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Lessons in the Trayvon Martin Tragedy

Are There Lessons in the Trayvon Martin Tragedy?
New York Times
Parents, teachers: what impact has the shooting had on you, and what lessons, if any, can be taught out of this unspeakable tragedy? Respond to our query below. And students, the LearningNetwork, which provides “Teaching and Learning with The New York ...

Teaching Trayvon
Huffington Post (blog)
Some see the 47% graduation rate of black males and conclude that black males don't care about obtaining an education. Many see the high numbers of black males in jails and prisons and believe that we're incapable of adhering to law and order.  

Teacher: One (maddening) day working with the Common Core
Washington Post (blog)
Scripting lessons is based on several false assumptions about teaching. They include: * That testing is the best measure of learning. Put together, this presents a narrow and shallow view ofteaching and learning. Most teachers will tell you that there ...

SADTU Is Perpetuating 'Bantu Education'
The South African Democratic Teachers' Union (SADTU) and the ANC have accused Helen Zille of racism for speaking up for poor learners who are forced to flee from the Eastern Cape to other provinces in order to get a decent education.

Teacher Reportedly Takes Pro-Obama Position in Assigning Homework
ABC News (blog)
The Virginia Education Association provides guidance to teachers on how to assign work related to politics, and it says that teachers “must avoid involving their schools and students” in political activites. “A government teacher has more latitude to ...

Bill on education reform worries Ozarks lawmakers, school officials
Springfield News-Leader
JEFFERSON CITY — Education reform was a high priority for lawmakers heading into this year's legislative session amid questions about ways to change how public education is funded and to fix public schools in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Education Is a 'Both-And' Issue
Huffington Post (blog)
"We tend to put considerations of family, community, and economy off-limits in education-reformpolicy... at our peril," a phrase from Paul Barton at Educational Testing Services (ETS), was the first thing that crossed my mind when I read Paul ...

Malloy's education reform package meets resistance
Yale Daily News
By Monica Disare An education reform bill proposed by Gov. Dannel Malloy is hitting fierce resistance from the state's teachers. Malloy is fielding complaints over provisions that requireteacher evaluations and changes to tenure protections from ...

Newark Schools Superintentendent Cami Anderson: Reforming teacher contracts...
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)
Based on my 20-plus years in education, I know we must significantly change how we recruit, select, develop and retain our educators. Since arriving in Newark, I have engaged in dialogue with hundreds of teachers through forums, brown bag lunches, ...

The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)

Va Board of Education adopts stricter math assessments for grades 3-8
Washington Post
Math assessments for Virginia students will be harder under revisions adopted by the state Board of Education. Media outlets report that the board unanimously adopted more rigorous Standards of Learning math tests for grades three through eight on ...

Chips in School Uniforms Alert Parents If Students Cut Class
Fox News
Grade-school students in a northeastern Brazilian city are using uniforms embedded with locator chips that help alert parents if they're cutting classes, the city's education secretary said Thursday. Twenty thousand students in 25 of Vitoria da ...

Teachers Don't Boo Malloy
New Haven Independent
A week after teachers booed him at a raucous town hall meeting on school reform at Wilbur Cross High, Malloy returned to the city Thursday to keynote the Yale School of ManagementEducation Leadership Conference at the Omni Hotel.

Teachers protest&argument both lame
New York Post
By AMBER SUTHERLAND and JENNIFER BAIN A group of educators and Occupy Wall Street members who oppose the public release of teacher ratings staged a protest outside The Post's Sixth Avenue headquarters yesterday to whine about the grades — and the only ...

New York Post

California should revamp teacher layoff process, analyst says
Los Angeles Times
This month, the Los Angeles Unified School District sent about 11700 layoff notices to teachersand other staff. The district has laid off more than 8000 employees over the last four years but eventually hired many back. The report suggests that the ...

No backsliding on education reform
Dannel P. Malloy's proposed education reform package is not without its problems. The legislation calls for more aggressive intervention by the state in turning around troubled school systems, but the details of exactly how that would work remain a bit ...

Parks Middle teacher says he was pressured to cheat
Atlanta Journal Constitution
When he opened the door, he saw a group of the school's most compassionate teacherschanging answers on standardized tests. Northern said he refused to participate, even arguing with another teacher who told him to "get out" if he wasn't going to help.

State report recommends changes in teacher layoffs
San Francisco Chronicle
(AP) -- California's process for teacher layoffs needs to be revamped because it's too costly and school districts are sending more pink slips than necessary, according to a report released Thursday by the Legislative Analyst's Office.

Teacher union, Rockford Schools District may huddle today
Rockford Register Star
The district and Rockford Education Association could meet to continue contract negotiations today, but the union's 1850 members can also walk out and strike at any time. Members are planning to meet at 4:30 pm Monday at the Coronado Performing Arts ...

Al-Qaeda says it killed American teacher in Yemen
SANAA, Yemen (AP) – Al-Qaeda's Yemen branch said Thursday that it killed an American teacher because he was trying to spread Christianity in the mainly Muslim Arab nation. AP Joel Shrum in Taiz, Yemen. Shrum's parents said he went to Yemen in 2009 to ...


