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Teachers union spent millions last year in its lobbying against Governor Chris Christie; Google's "YouTube for Schools"

Teachers union spent millions last year in its lobbying against governor.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Christie's chief nemesis, the New Jersey Education Association teachers union, spent last year for "communications" lobbying: an anti-Christie campaign that featured TV ads, radio spots, and a plane that flew up and down the Jersey Shore proclaiming ...

YouTube Finds a Way Off Schools’ Banned List - NYTimes.com: " . . . in December, Google started YouTube for Schools, offering schools the ability to pluck only the videos they want, scrubbed of all comments and linked only to other related educational videos. The program gives schools the ability to allow access to the YouTube EDU educational library, and to specific videos within its own network — while blocking the general site.That has enabled teachers to bring popular educational videos from YouTube into classrooms, like the famous TED talk on population growth by Hans Rosling, the Swedish data presentation expert, or a series of hugely popular short videos about each element of the periodic table that somehow turns a rote memorization exercise into gripping entertainment. . . ." 

4 Powerful Free Cloud Services for Teachers | Emerging Education ...
By K. Walsh
The buzz about “the cloud” just seems to keep growing, but the fact is the cloud has been around for years – if you're using an Internet based tool, you're using the cloud. Search Engines, YouTube, Facebook – these are all cloud services. .... Tagged as: Dropbox cloud computing free file storage app for teachers schools educators, excellent free cloud computing tools for schools education educators instructors teaching, free note taking cloud computing tools software application web ...
Emerging Education Technology 

Education-tech ecosystem grows in Boston
Boston Globe
Hatched by former teachers with dreams of using technology to improve schools, or entrepreneurs who see opportunity in learning, these so-called ed-tech firms number about 100 in Greater Boston, each employing anywhere from two to dozens of workers,...

Boston Globe

FINALLY, teachers' pay will reflect expertise and dedication rather than time ...
The Australian
FINALLY, teachers' pay will reflect expertise and dedication rather than time-serving. Welcome to the real world. The announcement yesterday by the NSW government to liberate principals from the shackles of a centralised authority bring the state in ...

Education, retirement highlight legislative session starting Monday
Jindal has for months traveled the state hailing his schools agenda as a way to remakeeducation and improve student performance through two principles: better teachersand more empowered parents. His opponents, Jindal said, represent "the coalition of ...


Principals want more power but no strings
Sydney Morning Herald
But the NSW Teachers Federation promised a furious battle with the minister over the proposal, which it said was being used as a pretext to cut $250 million a year from theeducation budget. ''We're bracing ourselves for further cuts,'' said its ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Bureaucracy of the Department of Education will be stripped back under the ...
The Daily Telegraph
The move will potentially save millions of taxpayer dollars, which could be pumped back into schools but Premier Barry O'Farrell and Education Minister Adrian Piccoli have promised there will be no cuts to teaching staff or overall front-line school ...

Education reform: 'The devil is in the details"
Alexandria Town Talk
Jindal was in town to address the Alexandria Rotary Club about his education-reform plan. Melinda Martinez/mmartinez@thetowntalk.com Gov. Bobby Jindal's proposed educational reforms will likely be the most closely watched package of bills in the ...

No NSW education budget cuts - Piccoli
Sky News Australia
No NSW education budget cuts - Piccoli Updated: 22:55, Sunday March 11, 2012 NSW EducationMinister Adrian Piccoli has vowed that the state education budget will not be reduced under reforms linking teachers' pay to performance.

Schools shake-up a smokescreen, says union
The Australian
THE NSW government has earned the ire of the Teachers Federation over its move to link pay rises with professional standards and to give school principals more autonomy. Under the Coalition government's overhaul of the sector announced yesterday ...

LA adult education classes are threatened
Los Angeles Times
The students learning English at Evans Community Adult School in downtown Los Angeles improve their language skills every day, but their teacher says they still have a way to go. Regardless, this could be their final term. And Yablonka, who has taught...

Los Angeles Times

Jindal armed for legislative battle over education reform
Sulphur Southwest Daily News
The governor's plan to empower parents with more choice, reward highly effective teachers and give local school leaders more flexibility to innovate is necessary to give every Louisiana child the opportunity to a great education.

Teachers scathing of public education overhaul
ABC Online
The Education Department will also allocate funding based on a school's location and special needs, not just on the number of students. Education Minister Adrian Piccoli says the move is designed to improve teacher quality, but the Federation's ...

