacher James Hooker, 41, ...

ABC News

Kids Fail Less When They Know Failure Is Part of Learning, Study Finds
ABC News (blog)
The research included several experiments intended to see whether parents and teachers can help students succeed by changing the way learning material is presented to them. Study experiments included anagram problems and reading comprehension, ...

HAPPENING NOW: LA Teachers rally at state capitol
Educators from across the state of Louisiana have converged on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol building to protest the governor's education reform legislation. Schools across East Baton Rouge Parish are closed Wednesday as teachers took the ...

Education Transformation: Collaborize Classroom
MarketWatch (press release)
The first milestone, the launching of over 20000 individual Collaborize Classrooms by teachers around the world, has been accompanied by an equally significant advance: the delivery of nearly 1.5 million individual topic-based lessons to students via ...

National Environmental Education Week Hopes to Inspire New Generation of ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
EE Week to Take Place around the Nation April 15-21 Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 13, 2012 This year the nation's largest environmental education event will take learning about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into the environment.

Voters favor teacher ratings
New York Daily News
“Those teacher evaluation rankings are suspect, voters think,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. The ratings given to nearly 18000teachers from 2007 to 2010 are based on students' state test scores.

New York Daily News

School Board Backs Quick Firing of Accused Teachers, State Responds
The Los Angeles Unified School District board Tuesday approved resolutions calling on the state to adopt changes that would make it faster and cheaper to fire teachers and requiring the superintendent to notify parents sooner when an educator has been ...

Local schools won't close for teachers' protest at Capitol
Monroe News Star
At least three school districts in Louisiana are closing so that teachers can make their opinions known on Gov. Bobby Jindal's education reform package, but Monroe City Schools and Ouachita Parish School systems do not plan to be among them.

Irvine teacher coaches runners as she battles cancer
Kansas City Star
She's in her Woodbury Elementary School classroom nearly every day, teaching her second and third-grade combination class. On Fridays, she changes into her exercise clothes and heads out to the blacktop to lead the 300 Mustang Milers in their warm-up ...

First Atlanta teacher firing sought today
Atlanta Journal Constitution
By Jaime Sarrio He is the first teacher named in a groundbreaking special investigation into test cheating, and today Damany Lewis could become the first Atlanta teacher to be fired for his role in the scandal. Vino Wong vwong@ajc.com...... Teachers ...

EBR schools closed; many teachers plan to lobby
The Advocate
The three bills that make up most of Jindal's education agenda get their first hearing Wednesday in the House Education Committee at 8:30 am, and possibly with hundreds of spectators on hand. Jindal is expected to testify, which is unusual.

Jindal on education: "Action needed now"
Governor Jindal says he believes education reform is a "moral" imperative. But not everyone is on board with his aggressive plan. Governor Jindal says student achievement begins with making sure there are good teachers in every classroom.

California teachers union pushed pollster to drop Jerry Brown's tax rival
Los Angeles Times
When wealthy civil rights attorney Molly Munger began drawing up a proposed tax hike to fund education last fall, she partly relied on polls by The Mellman Group, a well-known DC polling firm that regularly worked for advocates of increased funding for ...

GOP lawmakers take aim at teachers accused of sexual misconduct
Los Angeles Times
By Howard Blume, Los Angeles Times Republican lawmakers have joined with the Los Angeles Board of Education and the mayor to seek the swifter firing of teachers accused of sexual misconduct. They also want to strip retiree health benefits and state ...

Teachers to protest education changes
The Daily Advertiser
BATON ROUGE – Teachers and school administrators are expected to pack the State Capitol tomorrow to express their concern about a package of education bills slated for hearings in House and Senate committees. Steve Monaghan, president of the Louisiana ...

Poll: Public Shows Mixed View of Teacher Rankings
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The poll was the first measure of public opinion since the city distributed rankings of about 18000teachers to the media, which had requested the information under public records laws. Despite majority support for the release of the ...

Education: 'It's Time To Be Innovative': Something everyone can agree on ...
Austin Chronicle
She advocated for education to be more like gaming, where epic fails are an accepted part of the learning curve. Yet her vision for innovative, creative, collaborativeeducation is exactly the opposite of teaching to the test and of the direct ...

Austin Chronicle

Gov. Jerry Brown seeks rewrite of tax initiative
Los Angeles Times
The deal would fuse elements of Brown's current proposal and parts of a "millionaire's tax" backed by a coalition of liberal groups, including the California Federation of Teachers. It would contain a smaller sales tax increase than the half-cent hike ...