California lags in middle-school science teaching, study finds
San Jose Mercury News
"California does not have a coherent system that enables teachers and schools to consistently provide middle school students with high-quality science learning experiences," read the study commissioned by the Center for the Future of Teaching and ...

Teachers@ED: Newton Piper, Customer Service Specialist, Office of ...
By Guest Blogger
Editors Note: Teachers@ED profiles some of the hundreds of current and former educators who work at the U.S. Department of Education, and how their experiences in schools inform their work for the agency. When Newton Piper started out as a teacher in Thailand, he decided he would demonstrate students how plants absorb water by transforming himself into a human root system. So he went out and bought his own supplies—all it took was some creative placement of tubing and ...
ED.gov Blog

Do Students Know Enough Smart Learning Strategies? | MindShift
By Annie Murphy Paul
Teaching students good learning strategies would ensure that they know how to acquire new knowledge, which leads to improved learning outcomes, writes lead author Helen Askell-Williams of Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. And studies bear this ... For the second part of their study, they designed a series of proactive questions for teachers to drop into the lesson on a “just-in-time” basis—at the moments when students could use the prompting most. These questions, too ...

Report: Pink-slipping costs $706 per teacher | teachers, report ...
News: Report: Pink-slipping costs $706 per teacher | teachers, report, districts, state, pink, layoff,teacher, school, law, california.
The Orange County Register -...

Teacher Fired After Claims That Two Third Graders Had Oral Sex ...
By Ruth Manuel-Logan
A Louisiana third-grade teacher was fired after claims that she was in her classroom while two third graders allegedly engaged in oral sex last week under a table at the Tallulah Elementary School in Tallulah, Louisiana.
News One

Learning, learners and logistics | Clive on Learning
By Clive Shepherd
For some time now I have settled on a simple three stage approach for gathering the information I need in order to come up with a design for learning. It seems to work at a micro level, say designing a short e-learning module, as well as from a ...
Clive on Learning

Daily Kos: Teacher turnover negatively affects student performance
By rss@dailykos.com (teacherken)
For each analysis, students taught by teachers in the same grade-level team in the same school did worse in years where turnover rates were higher, compared with years in which there was less teacher turnover. • An increase in teacher ... One also wonders if those pushing to get rid of senior teachers really understand the impact upon learning. Perhaps when many of ... Tags do not compound: that is, "education reform" is a completely different tag from "education". A tag like "reform" ...

Teacher and student relationships | emporiagazette.com
By John E. Peterson, Special to The Gazette
In those days we had a permanent teacher, a man, who spent one day at each school. He was marvelous, not only in making my penmanship fine, but in teaching me many other things. I have memories of several of my high school teachers, ...
Emporia Gazette stories: Local news

Crowdsourced Learning for Professionals
Interestingly, educators from some of the top colleges and universities are teaching courses. As an example: Udemy - With their recently announced new FacultyProject.com, you can now enroll in an impressive lineup of free e-courses under ...
Category feed

Teachers Union and NAACP Sue NY Charter School: An Update on ...
By Tracy Oppenheimer
"The teachers union in New York City got together with the NAACP and sued to essentially kick charter schools out of buildings," says Bob Bowdon, founder of education reform homepage Choice Media TV. Bowdon talks about the implications ...
Hit & Run

Alberta Education: An election bomb? | Terahertz
By Ian
Alberta is ramping up for an election and while busty buses and money-for-nothing schemes are dominating the scandals, the new Education Act may be the thing. ... Whether my daughter comes from a public school or whether she stays at home all day long, I still take responsibility for teaching her what is right and what is wrong, so that aspect has nothing to do with homeschooling. That is what we all as parents have the primary right to do, and we continue doing that. Choice in ...

Losing experience in teacher layoffs | Thoughts on Public Education
By Kathryn Baron
A Review of the Teacher Layoff Process in California also recommends changing the deadline for notifying teachers they may be laid off from March 15 to June 1, eliminating the teachers' right to a formal hearing and giving more authority to local districts and bargaining units to ... That and the entire crisis in education funding in California that's led to increasing class sizes, dwindling resources, teacher bashing, and the loss of some 32000 teaching positions in the last four years.
Thoughts on Public Education

Teacher fired over claims third graders had oral sex | The Raw Story
By David Edwards
Madison Parish Schools Superintendent Lisa Wilmore said that the dismissal took place after an investigation at Tallulah Elementary School where the teacher works, according to The News Star. “These kids were allegedly having oral sex ...
The Raw Story

Bully teacher subtracts lunch money from second grader - msnNOW
If the allegations are true, then Baltimore has a teacher who is really out to lunch. ... its really sad.they need to start paying these teachers, she can't afford her ... The school fought me when I took her out of special education in the 6th grade.

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Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

I have no tears for Trayvon Martin. I have a fear that if I start to cry, I may never stop. I might remember the many that have been killed with no justice. RIP Trayvon.

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