Union expects teachers to speak out to legislature
The Advocate
“The legislators are doing a disservice if they do this,” said Steve Monaghan, president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers. The nearly three-month legislative session begins Monday morning. The House Education Committee is set to meet at 8:30 am ...

Service learning helps Wood Dale students see 'big picture'
Chicago Daily Herald
By Elisabeth Mistretta A method of teaching and learning that engages students in hands-on service to their communities, while giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that connect with their classroom studies.

No NSW education budget cuts: minister
The West Australian
NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has vowed that the state education budget will not be reduced under reforms linking teachers' pay to performance. His promise comes as the NSW Teachers' Federation accuses the government of plotting to slash...

The West Australian

Grading teachers: Indiana's massive education reform will create 'a culture shift'
Indianapolis Star
The goal: Get rid of bad teachers. Reform. There is perhaps no idea more embraced in educationcircles nationally -- and especially here. Indiana is in the midst of a massive education reform effort that includes the creation of vouchers, ...

Why the Ed Department should be reconceived — or abolished
Washington Post (blog)
And that's why I vigorously oppose just about everything that Arne Duncan has done in his role as US secretary of education, because he has reduced the incredibly complex process of teaching and learning knowledge that people find useful to an endless ...

Education reform plan places focus on quality of teachers
DesMoinesRegister.com (blog)
Terry Branstad's controversial third-grade retention policy have grabbed headlines and dominated debates this session, the teacher quality measures are quietly making waves in the educationcommunity. Opponents argue reform efforts should focus on ...

Michigan Democrats name court, education board favorites
Detroit Free Press
By Kathy Barks Hoffman AP Michigan Democrats chose their favorites for this fall's state Supreme Court and education board races today, hoping again to give their candidates a five-month jump in fund-raising and campaigning over their Republican rivals ...

Iconoclast pushes new schools of thought
The Age
He has already conducted the world's largest study measuring the effect of different factors on student learning. To do this he brought together a vast amount of evidence on what makes for an excellent education. "This was a major and unique ...

The Age

State reforms chase private dollars to invest in education, development
Mason City Globe Gazette
But the funds face increased legislative scrutiny now that the governor has called for tweaks to the tax benefits offered to private investors in one program and made the creation of the other part of the massive education reform plan.

Teacher Punishes Student, Mother Outraged‎
The Ledger
He had a doctor's note to prove he wasn't faking, but when he came back to school this week, histeacher put a sign around his neck. Cancellare said he was humiliated. "It said ... 'I decided to come to school today, but I didn't come to school during ...

Teacher sex cases highlight California credential agency's role
San Jose Mercury News
School districts across California are reviewing teacher disciplinary files and regulations for reporting serious misconduct in the wake of arrests of two teachers at Miramonte Elementary School in a poor Los Angeles neighborhood.

Cohn: Why McGuinty can't back down against teachers
Toronto Star
Trouble is, teachers are in no mood to be strong-armed in contract negotiations. The main elementary teachers' union stormed out of talks last month, raising the spectre of a messy confrontation between educators and the education premier.

SPENCER: No one teaching racism in public schools
Delaware County Daily Times
At least that is what the US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights announced last week. “The sad fact is that minority students across America face much harsher discipline than non-minorities, even within the same school,” said Education ...

Al Fischer, Gay Music Teacher Fired From Catholic School, Marries Partner In ...
Huffington Post
"With full respect of this individual's basic human dignity, this same-sex union opposes Roman Catholic teaching as it cannot realize the full potential a marital relationship is meant to express," Rev. Bill Kempf is quoted as saying by the Associated ...

NJ education reform bill moves in the right direction
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)
By Star-Ledger Editorial Board Aaron Houston/For The Star-LedgerTeachers union leaders, school superintendents, retired teachers, state officials, business leaders, school advocates and others testified in a more than three-hour hearing on the bill ...

The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)

Ontario teachers' union head says bargaining rights under attack
Toronto Star
Wendy Gillis Staff Reporter The president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation spoke at the union's general meeting in Toronto Saturday, decrying “blatant and unprovoked” attacks on collective bargaining and union rights.

Toronto Star

Teacher Fired Over Gay Porn Career Has Been Reinstated
By Louis Peitzman
It's been a while since we heard anything about Shawn Loftis (AKA Collin O'Neal), the CNN iReport journalist turned substitute teacher, who was fired last year for his gay porn career. Well, good news for Loftis — he's now back at work teaching at Nautilus Middle School. ... teacher, who was fired last year for his gay porn career. Well, good news for Loftis — he's now back at work teaching at Nautilus Middle School. On Friday, Loftis said the education commission reversed [his firing].