Louisiana Teachers Cancel Class to Protest Education Reform Bill ...
By Daniel Halper
Read conservative news, blogs and opinion about Bobby Jindal, Education, Louisiana, Protest, Reform and Teacher from The Weekly Standard, the must read magazine available in online edition.
The Weekly Standard Blog

Teachers Boo Malloy | New Haven Independent
By Melissa Bailey
Angry teachers drowned out both the governor and charter proponents Tuesday night at Wilbur Cross High School, where they gathered to blast proposed state education reform plans. ... measuring was approved by a coalition that included leaders of both teachers unions, he stressed. 7:28. Matt Presser, a New Haven teacher who recently graduated from Yale's master of urban educationprogram: “Even before I arrived, I realized that teaching is so much more than just showing up. ” ...
New Haven Independent

Statement of Teaching Philosophy | Savage Minds
By Kerim
We can talk all we want about various teaching philosophies, but much of what most teachers do in the classroom is essentially the same. Even Mike Wesch, who wrote here about his theory of ...Inspired by Howard Gardner's theory of “multiple intelligences,” I try to ensure that students who might otherwise feel shut-out have a chance to engage with the class material in ways best suited to their own style of learning. Many of our students at the College of Indigenous Studies come from ...
Savage Minds

Principal: Teacher Told Student To Urinate In Bucket After Restroom ...
By Staff
You must mean education. Just a thought… March 13, 2012 at 4:16 pm. duh. This was just filed under “The Blind Leading The Blind”. March 13, 2012 at 6:53 pm. Randy Bobandy. Thnaks Grammar n@zi, the world may continue to revolve around its axis now. .... but thats my point….teachers use to have solid judgement…not anymore they need the school district to tell them in deail what is right and wrong …now if the teacher doesn't know what message are you teaching the children ...
CBS Los Angeles

Why Are Teachers So Upset? - Bridging Differences - Education Week
By Diane Ravitch
It cannot be accidental that the sharp drop in teacher morale coincides with the efforts of people such as Michelle Rhee and organizations such as Education Reform Now and Stand for Children to end teacher tenure and seniority. ... Without tenure, teaching school cannot compete in the economic marketplace (e.g., I know people in the business world who have only a B.A. in business and, after 10 years in the field, are making 2.5-3 times what public school teachers are making.
Bridging Differences

Teacher accused of having sex with student inside Hemet classroom ...
By Shelby Grad
A Hemet teacher is being investigated for allegedly performing sexual acts with a student inside a locked classroom. ... A Hemet teacher is being investigated for allegedly performing sexual acts with a student inside a locked classroom.

Teen's Mother Confronts Former Teacher Turned Lover On Dr. Phil ...
By snelsonkovr
It's a story made for daytime TV: a 41-year old Modesto high school teacher leaves his wife and children after falling for his 18-year-old student.
CBS Sacramento

Education Reformers' Salaries | Rick Green
By Rick Green
Education Reformers' Salaries. By Rick Green On March 13, 2012 · 3 Comments. All this chatter about who is out to make money off school reform got me thinking. What kind of coin do all these education reformers take home? I'm happy to report that according to the most recent federal IRS filings, folks on both sides of the argument are doing pretty ... President, American Federation ofTeachers, CT: $161042 (2009) ... Why be a teacher when you can talk about them for far far more?
Rick Green

What Teaching Students Can Learn from Poor, Urban Schools ...
A field trip to an urban school isn't enough to teach affluent college education students about educational inequality, but it's an excellent start. ... What Teaching Students Can Learn from Poor, Urban Schools ... The young professor, Marissa King, a veteran of Teach for America, wanted to expose her students to the problems faced by students at a diverse high school that one of itsteachers describes as “one of the roughest high schools in the city,” where students “believe prison is ...

The Gods Are Bored: Education Reform
By Anne Johnson
Education Reform. What a boring topic! You can stop right here, and I won't even bat an eyelid. Except that this is "The Gods Are Bored," and we like to poke stupid things with sharp objects.Education in America is quickly becoming "one size ...
The Gods Are Bored

Dallas ISD Cutting Contracts Of 250+ Teachers « CBS Dallas / Fort ...
By Kent
DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - More than 250 Dallas ISD teachers won't be returning to their classrooms next year. Texas public school educators work under negotiated contracts. The Houston Independent School District has the largest teacher ...
CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

LAUSD proposal would make firing teachers easier - LA Daily News
By By Barbara Jones, Staff Writer
Because of the unwieldy system, Galatzan noted, the district may decide to pay a fired teacher to drop their appeal - something that officials said occurred with 58 of the 853 teachers dismissed since July. That's also why the district opted to give a $40000 payoff to Mark Berndt, ... "We want to protect the victims and notify their parents - absolutely. And the tremendous number of years for an appeal is unreasonable," said Romero, the state's director for Democrats for Education Reform.
Breaking stories from the Los...

Poll: Voters don't trust city's teacher ratings but do back release ...
By Philissa Cramer
But most wouldn't mind if future assessments of teachers' quality were also made public, according to a poll whose results were released this morning. The poll, conducted by Quinnipiac University ...Bloomberg, who defended the teacher ratings' release even when Walcott was more circumspect, also saw a slight uptick in his approval rating on education. The poll found that 32 percent of New Yorkers ... 8:00 amCelebration of Teaching & Learning. Monday, March 19. 6:00 pmPanel: ...
GothamSchools » Newsroom

Gazette » March 2012 - Teachers
Have you noticed the increased attacks on the teaching profession? ... the teacher blame game has risen out what I call the "Politics of Education. ... A behavior management strategy I used in my classroom to help learning disabled students.

Dilemmas in Researching Technology in Schools (Part 2) | Larry ...
By larrycuban
For those champions of high-tech use in classrooms, two dilemmas have had technology researchers grumbling, fumbling, and stumbling. Gap Between Self—Report and Actual Classroom Practice. Journalist accounts and many teacher, ...
Larry Cuban on School Reform...

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