Teacher Credentialing Commission: LAUSD Failed To Report ...
By Molly Chance
School districts across California are reviewing teacher disciplinary files and regulations for reporting serious misconduct in the wake of arrests of two teachers at Miramonte Elementary School in a poor Los Angeles neighborhood.
CBS Los Angeles

Downright unsettlin', higher education edition: | Right Wing News
By TrogloPundit
In 2009 the United States graduated 89140 students in the visual and performing arts, more than in computer science, math, and chemical engineering combined and more than double the number of visual-and-performing-arts graduates in ...
Right Wing News

AGU Blogosphere | Magma Cum Laude | Learning moments in ...
By Jessica Ball
Between digging into fluid dynamics papers, figuring out stability fields for alteration minerals and generally dealing with being a grad student, I haven't had a lot of time to post lately. (Plus I had to do my taxes this weekend…) But I did get ...
Magma Cum Laude

Bronx Substitute Teacher Charged With Assault On Student - NY1.com
Bronx Substitute Teacher Charged With Assault On Student | NY1 News is Time Warner Cable's 24-hour newschannel in New York City, delivering breaking news and features about the five boroughs.
Top Stories - NY1.com

Education for aid officials - The Nation
Education for aid officials. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) always reminds all of help for victims. But with more than 12000 people working across 80...
NationMultimedia.com - Business

Seth's Blog: Learning from four viral events
By Seth Godin
March 2012 is a big month for viral ideas that change the way people think about more than just LOLcats. Here are four that happened in the last week or two and each brings its own lessons: Marilyn Hagerty's review...
Seth's Blog

Jane's Pick of the Day: Voting for the Top 100 Tools for Learning ...
By Jane Hart
This is the 6th annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list I will be compiling based on the contributions oflearning professionals worldwide. With nearly 100000 page views on this website of the 2011 list and over 330000 views of the slideset via Slideshare, there is huge interest in how these tools can be used for teaching and learning. If you are a learning professional (e.g. teacher, academic, trainer, consultant, developer, practitioner, analyst, etc) and active in the field of...
Jane's Pick of the Day

Pedagogical roles for video in online learning
By Tony Bates
Video is not being used enough in online learning in post-secondary education. When used it is often... One can speculate on the reasons for the low use of video in higher education teaching, despite the much lower cost: university education ...
Tony Bates

Daily Kos: Teacher job satisfaction drops as school budget cuts and ...
By rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)
The percentage of teachers saying they are very or fairly likely to leave the teaching profession within the next five years rose sharply between 2009 and 2011, from 17 percent to 29 percent. Unsurprisingly, teachers who report low job satisfaction are three times as likely to say they are ...NY-GOV covers the New York governor's race. Tags do not compound: that is, "education reform" is a completely different tag from "education". A tag like "reform" alone is probably not meaningful.
Daily Kos

Calculated Risk: Construction Employment, Duration of ...
By CalculatedRisk
Construction Employment, Duration of Unemployment, Unemployment by Education and Diffusion Indexes ... Clearly education matters with regards to the unemployment rate - and it appears all four groups are generally trending down.
Calculated Risk

Rowdy in First Grade: Teachers Taking Care of Teachers
By Jennifer
Please head over to Crystal's blog by clicking on the picture and leave your email address and she will contact you with the name of a teacher you can help. at 5:07 PM ... Find this blog in theeducation blogs directory · Follow Me on Pinterest ...
Rowdy in First Grade

Gay Teacher Fired From Mo. Catholic School Weds in New York ...
By Brad Choat
Al Fischer lost his job as a music teacher in February after an official with the Archdiocese of St. Louis overheard him telling co-workers about his plans to wed his partner of 20 years. The New York Times reports that Fischer and his partner, Charlie Robin, were married in a ceremony ... The St. Louis archdiocese says Fischer was publicly demonstrating a life inconsistent with Catholicteaching. Fischer will teach at a private school next year. He and Robin celebrated Saturday night by...
CBS St. Louis

Instapundit » Blog Archive » EDUCATION'S GENDER GAP ...
By Glenn Reynolds
We look forward to a robust debate on how institutions of higher learning can correct the discriminatory circumstances that are leading them to graduate nearly three women for every two men. Indeed. But don't expect help on gender equality ...

Education : Miolea Organic Farm
Education. I gave a presentation to the Organic BMSB workgroup on how our growing year faired and what we did to rectify last year's infestation. We improved ...

AACN Education
Search. Education. NTI-National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition ... Read about the ways our E-Learning courses offer many advantages over ...

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